West Seattle Crime Watch: Early-morning intruder

From Erin, near 31st and Holly in High Point [map]:

We had a scary situation we wanted to report to you about an attempted intrusion to our home this morning in High Point.

My husband was downstairs in the kitchen at 4:45 am, when he noticed a man with a backpack walk up the alley (heading toward the street). Moments later our security panel chimed saying the garage (side) door had opened. My husband opened the side door to the house and found the guy he’d just seen with the backpack standing inside our garage!

The man claimed he and his friends thought our house was abandoned. After my husband informed him our house was not abandoned (nor were any of the houses on the street) the man left our property. We called the police this morning and filed a report.

The officer reminded us to always call the police immediately and not approach these guys because you never know if someone has a weapon or some other intention, and of course to lock all doors. Typically our garage is always locked but we had forgotten to do so after some extensive repair work and been done on it the previous day.

The man was African American, 5’11”, wearing a shiny gray wind pants, zip up hoodie, and square backpack.

Just a reminder to everyone to stay vigilant!

3 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Early-morning intruder"

  • wb April 1, 2016 (11:29 pm)

    Thanks Erin, for sharing. Will keep my eyes open for this guy.

  • faceless April 9, 2016 (12:33 pm)

    Interesting – two days ago on April 7th my dogs were barking during the day. I looked out and saw the UPS guy but thought nothing of it. Then the dogs were facing the front door and barking madly. I grabbed my bat, opened the door and to my surprise there was a black dude, around 5’11 wearing shiny gray wind pants but no hoodie, just a white t-shirt with a square backpack. I startled him and he said he thought his friend lived at my address and he was just getting ready to knock. I looked down and realized UPS had left a package on my door. I think this dude was trying to steal my package. 

  • Megan April 9, 2016 (10:29 pm)

    I also live in high point, and either the end of March or very beginning of April I pulled up to my house (in the evening) to find someone stepping off my porch. At the time I was confused and thought maybe I was mistaken, but after reading this I know he was on my porch. Lock your doors.

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