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Delridge Day + ‘Picnic @ Precinct’ = Saturday in the park

Hours to go until summer’s next West Seattle festival – Delridge Day is happening Saturday in the park adjacent to the community center at Delridge Way/SW Genesee, 11 am-3 pm. Here again is the activity schedule and music schedule:

Other reasons to come to Delridge Day:

*Again this year, the Seattle Police Foundation-presented “Picnic at the Precinct” also is happening concurrently, at the park instead of the precinct. We’re told new Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole is expected to visit, though we don’t have a time on that yet – that would be her first official public visit to West Seattle.

*Want to talk/ask about the SW Roxbury Safety Project, including a potential “road diet” for Roxbury from 17th SW westward? SDOT will be at Delridge Day, ready to chat.

*Want to find out about the North Delridge Action Plan? City reps are ready to talk about that too.

*Live and/or work (etc.) in North Delridge? Meet your community council – the North Delridge Neighborhood Council – which is offering freebies including a chance to screenprint the (Heart) Delridge emblem on a shirt (you bring it) or tote bag (free blank bags available). Two screenprinting stations! And, adds NDNC’s Amanda Leonard, “We will even have a drying rack so you can enjoy the rest of the festival without dealing with wet paint.”

*Check out the close-to-finished Youngstown Cultural Arts Center mural right across the street from the festival zone, along the east side of the 4400 block of Delridge Way.

*Safety and preparedness: The West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network and West Seattle Be Prepared will be there.

… and so will we. 11 am-3 pm, Delridge CC Park, come have fun!

Last voyage of decommissioned USS Constellation, past West Seattle

(Photo added 9:45 pm, by Gary Jones at Alki Point)
ORIGINAL REPORT, 3:55 PM: It’s been about an hour since the scrapyard-bound USS Constellation was towed from Bremerton.

(US Navy Public Affairs photo)
The aircraft carrier is passing the mouth of Dyes Inlet and in another hour or so should be visible from West Seattle, as it emerges from Rich Passage between Bainbridge and Blake Islands. We’ll be updating as it gets closer; you can track the tow via – a group of tugs is escorting it now, and the oceangoing Corbin Foss is en route to rendezvous with them, preparing for its solo 16,000-mile tow around South America and up to Brownsville, Texas.

4:45 PM: Still a ways to where they’ll be out of Rich Passage and visible from here. It’s somewhat hazy off to the west so it won’t be a really crystal-clear view as it would be if it were a cloudless summer morning – Alki Point and vicinity will likely be the clearest. But the tugs are showing on as having picked up some speed – about 2 knots per hour now. We’ll update when they’re in view (at least via binoculars).

5:40 PM: Getting closer. The tugboats show on as starting to round the point that is just north of Manchester.

6:09 PM: Now in view with binoculars from Emma Schmitz Viewpoint, having just emerged from Rich Passage. At this moment, it’s still pointed south, and has to be pulled to face northbound before it will start sailing toward Alki Point and beyond.

6:49 PM: It’s still in the shadows near Manchester, looking across from here. The Foss blog-format website tracking the journey has a photo looking back this way as the Corbin Foss and “Connie” get acquainted at the start of their 16,000-mile journey. (Click here for a larger version of the photo in Foss’s update.)

7:37 PM: You can see the silhouette without binoculars now, and it appears to be slowly starting to make the turn. At this rate, it’ll likely be a lovely sunset scene somewhere in front of Bainbridge!

8:05 PM: After four hours on Beach Drive, we headed for higher ground. Looks like it will be a great view from west-facing North Admiral (we’re at the famous Seattle/Sunset street-sign mini-viewpoint waiting for it to get into better photographic range).

8:22 PM: Some spectators up here. This viewpoint likely will be good all the way until dusk, since you can see north to West Point from here. Meantime, the Foss website has linked to a photo gallery of the Bremerton departure.

(WSB photo by Patrick Sand)
8:55 PM: Just as it gets dark, the Connie and Corbin Foss are heading out of range.

(Photo with vehicle carrier Auriga Leader passing, by Greg)
9:49 PM: Added three photos, from three photographers. (Thank you!) Corbin Foss and Constellation are expected to arrive at Long Beach for a refueling stop at mid-month; the trip around the tip of South America (as someone pointed out while talking with us during Connie Watch, it’ll be summer down there) and up to Texas is expected to take almost five months.

Barton eviction fight: No immediate ruling at hearing; city offers help, cites ‘alarming conditions’

ORIGINAL REPORT, 3:36 PM: Two developments this afternoon in the case of Jean and Byron Barton, whose Morgan Junction home was foreclosed on, then auctioned off. Three weeks after King County Sheriff’s Office deputies carried out an order to evict them – followed hours later by the Bartons re-occupying the house – the property’s new owners had a court hearing today. Triangle Property Development sought an order to require the city to enforce trespassing law and get the Bartons out of the house; you’ll recall that Mayor Murray had told Seattle Police to “stand by” while legal matters played out. King County Superior Court Judge Mariane Spearman listed to arguments but did not rule immediately. This motion, by the way, did not involve the Bartons’ separate case alleging that the foreclosure was illegal. We had a crew at the hearing, as well as in the hallway outside the courtroom, where Jean Barton joined the SAFE advocacy group in a pre-hearing news conference (added: video of her brief comments):

We will add more details from both parts of the event later.

Meantime, Mayor Ed Murray‘s office forwarded a letter from the city Office of Housing, detailing its efforts to offer the Bartons help with housing, mentioning they have not taken advantage of that help so far. The letter also, toward the end, mentions that city staff visiting the Bartons’ home “observed alarming conditions inside the residence that required them to submit mandatory reports to Adult Protective Services.” Here’s the letter as a PDF – or read it, embedded, below:

They did not elaborate on the “alarming conditions.”

ADDED: In case you’re interested in the legal documents – here’s the Triangle petition:

And the city’s reply:

10 PM NOTE: Still more to add; check back in the early morning.

EARLY AM ADD: After the jump (if you are reading from the main page), co-publisher Patrick Sand‘s notes from the hearing:

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Up next at West Seattle Outdoor Movies: ‘Blues Brothers’

(Photo taken before last Saturday’s WSOM, shared by Hotwire’s Lora Swift)
Before Friday is too far gone – we wanted to make note of a few Saturday highlights – starting with the next edition of West Seattle Outdoor Movies. Tomorrow night (August 9th) on the courtyard screen next to Hotwire Online Coffeehouse (4410 California SW; WSB sponsor), it’s the original “Blues Brothers” movie from 1980. Preshow music by Those Guys with Wrecking Yard. Bring your own chair/blanket. Free as always, but come with a few bucks if you can for nonprofit-benefiting raffles and concessions – tomorrow night’s featured beneficiary is the West Seattle Helpline. Gates open at 6:30, movie at dusk – 9-ish, but don’t try to arrive at the last minute, since the courtyard fills up fast.

Followup: How new SDOT director answered Councilmember Rasmussen’s questions; plus, another Sound Transit light-rail discussion

August 8, 2014 1:21 pm
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Back on July 25th, we published the 17 questions City Councilmember Tom Rasmussen had sent to new SDOT director Scott Kubly, looking ahead to his confirmation hearing before the Transportation Committee, which Rasmussen chairs. That hearing is part of the committee’s agenda for next Tuesday (August 12th, 9:30 am, City Hall). From the agenda, here’s the full document with Kubly’s answers inline.

You’ll notice he also promises the requested analysis of June’s “4 miles, 5 hours” Highway 99 shutdown (most recent followup here) by September 30th.

Also on the agenda for that same meeting: Another discussion of Sound Transit‘s Long Range Plan Update. The comment period on its draft environmental-impact statement is now closed, but this is still another opportunity for questions/answers about whether the update will include a proposal for light rail serving West Seattle. Here’s the slide deck that will be shown during the Tuesday meeting – note that it also discusses the potential Ballard service, as well as “South King County,” which includes West Seattle. ST’s presenter will be Rachel Smith, whose recent West Seattle Chamber of Commerce appearance was covered here.

West Seattle Window and Door: Welcome, new WSB sponsor

Today, we’re welcoming a new WSB sponsor: West Seattle Window and Door, owned by Joseph Miller (right), a West Seattle resident. Joseph grew up in Seattle belonging to a family with a passion for remodeling, music and the arts. Joe’s father, Jerry Miller, lead guitar player for the legendary San Francisco rock band Moby Grape, shared his love for music and film with little Joe. This led to Joseph’s love for music; he later started his own band, Open Blue.

While finishing his degree at the University of Washington, Joseph wanted to carry on the tradition of making the neighborhoods in Seattle energy efficient and beautiful. With this passion he decided to start West Seattle Window & Door. He is delighted to have his mom, Michan Rhodes, on board showcasing almost 30 years’ experience in replacement window/remodel consulting & design. She has been on the Northwest window & door scene for the past 28 years and has built a stunning design oriented portfolio to show for it.

Michan Rhodes began rolling little Joe and his younger brother and sisters around the neighborhood in a red Radio Flyer wagon looking at gardens and houses, visiting with neighbors, and sharing her ideas on how to beautify and restore their homes while embracing the original charm. Giving them the facelift needed for their homes, while adding energy efficiency and value, is and has always been her mission.

West Seattle Window & Door is committed to providing Homeowners, Contractors, Builders, Architects, and Designers with a high level of expertise and technical knowledge on an array of custom quality product lines at competitive prices. We will listen to your needs, discuss and interpret your distinctive style and space, and help you come up with a personally tailored design plan.

West Seattle Window & Door is a full-service company that meets with each customer one-on-one while taking direct responsibility for each project. This process has led to a steady stream of referrals. We believe you can maximize your investment without sacrificing quality or craftsmanship. Embrace what you already have without compromising your vision.

(Above: Before & after)
We offer Leaded Glass, Wood, Vinyl, Aluminum, Fiberglass, Wood Clad, Sound Reduction, Enlarged Openings, Bay Windows, Entry Doors, French Doors, and New Construction Window Packages at competitive prices. Free design consultations! All job estimates are free! We have a showroom located on Beach Drive (by appointment only). We are looking forward to moving our showroom up to one of the Junctions just as soon as the right spot presents itself. We are that West Seattle Business that supports the neighborhood & community.

West Seattle Window and Door is licensed, bonded and insured in compliance with all Washington state laws. Find WSWD online at

We thank West Seattle Window and Door for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news via WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory format here, and find info on joining the team by going here.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Busy week for auto theft; thrice-prowled car

Those icons represent auto thefts in West Seattle in the past week – it’s our screengrab from a custom view of the SPD Police Reports map (you can follow that link and click individual icons on the “live” map there if you want specific locations/times). In addition to the 14 thefts on the map, we know of at least one more just today, because of this note from James:

My brother in law had his black 1999 Honda Civic, plate AND3427, stolen from the 9000 block of 34th Ave. If anyone sees it or reports an abandoned vehicle we would greatly appreciate if you would let us know.

Though the theft’s not on the map yet, it IS on the SPD @GetYourCarBack Twitter feed, which advises calling 911 if you spot a known stolen car. This area tends to average one a day, so this past week’s thefts are about twice the usual rate.

One more reader report today, from Shannon:

Just wanted to inform our neighbors that my car has been ransacked 3 times in the last month..I do leave my doors unlocked and nothing inside as we have had windows broken before. Everything was gone thru but nothing taken each time. CD’s, Stereo, change all left each time … 8100 block of 15th and Elmgrove.

West Seattle Friday: Music; movie; USS Constellation; ‘Hello, Dolly!’ opening night; scooter rally; more…

(Photo courtesy Twelfth Night Productions)
Opening night for “Hello, Dolly!” is one of our featured highlights from the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar – see details below, along with some of what else is going on, but be sure to follow that link to the calendar for the full list! We start in the early afternoon …

USS CONSTELLATION’S LAST VOYAGE: Foss estimates it will start towing the scrapyard-bound aircraft carrier USS Constellation out of Bremerton around 1 pm today. We’ll be watching for it to become visible from West Seattle; look for an update here and on our social-media channels (click linked Facebook/Twitter icons under “WSB Everywhere” atop the sidebar). Likely to be closer to the Bainbridge/Kitsap side, so you might want to bring binoculars. UPDATE: As of noon-ish, the Navy says departure is now expected around 3 pm – clearing Rich Passage 5-ish.

WEIRD SCIENCE: Hands-on at Southwest Branch Library, 2-3 pm. (35th/Henderson)

DELRIDGE GROCERY’S FRIDAY FARMSTAND: Delridge Grocery‘s fourth weekly farmstand is happening 4:30-7:30 pm today (here’s our coverage of the launch last month) – fresh fruit and vegetables for sale. (5435 Delridge Way SW)

SCOOTER RALLY: The Westenders start their annual Tour di Mari rally with a barbecue at Jack Block Park at 5:30 pm – details of the weekendlong rally are here. (2130 Harbor SW)

OUTDOOR CONCERT AT THE MOUNT: Second of four Friday night concerts at Providence Mount St. Vincent, outdoors and free, with dinner/drinks available for purchase starting at 5:30 pm, show at 6. Tonight, it’s Alma y Azucar on the east side of The Mount’s campus. (4831 35th SW)

OPENING NIGHT FOR ‘HELLO, DOLLY!’ – INCLUDING DIAPER DRIVE: Twelfth Night Productions presents “Hello, Dolly!” starting tonight at West Seattle High School Theater, 7:30 pm. In addition: “We are having a diaper/clothing drive for WestSide Baby and attendees who contribute to that drive receive $3 off the price of an adult ticket. A portion of our proceeds will also benefit WestSide Baby.” (3000 California SW)

DELRIDGE DAY EVE – FREE OUTDOOR MOVIE: 9 pm in Delridge Community Center Park, night before the Delridge Day festival, it’s a free outdoor showing of “The Lego Movie” – here’s the trailer:

More details in our preview. (Delridge/Genesee)

FIRE RELIEF FUNDRAISER: 9 pm at the Celtic Swell, help CS employee Ron Ackerson‘s family recover from the fire that destroyed their home three weeks ago – details in our calendar listing. (Alki Ave. SW just east of 61st)

MORE NIGHTLIFE! Find individual venue/event listings for tonight (and beyond) by going directly to our calendar!

You can help! West Seattle Girl Scouts collecting school supplies to help other kids

Less than four weeks until the new school year, and kindhearted West Seattleites are working to make sure that no kid goes without the school supplies s/he needs for success. Among those collecting donations: West Seattle Girl Scout Troop 45077, working with Pencil Me In For Kids, taking donations earmarked for scholars at Highland Park Elementary. We received word of their drive, and the photo, from troop leader Kari:

All of the girls have boxes at their homes and are collecting from friends, family, and neighbors. They also have a donation box at Mind Unwind, located at 2206 California Ave SW. Their goal is to be able to donate 34 backpacks filled with school supplies to Highland Park Elementary and are collecting donations until August 17th. So, they don’t have much time to meet their goal and could use everyone’s help.

(Kari’s original note also included a request for publication from Sophia, who is a troop member as is Kari’s daughter Morgan.) The fine print on the sign toward the right side of the photo says they’re looking in particular for:

*Children’s books
*Glue/glue sticks

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Friday updates; weekend alerts

(WS bridge and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
Happy Friday! No issues on the main routes through/from West Seattle so far this morning. Other notes:

WEEKEND PREVIEW Here’s the city roundup of what’s happening where, through Sunday, with potential traffic effects.

TRANSPORTATION NEWS: Thursday pm, we had a lot of it –
*RapidRide route change? SDOT confirmed what a tipster told us, that it’s studying the feasibility of moving the outbound SW Alaska RapidRide stop east of California, so the C Line could use California instead of Edmunds/44th/Alaska.
*Road work: Next week, SDOT crews are scheduled to pave part of Roxbury and improve traction on the Charlestown/Genesee hills.