West Seattle Crime Watch: Bus trouble; stolen car; scam call

Three West Seattle Crime Watch notes:

TROUBLE ON THE 120: Thanks to everybody who let us know about the big police/sheriff response on the southbound side of Delridge Way just north of Orchard within this past half-hour. We went over to ask and learned that Metro Transit Police (part of the King County Sheriff’s Office) were dealing with a report of a man causing trouble on board a Route 120 bus; his aggressive behavior led them to call for “fast backup” from Seattle Police, who subsequently rushed to the area (just a block from the precinct). The man was taken off the bus – which left shortly after we arrived (which is why it’s on the move in our photo) – and taken into custody. Officers told us no one was hurt.

STOLEN CAR: From Lyndsay:

My boyfriend’s car got stolen last night off Roxbury and 34th, 2000 Honda Civic four door; it’s green with noticeable hail dents all over and a huge dent on front passenger side. American flag tree-scented freshener on mirror.

Call 911 if you see it.


I received a phone call this morning exactly like the one Cheryl wrote to you about on May 1 this year:

“Bench warrants have been issued for your arrest for failure to respond to two jury duty summons.” My response was “Oh, and you need my credit card? Screw you, you $&@!” Has anyone else received this call from 206-639-3693?

Here’s the aforementioned May 1st report by Cheryl.

2 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Bus trouble; stolen car; scam call"

  • Northwest September 6, 2015 (5:31 pm)

    Disturbances on metro buses are one reason I am glad to now have fare enforcement representatives on rapid ride just the fact that they are positioned at bus stops randomly and able to intevene should there be unruly bus riders. I make a point to thank them personally while on rapid ride for their service.

  • South Delridge Commuter September 6, 2015 (10:09 pm)

    Glad there were no injuries! The 120 can be a lively ride especially if you have to take it during off peak hours. I’ve been scared by other riders plenty of times and me/riders/driver just try to ignore them. If the police got involved it must have been bad. i will be taking the 120 to work again soon and can’t say I’m thrilled. I only see transit cops at downtown and bus tunnel stops.

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