TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Watching what’s up on your Monday

(Six WS-relevant views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
6:03 AM: Welcome to the last full week of fall; the winter solstice is one week from tonight. This is also the last week before schools’ winter break.

HIGHWAY 99 ALERTS: If you use Highway 99 north of the Battery Street Tunnel, nighttime road work might affect you starting this week. Details are on the WSDOT website. As previewed here last Friday, Seattle Public Utilities also plans overnight work starting tonight, with southbound lane closures.

SURVEY FOR ORCA CARDHOLDERS: If you have an ORCA card, this survey’s for you.

RAPIDRIDE C/D LINE’S 2016 SPLIT: In case you missed this on Friday, an update on the March plan sparked some discussion here.

7:40 AM: If you ride the 21X or 22 from the southwesternmost area of the routes, note that a tree on Marine View Drive has led Metro to reroute those buses between 104th and 106th – info’s here. Trisha tells us via e-mail that SDOT is on scene now.

8:06 AM: Our crew is there checking out the tree-removal operation and reports that there’s still a significant chunk of it in the roadway, so MV Drive SW remains closed between 104th and 106th.

8:50 AM: Tree clear, Metro tweets:

6 Replies to "TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Watching what's up on your Monday"

  • Trickycoolj December 14, 2015 (9:53 am)

    Everyone’s favorite crater… I mean pothole… Has reopened on Sylvan next to Home Depot. Asphalt patch is sprayed everywhere so likely a heavy truck or bus hit it and knocked out the patch. Watch out!

  • NW December 14, 2015 (10:12 am)

    I called in and reported it suggest doing the same to sdot I am kinda old fashioned so speak in person to dispatcher 206 684-7623

  • carole December 14, 2015 (11:48 am)

    On California between Dakota and Charlestown, where several new buildings have gone up, the street was dug up, presumably for utility work, and then patched (badly). There are now deep potholes at the patches. Who pays to restore this to proper condition..the city, i.e., taxpayers, or the contractors/developers? The same problem is developing at the 3210 construction area.

  • sam-c December 14, 2015 (12:27 pm)

    Yes- that Sylvan way pothole. MY husband and I debated whether or not it’s been patched- it is hard to tell with the gravel and asphalt everywhere, and then the giant puddle… I tell him to drive as if the puddle is 6″ deep. We argue- he says it’s probably fine- I convince him to drive around it, we goes into the middle turning lane… every day (it seems like)… yeah, seems safe.

  • MsD December 14, 2015 (1:18 pm)

    carole – I am calling the city about this issue, along with all the expired no parking signs the contractor left behind. Of course, I expect the same results as the calls about these same contractors blocking private drives for hours at a time and cutting off alley access end-to-end: DPD advises to call SDOT and SDOT advises to call the police. (What’s really funny is that DPD was shocked to learn that they’d permitted 4 major projects in the same block at the same time.)

  • Nw_guy December 14, 2015 (3:22 pm)

    Thanks MsD. Lol about DPD.

    I filed an online form about 6 months ago for that southbound rut on CA near Dakota. It’s better than it was as people probably know but I don’t think my form was handled, at least not timely.

    Glad I’m not the only one frustrated by torn up streets, workers parking in lots (Spiros for example), and trucks blocking alleys and driveways. Trying to report violations and getting the run around is frustrating too.

    Dpd says they wont let more than 2 projects go at the same time per blick but I guess we’ll see. Letting so many go in 1 or 2 blocks between Charlestown and Dakota is crazy.

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