HAPPENING NOW: First-ever Flipper Fest with Seal Sitters & friends

If you approach the Alki Bathhouse‘s east side while on your way to Flipper Fest – which continues until 5 pm – you’ll see that life-size inflatable orca, representing, according to a sign and to the trading card that volunteer Laura gave us, J-26, aka “Mike,” a Southern Resident Killer Whale born in 1991. Inside the bathhouse, lots more to learn at this event presented by Seal Sitters with many collaborators and partners:

It’s fun, with a lesson – how to be mindful of, and protect, the creatures with which we share our shores and waters. Even the art has something to teach:

Those images of seals (the one at right, by Denise Hughes from a photo by Seal Sitters’ Robin Lindsey are made from bottle caps, as is a jellyfish outside:

They are reminders that if you use plastic bottles, be sure to dispose of them safely so they don’t find their way into our waters, where they can do so much harm to sea life. A simple outdoor display also suggests you might want to think twice about Sky Lanterns:

They look beautiful in flight, but fall into the water or onto the ground as dangerous trash. Speaking of trash – at Flipper Fest, you can find out more about Seal Sitters’ beach cleanup coming up on June 13th, which is also the date they’ll be training more volunteers – who are needed for everything from protecting seal pups on local beaches, to helping at events like this. Find out more at blubberblog.org and at Alki Bathhouse until 5 pm today – free, but you can donate to SS by buying $1 tickets for raffles with cool donated prizes listed here.

2 Replies to "HAPPENING NOW: First-ever Flipper Fest with Seal Sitters & friends"

  • Leslie Burton May 31, 2015 (11:08 pm)

    Was invited by Melinda Simon, a loyal Seal Sitter, to the event and “attended” virtually since I live in Spokane. Excellent ideas, art, reminders to keep the waters free for our aquatic friends. Hope Flipper Fest can become a regular way to reach out and teach, as well as support the cause, and those who support it like the artists, etc.
    Well done all,
    Leslie Burton

  • DiverLaura June 1, 2015 (12:22 am)

    Thank you Seal Sitters for putting on this awesome event and double thank you to everyone who joined and made it a brilliant success in the quest to help protect our aquatic friends!

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