If you heard the ‘booms’…

… multiple texters/tweeters say it was fireworks, somewhere in the Fauntleroy/Alaska vicinity. Too far for us to hear from here but “boom”-type fireworks per one description.

MID-MORNING P.S. Thanks to the commenters sharing info about what they saw and when!

12 Replies to "If you heard the 'booms'..."

  • Bigape1 March 16, 2016 (1:19 am)

    I heard the booms as well. When I went out to investigate the sounds I saw a huge coyote at 46th ave sw and Hudson St.

  • Wsm March 16, 2016 (1:40 am)

    Heard them all the way down near delridge playfield.  Tuned into the komo police scanner and sounds like it likely was fireworks. 

  • Jcm March 16, 2016 (1:48 am)
    I just heard what sounded like 2 gunshots  I’m near the alki Mail and dispatch  
  • Wes March 16, 2016 (1:55 am)

    I heard a boom and looked out the window of my apartment building. While I looked I heard another boom and saw a firework shoot up into the sky and explode. There were three more fireworks afterward. They looked like they were being fired from behind Beer Junction and I could hear shouting from that direction. There was also smoke illuminated by a street lamp.

  • newnative March 16, 2016 (5:53 am)

    what was the time?  I heard it at California and Admiral but was asleep, thpight it was part of my dream.

  • Wes March 16, 2016 (6:20 am)

    Four of them at 1:00am, one at 1:40am.

  • newnative March 16, 2016 (7:48 am)


  • Jspice March 16, 2016 (10:36 am)

    My apartment overlooks where they were launching the fireworks. Happened around 1 am. The mortars were being launched from Oregon & 44th, and detonating over the big parking lot at Oregon & 42nd. Simultaneously, there was a crazy or drunk person screaming at the top of their lungs by the QFC!!! Gotta love the safe and peaceful WS :)

  • JanS March 16, 2016 (1:22 pm)

    so, does this or these cretins have neighbors? And do they complain and call police when this happens? I know I would. The perpetrators must live in a magical land….

    • Jspice March 16, 2016 (2:11 pm)

      I was wondering the same thing.. I also wonder how many police actually patrol WS. Seems slim to none. 

  • newnative March 16, 2016 (2:18 pm)

    Well, JanS, people behave differently in other people’s neighborhoods.  In this case he was in a parking lot where people think their behavior has no consequence.  It ceases to amaze me what people do in parking lots knowing full well that people live nearby.

  • Erithan March 16, 2016 (9:06 pm)

    Heard and saw, my apartment faces the parking lot, called police, seems they never showed up before they moved further off. =\ very frightening , first boom thought was gunshot(think it was like a more bomb type “firework”. Large white firework came after.  Wish there were patrols here, things have been bad lately.

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