West Seattle scene: Sunset rainbow


Thanks to Martha Kongsgaard for the rainbow photo from The Junction, right around this evening’s sunset.

6 Replies to "West Seattle scene: Sunset rainbow"

  • West Seattle Hipster February 24, 2016 (7:09 pm)

    Great capture, too bad a Starbucks had to be in the photo.

    • cj February 24, 2016 (9:22 pm)

      I agree.  I remember back in 01 when they had great food and coffee   :(.

  • Matt Johnson February 24, 2016 (10:31 pm)

    Can’t believe people around here knocking Starbucks. Aren’t they local enough for you? Great benefits for all their employees and their CEO is very progressive. All those jobs at HQ sure are terrible for our area.

  • dsa February 25, 2016 (12:45 am)

    Comment surprised me too, compare it to the clutter at the other end of the rainbow.

  • Pile-o-Rox February 25, 2016 (10:34 am)

    Starbucks bashing is a bit silly. Lets put it into perspective – they are a company that has put massive amounts of money into healthcare for its employees (even those who are part time), into free college education for its employees, and into campaigning for human rights. Yeah, sounds like a bunch of trolls to me.

     I prefer other brands, but am not blind to the very positive influence the company has had on Seattle and all of the jobs it has created. 

  • seaopgal February 25, 2016 (10:52 am)

    But their coffee is crap. Great photo!

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