West Seattle Earth Day 2015: Alki Beach volunteer cleanup

Making your plans for Earth Day on April 22nd (one week from Wednesday)? Barbara Clabots from the Surfrider Foundation (in our August 2014 photo above) just sent word they’re organizing a volunteer cleanup on Alki Beach, 2:30-4 pm on Earth Day – details on their website. They’d love all the help they can get to remove cigarette butts and other trash from the sand. We’re hearing of some possible warm weather this weekend, so there might be a lot of cleanup to do by then.

P.S. Their Hold On To Your Butts disposal-can campaign continues too – and at least one West Seattle business has signed on.

2 Replies to "West Seattle Earth Day 2015: Alki Beach volunteer cleanup"

  • flimflam April 13, 2015 (4:44 pm)

    ugh, that tub of butts is A) nasty and B) disheartening.

    why is it oh-so-hard to pick up after yourself? who thinks its just fine to throw this trash anywhere and everywhere?

  • WSince86 April 13, 2015 (9:12 pm)

    Flimflam – couldn’t agree more. If we saw pictures of the garbage that is left at the beach on a weekend that isn’t cigarette butts, I’m sure we’d be disheartened and think it was nasty, too. Let’s not kid ourselves and say it’s just smokers that litter. In fact, truth be told, most smokers I know are more conscientious than your average beach visitor.
    I’ll meet you on the 22nd and we can help clean up the beach together!

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