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CONGRATULATIONS! 11-year-old Miles Trius’s 5th half-marathon

Another achievement for young runner Miles Trius of West Seattle! From his family:

Miles completed his 5th half-marathon Sunday in Santa Rosa, California, beating his Seattle Half-Marathon time and coming in at 1:49:52.

This was his first race running without his dad, Navy Chief Ernesto Trius. Miles just turned 11 and will be entering 6th grade this week. Miles will be starting his training for his first marathon, The Santa Rosa Marathon next August. He will be raising money for his school and church, Our Lady of Guadalupe. He would like to give back to a community that has supported him through CYO Cross Country, Track, and Jog-athon. A special thank you to the Santa Rosa Marathon for supporting his running.

Miles’s family has kept us updated on his achievements for two years now – dating back to his Seattle Half-Marathon run at age 9.

ROAD WORK ALERT: Highland Park Way SW repaving tomorrow, Wednesday

Heads up if you use Highland Park Way SW in the W. Marginal Way SW vicinity – SDOT has announced repaving work for the area tomorrow and Wednesday:

From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Tuesday, August 30 and Wednesday, August 31, travelers can expect the following:

SDOT will grind and repave Highland Park Way SW from W Marginal Way to SW Myrtle St.

The eastbound lanes will be closed. West and eastbound travel will be available on the north side of Highland Park Way SW.

Travelers may enter and exit driveways, but may have to wait up to 15 minutes for equipment to clear.

There will be no parking in the work zone.

Police officers will help with traffic control at the intersection Highland Park Way SW at W Marginal Way.

This project is part of SDOT’s 2016 Arterial Major Maintenance (AMM) program. The AMM program maintains our busiest streets by making strategic small scale investments at key locations on city streets.

Though the city alert describes this as “South Park,” it’s part of West Seattle.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Assault outside Alki home; twice-stolen car now twice found; seen this scooter?

5:17 PM: In West Seattle Crime Watch:

MAN ASSAULTED OUTSIDE ALKI HOME: This happened last Wednesday night, but we didn’t hear about it until today. An Alki Beach resident was seriously hurt in an attack outside his home. His family, who has asked not to be identified, says the victim had discovered someone trespassing in their yard and urinating on the house. After suggesting that the person clean up after himself, the family said, the victim was knocked down, kicked, and beaten by the trespasser and two accomplices. The attackers got away; the victim went to the hospital. No descriptions available so far.

STOLEN CAR RECOVERED: Robin, who reported last Friday that her Honda Civic had been stolen for the second time, says it’s been found, outside West Seattle:

In case neighborhood readers are interested in the likelihood of their stolen cars turning up, I’m happy to report that mine was recovered by SPD the next day on the 2600 block of King Street. The thief made a clean slice through my steering wheel with some kind of portable saw, I presume, and was able to remove the club and drive away. It doesn’t look like any other damage was inflicted and nothing was stolen, though it’s being checked out and repaired at my garage (hopefully they can find a steering column for a ’94 Honda!).

ANYONE MISSING THIS CAR? (Removed, as noted in comments)

6:52 PM: Just out of the WSB inbox – we’re adding this scooter-theft report:

Red Scooter, last seen Sunday night 8/28/16 on 30th and Cloverdale. If you see it please contact Terry at 206-355-2211. Seattle Police incident #16-313023.

UPDATE: Car burns under West Seattle Bridge

(Reader photo taken while car was burning)

2:31 PM: Seattle Fire is responding to a car-fire call listed as Delridge/West Marginal. We’re getting multiple reports that it’s generating a big column of smoke. We’re on the way to check it out.

2:45 PM: Almost at the scene. A reader photo just in shows this is under the high-level bridge, just east of where West Marginal turns into Spokane.

(WSB photo – what’s left of the car)

2:57 PM UPDATE: A BMW is what caught fire and burned. Both people inside got out OK. (Photo added above.) SFD says the occupants thought it might have been an electrical fire.

FOLLOWUP: Student diver rescued in West Seattle has died

(WSB photo from Sunday)

12:40 PM MONDAY: The diving student pulled from the water near Seacrest on Sunday afternoon did not survive. We’ve just learned that from the Seattle Police report on the incident; as we had noted in an update on the original coverage this morning, Harborview Medical Center said the woman’s family had exercised its right to ask the hospital not to release information, but the police report says the woman, in her early 20s but not yet publicly identified, was declared dead less than two hours after she was rescued. The report includes more information on what happened: Police spoke with the instructor, who, according to the report:

… relayed that he was leading a scuba class with three student divers. (He) told us that once he realized visibility under water was very poor, he made the decision to surface and bring all three student divers back up. (He) signaled and said that all three divers gave a thumbs-up, saying that they understood and would also be resurfacing. Upon reaching the surface, (the instructor) counted only two of the students but could not locate the third. The third student was (the victim). The instructor said that they made it back into shore and two of the other divers got new oxygen tanks to go locate (the victim … while someone) called 911.

The report says that after the rescue operation was under way, a civilian diver found the missing diver in 69 feet of water (yesterday’s information had said it was about 40). She was brought to the surface at about 1:05 pm and CPR began; as noted in our coverage, she was rushed to Harborview right about then in Seattle Fire Medic (Unit) 32. The report says she was declared dead at 2:37 pm.

Our archives show that this is the first diver death in the Seacrest area in four and a half years; the previous one also involved a diver who got into trouble during a class and on a Sunday, 29-year-old Tareq Saade. He was described in our coverage of that incident as having been part of an “advanced dive class.” In yesterday’s incident, according to the police report, another diver in the class told officers that it was their second day of instruction.

11:35 PM TUESDAY: The King County Medical Examiner has identified the diver who died as 22-year-old Patricia Flores-Perez. Her cause of death is listed as accidental drowning.

BACK TO SCHOOL: First day at Holy Rosary


Thanks to Holy Rosary School for sending photos from this morning’s start of the new school year. As reported over the weekend, and mentioned again in today’s traffic/transit watch, most parochial schools start before the public schools and secular independent schools. HRS sent the photos to share their excitement for the new school year, including, below “some parents seeing our newest Gators starting Kindergarten!”


Also an early reminder from HRS: “A beloved tradition at Holy Rosary that happens in the beginning of the school year is our upcoming festival, WestFest, September 16th & 17th, open to the community.”

BACK TO SCHOOL: Another reminder – Seattle Public Schools’ schedule changes

Even if you don’t have kid(s) in Seattle Public Schools, you need to remember that schedules are changing when classes start on September 7th. The schedule changes will bring changes in walking, riding, and driving patterns around local SPS campuses. (If you’re new and not sure where the schools are, here’s the districtwide map.)

As we reported back in November – with one big change made public in June – some of the changes are small. More of them are not.

The biggest changes are at the four area elementaries that have had the latest starts for the past four years:

*This year – 9:35-3:45
(previously 9:30-3:40)

*This year – 7:55-2:05
(previously 9:30-3:40)

*This year – 7:55-2:05
(previously 9:30-3:40)

*This year – 7:55-2:05
(previously 9:30-3:40)

The other elementaries will be starting earlier, too:

*This year – 7:55-2:05
(previously 8:40-2:50)

ARBOR HEIGHTS ELEMENTARY (in its new building at its original site)
*This year – 7:55-2:05
(previously 8:40-2:50)

*This year – 7:55-2:05
(previously 8:40-2:50)

*This year – 7:55-2:05
(previously 8:40-2:50)

GENESEE HILL ELEMENTARY (formerly at Schmitz Park)
*This year – 7:55-2:05
(previously 8:40-2:50)

*This year – 7:55-2:05
(previously 8:40-2:50)

*This year – 7:55-2:05
(previously 8:40-2:50)

For the paired middle/high schools, one pair moves to an almost-one-hour-later start time, one stays almost the same:

*This year – 8:45-3:15
(previously 7:50-2:20)

*This year – 8:45-3:15
(previously 7:50-2:20)

*This year – 7:55-2:25
(previously 7:50-2:20)

*This year – 8:45-3:15
(previously 8:40-3:10)

For the K-8 option schools, it’s also a five-minute change.

*This year – 9:35-4:05
(previously 9:30-3:40)

*This year – 8:45-3:15
(previously 8:40-3:10)

Again, the first day of classes for Seattle Public Schools is Wednesday, September 7th. As mentioned in this morning’s traffic/transit coverage, we’re told that SPS school-bus drivers will be out practicing their routes starting tomorrow.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Last Monday in August; see who’s going back to school

(SDOT MAP with travel times/video links; is the ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE)

(Click any view for a close-up; more cameras on the WSB Traffic page)

7:02 AM: Good morning – no incidents reported in/from West Seattle so far.

BACK TO SCHOOL: Holy Rosary (4142 42nd SW) starts today, and it’s the first full week for Seattle Lutheran High School (4100 SW Genesee), which started last Friday. Here’s our weekend report on this week’s other starts.

SCHOOL BUS DRIVER PREPS: Thanks to Al for the tip – starting tomorrow, bus drivers for Seattle Public Schools will be out practicing their routes.

ROAD WORK REMINDER: As previewed last night, the Spokane Street paving/safety project – mostly east of the low bridge – continues this week, and includes ongoing bicycle/pedestrian-path detours.

8:25 AM: Couple of Seattle Fire responses on arterials right now – might or might not affect your commute, but we’ll mention them anyway: There’s a medical response at Delridge/Thistle, and a “bark fire” response in the 6500 block of 35th SW, which would be south of Morgan. Each has just one engine assigned, so not major.

8:47 AM: Just got a text about a crash on the eastbound West Seattle Bridge near the 4th Avenue exit – but SDOT says via Twitter that it’s already cleared. No injuries, apparently, as SFD was not dispatched – no callout on the 911 log.