1st report: Log House Museum hosts hundreds to celebrate Admiral Way totem pole’s new home and public display

(Added – our photo from immediately after the unveiling)
10:25 AM: We’re testing live streaming today with the Log House Museum totem-pole unveiling – here’s the link to the page on Livestream.com where you’ll see live video/audio, if it’s working.

11:10 AM: Awesome event! Lots of coverage to come.

(Including County Executive Dow Constantine and Dietrich Schmitz leading Schmitz Park Elementary students on a walk down to the museum – where they joined Alki and Lafayette students as well as other attendees.)

(Crowd & media, with Duwamish Tribe chair Cecile Hansen at center, in hat)
11:25 AM: Adding a photo or two here pending full coverage later. And here’s the archive of the second half of our live stream, which includes the unveiling – our second report later will have our main clip, but check this out for starters:

Thanks to those who checked out the live stream – it was done via handheld iPhone, and there are steadier ways to do it, but you have to start somewhere. P.S. The Log House Museum is open until 4 pm today (noon-4 Thursdays-Sundays), and the totem-pole exhibit we mentioned yesterday is now open to visitors too.

4:49 PM: It’ll be mid-evening before our mega-roundup is done – we’re off to cover a few early-evening stories. Two photos we wanted to add here in the meantime – both from Alki photographer David Hutchinson. First, Mayor Murray walking from Alki Elementary:

And a splendid view of the totem pole:

8 Replies to "1st report: Log House Museum hosts hundreds to celebrate Admiral Way totem pole's new home and public display"

  • HotCoffee June 6, 2014 (10:44 am)

    can anyone see the live stream?

  • HotCoffee June 6, 2014 (10:50 am)

    yay – there goes the live stream! nice job!

  • WestSeattleDood June 6, 2014 (11:30 am)

    The totem pole is back!

    Thank you to everyone (there were many!) who worked on bringing back the totem pole! I sure missed it up on Admiral after decades of it being present. But this restored pole is so worthy of our admiration citywide! A stunningly beautiful totem pole.

  • Ray June 6, 2014 (12:43 pm)

    Wish I could have made it.

    Is it sad that the main thought I have about this is that this beautiful totem will likely be a target for graffiti or other destruction….

    • WSB June 6, 2014 (12:47 pm)

      Ray, every time something nice goes up, somebody says that, and it doesn’t happen. (See the Junction Park chair thread, which I’d pull up if I wasn’t mobile at the moment.) Also, I believe the Log House Museum has taken protective steps; in addition, there are eyes on that site from multifamily buildings steps away, an awfully visible place to risk it on what is NOT a blank canvas for tags. – TR

  • Fiona @ SP June 6, 2014 (1:05 pm)

    Thank you to the Log House Museum and the Master of Ceremonies, this was a wonderful event that was lovely, moving, and just the right length. Thank you to the students from all 3 schools, (SP, Alki, and Lafayette)for being respectful citizens. Thank you to the WS Blog for covering the event, so I never had to worry about missing a moment because I was too short. Beautiful totem pole, great event, thanks everyone.

  • CEA June 6, 2014 (1:31 pm)

    It looks beautiful! I can’t wait to see it close-up, and am so happy it’s back and restored. Thanks to all who worked so hard on this part of our history.

  • Kerry June 6, 2014 (4:41 pm)

    It has been such an honor to be apart of such an historic event for such a beautifully restored Totem. There is so much to be thankful for on this fantastic and exciting day. What a delight to have everyone, so many everyones in attendance enjoying the event of its new home! When I got home, and watched the live stream, it was thrilling to see it from the perspective of everyone in the street. Thank you WSB folks

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