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ELECTION 2015: Shannon Braddock leading Lisa Herbold in West Seattle & South Park’s first City Council District 1 race

(WSB photo: Braddock supporters, including County Councilmember Joe McDermott at right, awaiting results)
It’s the marquee race of the night in West Seattle and South Park: Results for the first-ever City Council District 1 seat after the first count (the second one is Wednesday afternoon):

Shannon Braddock 53%
Lisa Herbold 46%

8:33 PM: Herbold has spoken to supporters and told them it’s not over yet, with many votes left to be counted, pointing out that she came from behind to be the primary-vote leader. She also reiterated the issues behind her run:

Her party was at the Highland Park Improvement Club.

9:04 PM: Braddock said it’s too soon to take anything for granted but it’s been a great campaign:

Video from our crew at her party at Talarico’s Pizza is coming up now added.

BACKSTORY: Braddock is an Admiral resident and chief of staff for County Councilmember Joe McDermott. Herbold is a Highland Park resident and legislative assistant to City Councilmember Nick Licata. They were two of three candidates who entered the race on February 11th; when all the votes were counted in August’s primary, Herbold led Braddock by 2.4 percentage points, with 42 percent of the primary votes split between the seven candidates who didn’t make the cut.

For the full list of results around Seattle and the rest of King County, go here; for the full list of state-measure results, go here.

ELECTION 2015: ‘Move Seattle,’ ‘Honest Elections,’ ‘Best Starts for Kids’ passing, and other ballot-measure results

Tonight’s most-watched ballot measure is Seattle Proposition 1, the $930 million transportation levy known as “Move Seattle.” Find results here – it’s passing (corrected) 57 percent to 43 percent after the first count.

Other ballot measures of note:

Seattle Initiative 122, “Honest Elections,” regarding campaign funding – results here – passing with 60 percent approval

ADDED 10:17 PM: In a statement sent to media, Honest Elections backers say, “”Seattle voters won big tonight. Seattle leads the nation, first on $15/hour and now on campaign finance reform. We look forward to seeing more cities and states implementing their own local solutions to the problem of big money in politics. … This is what democracy looks like, and we expect to see more grassroots campaigns like this one in Seattle. More than 32,000 voters put Honest Elections on the ballot, and hundreds of people who’d never helped with a political campaign before made small dollar contributions, knocked on thousands of doors and made thousands of phone calls to pass Honest Elections. People around the country are tired of waiting for Congress to get big money out of politics. We may not be able to change Citizens United, but we’re doing everything we can by passing our own citizen initiatives to limit big money and give ordinary voters a stronger voice in government.”

Back to results:

King County Proposition 1, “Best Starts for Kids” – results here – passing with 53 percent approval

ADDED 10:17 PM: We talked with King County Executive Dow Constantine, who pushed to get “Best Starts” onto the ballot:

While our camera continued rolling, we asked what else he thought was noteworthy this Election Night. See his full response here; in short – passage of “Move Seattle” (he had been at its victory party earlier); the prevalence of what he described as “level-headed” candidates in the City Council race; and the results in an Eastside County Council race, Bellevue Mayor Claudia Balducci defeating longtime incumbent Councilmember Jane Hague – Constantine observed that the Eastside is increasingly Democratic.

Back to results:

State Initiative 1366, state taxes/fees – results here – passing with 54 percent approval

State Initiative 1401, animal trafficking – results here – passing with 71 percent approval

For the full list of results around Seattle and the rest of King County, go here; for the full list of state-issue results, go here.

ELECTION 2015: Other Seattle City Council results, including González and Burgess leading at-large races

West Seattle and South Park residents also voted, as did the rest of the city, for two at-large positions – Positions 8 and 9 – in the new composition of the City Council. The results:

District 8 – Tim Burgess* vs. Jon Grant
Results here – Burgess 59%, Grant 42%

District 9 – Bill Bradburd vs. Lorena González
Results here – González (a West Seattleite) 76%, Bradburd 24%

For the results in Districts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, go here – leaders in those districts, respectively, are Harrell, Sawant, Johnson, Juarez, O’Brien, Bagshaw

For the full list of results around Seattle and the rest of King County, go here; for the full list of state-measure results, go here.

ELECTION 2015: Seattle School Board races, including West Seattle/South Park District 6, with Harris defeating McLaren

November 3, 2015 8:06 pm
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Four Seattle School Board seats are on the ballot, only one with an incumbent – District 6, which includes West Seattle and South Park. While only the residents of a board district vote in the primary, school board seats are citywide votes in the general election.

District 6 (West Seattle/South Park) Leslie Harris vs. Marty McLaren*
Results here – Harris 75%, McLaren (the only incumbent on the ballot tonight) 25%

9:17 PM NOTE: Harris was at Herbold’s party (see photo above – she was cheering for Herbold, more demure about her victory, noting it’s not over until it’s over).

District 1 – Michael Christophersen vs. Scott Pinkham
Results here – Pinkham leading with 66%

District 2 – Rick Burke vs. Laura Obara Gramer
Results here – Burke leading with 79%

District 3 – Jill Geary vs. Lauren McGuire
Results here – Geary leading with 59%

For the full list of results around Seattle and the rest of King County, go here; for the full list of state-measure results, go here.

FOLLOWUP: Health experts still trying to trace ‘exact source’ of Chipotle E. coli illnesses; no cases linked to West Seattle location so far, state says

For the first time since word of E. coli illnesses led to the voluntary closure of Chipotle restaurants in Washington and Oregon, the state has identified which locations are linked to confirmed cases.

The list just made public does NOT include the West Seattle location (which opened at 4730 California SW in The Junction less than two months ago). The 25 patients confirmed so far in this state reported eating at five Chipotle restaurants identified by the state as:

Hazel Dell, 7715 NE 5th Avenue, Suite 109, in Vancouver
1404 Broadway Avenue and 4229 University Way NE in Seattle
512 Ramsey Way 101 in Kent
1753 S. Burlington Blvd. in Burlington

Earlier this afternoon, the state hosted a media briefing from its laboratory facility in Shoreline; a little far for us to go today, so we were among several organizations who participated via a phone/Web hookup.

They confirmed it’s Shige toxin E. coli, which can “cause kidney damage among other serious problems.”

Our state has 25 patients “associated with this outbreak” – nine of whom have been hospitalized, though none with the illness that can lead to kidney damage – and Oregon has 12.

The Washington patients all live in the western part of the state – 11 in Clark County, 2 in Cowlitz, 2 in Island, 6 in King County, and 4 in Skagit County.

“The exact source of illness is still unknown,” but 23 of the 25 WA patients reported eating at a Chipotle. They are still trying to identify “a common food item” – more likely, they say, to be produce than meat. They’re testing samples from multiple restaurants and hope to have results later in the week. They also are awaiting tests on 20 people who reported getting sick after eating at a Chipotle but have not been confirmed as E. coli patients.

Health authorities still don’t know when the Chipotle stores, closed voluntarily, will reopen, but they are working with the chain to “identify criteria” for reopening. They still want people who became ill after eating at a Chipotle recently to consult their health-care provider.

FOR YOUR CALENDAR: Many Seattle Parks facilities to close November 17th

November 3, 2015 4:00 pm
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Seattle Parks wants you to have two weeks notice of this – many of its facilities will be closed November 17th for an “all-staff in-service day.” Read on for the citywide announcement of what WILL be in operation that day:

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West Seattle restaurants: Dumplings of Fury getting closer to opening

By Randall Hauk
Reporting for West Seattle Blog

Who doesn’t love a dumpling? There’s a reason why nearly every world cuisine has its own version of flavorful food creations delivered inside a neat pastry package. While the arrival of world-renowned Din Tai Fung two years ago may have marked a peak moment in the comfort-food trend for Seattle, we westsiders know the true peak of any local comfort-food trend is when we can indulge without leaving the peninsula.

After finding themselves dining on dumplings with increasing frequency, the team behind Shadowland was presented with the opportunity to take over the former Quadrato space (4302 SW Oregon) nearby, and soon the idea for Dumplings of Fury was born. Back in August, we reported briefly that this eatery was on the way – and now we finally have a full serving of details.

“I think it was definitely our love of dumplings that somehow sprung us into thinking of doing this,” says Ben Jenkins, Shadowland co-owner. “There’s nothing like that here, and we wanted to do something different for West Seattle.”

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Voting, school open houses, more of what’s happening for the rest of your West Seattle Tuesday

November 3, 2015 11:34 am
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If you could see through those clouds, you’d see snow-frosted Olympic Mountains – finally! That’s the view we caught from Alki Beach around 8 this morning. Here’s a quick look ahead at the rest of today/tonight:

ELECTION DAY! Yet another reminder, get your ballot in ASAP! If you’re mailing it, you MUST be sure it’ll be postmarked with today’s date, or it won’t count. Safer bet is to take it to a King County Elections dropbox or dropvan, which also saves you 49 cents postage:

*West Seattle Stadium, until 8 pm
*Greenbridge Library in White Center, until 8 pm
*List of other drop spots around the county, also until 8 pm
*Or vote at an accessible voting center (Seattle, Renton, Bellevue, until 8 pm)

And after you vote, here’s how to track your ballot (since counting doesn’t wrap up for two weeks).

District 1 City Council candidates’ Election Night parties in West Seattle: Lisa Herbold @ Highland Park Improvement Club (12th SW & SW Holden), Shannon Braddock @ Talarico’s Pizza (4718 California SW).

And on the non-election side of things:

WESTSIDE SCHOOL OPEN HOUSE: School-shopping for next year’s 5th-through-8th grader(s)? Tonight, 6-7:30 pm, Westside School (WSB sponsor) welcomes your family to a Middle School open house at its new permanent campus. (10404 34th SW)

TOASTMASTERS ‘TALES FROM THE HEARTH’: 6:30 pm at Brookdale West Seattle, you’re invited to come hear Toastmasters 832 members/speakers’ “Tales from the Hearth.” (4611 35th SW)

HOPE LUTHERAN SCHOOL KINDERGARTEN INFO NIGHT: 6:30 pm at Hope Lutheran School, families of prospective kindergarteners are welcome to come find out more about the school. (42nd SW & SW Oregon)

SEATTLE LUTHERAN HIGH SCHOOL OPEN HOUSE: 7-8:30 pm, prospective students and families are welcome to come visit Seattle Lutheran High School (WSB sponsor) – info here. (4100 SW Genesee)

SEE MORE … on our complete calendar!

West Seattle whale watching: Orcas seen from our shores

(Added 2:36 pm, photos by Gary Jones @ Alki Point)

ORIGINAL REPORT, 10:05 AM: Once again this morning, heads-up that orcas might be passing our shores soon. They didn’t make it this far south on Monday but they apparently did some traveling overnight, because Orca Network commenters (thanks again to Trileigh for the tip) are seeing them off Burien’s Three Tree Point – northbound this time – as of just before 10 am.

10:57 AM: Per Jen‘s comment, and also what we’re seeing from Orca Network commenters, they’re still headed northbound along Vashon; Jen notes that they are closer to the Vashon side, so if you’re looking from here, you’ll most likely need binoculars.

NOON: They are visible off north Vashon! We are now with Donna Sandstrom from The Whale Trail at Constellation Park.

12:30 PM: One group is past north Blake Island now; another one is off north Vashon. Still visible with binoculars. Donna says they’ve been confirmed as Southern Resident Killer Whales (the ones seen in the area earlier in the year were “transients” – one big difference is that SRKWs eat salmon, transients also eat marine mammals).

12:48 PM: We’ve left Constellation Park but Donna just called to say researcher Mark Sears, who is out with the whales, reports that one group is “headed right for Alki.”

WSB West Seattle Holiday Guide goes live soon! Share your event(s)

November 3, 2015 9:35 am
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While we work on the calendar-highlights preview for the rest of today/tonight, a quick note: This year, we’re launching the WSB West Seattle Holiday Guide earlier than usual, since the season begins in just a few days with the first round of bazaars/art shows/sales. So we’re inviting you to send us information on YOUR holiday event as soon as you have it. No need to wait for your logo, poster, graphic to be ready – we can’t use most of those anyway; what we really want (as with our regular Event Calendar) is just the basic information on the event, including who/what/when/where, and a website link if you have one (not mandatory). Please include all that info in plain text in the body of your e-mail – NOT a Word doc, PDF, etc. – and send it to Our Holiday Guide spans the season from now through New Year’s Day. We also welcome information on restaurants/coffee shops/business hours for Thanksgiving/Christmas Eve/Christmas Day/New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day once you know. We’ll be updating the guide at least once a day throughout the season, so no worries if you don’t have the info now, but please bookmark this and get us the info soon as you do. Thank you!

P.S. Our guide also features a list of holiday-season charity drives – so if you’re collecting food, socks, blankets, toys, whatever, please let us know about that too!

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Election Day edition

(Six WS-relevant views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
No incidents in/from West Seattle so far this morning.

ELECTION DAY: You’re likely to see signwaving along your commute route – today’s Election Day, aka voting-deadline day; get your ballot in by tonight (best way to guarantee it’ll count is to get it to a drop spot by 8 pm).

7:48 AM: Very localized showers out there – we went through one that lasted about four blocks.

8:17 AM: As commenters point out, slow going everywhere. Also, for the second day in a row, a texter reports a jackknifed bus in the Brace Point/Endolyne intersection.

9:08 AM: Just went by; bus cleared.

11:00 AM: Still showery weather. Here’s the Instagram video we mentioned in comments, from around 8:20 this morning:

(Mouse over the image to bring up the “play” button so you can click it. Instagram clips are :15 max, and in most cases loop, so you’ll have to click the image again to stop it.)