Friday evening, bring your family to have fun while helping local kids reach out to help others

If you want to close out the night on a hopeful note – and/or to hear about an easy way to do some good in the world – listen to this: 5-7 pm tomorrow, in White Center, you can help hundreds of schoolchildren reach out across the miles to help other kids. The helpers are not necessarily so well-off themselves, but one of their teachers explains that when they learned how much better they have it than some others, they had to do something. The event has been in our calendar a while but we didn’t have all the details Shoshanna Cohen shares:

I’m a 2nd grade teacher at Mount View Elementary, next to White Center, and I’m planning our school’s carnival this year. … It is not any regular carnival. Our school has a 87% free and reduced population, yet my 6th-grade carnival leadership team has learned about children in Honduras who are not as fortunate as us. For instance, education is only free until 6th grade in Honduras. From 7th grade on, you have to pay $500 tuition to attend school. The vast majority of the rural Honduran population does not have that kind of money. As part of our WE Day participation, we are raising $1000 to send to the non-profit Light of Esperanza, to help two deserving students in Vega Redonda, Honduras, attend 7th grade. The rest of the money raised will go to our PTA so that the school can afford field trips, special events, and sports for the 2014-2015 school year.

Again, this is happening 5-7 pm tomorrow (Friday, June 6th) at Mount View Elementary, 10811 12th Ave SW (map). The official invitation: “Come and celebrate the end of the school year with us with food, fun, bouncy houses, games, and GREAT prizes! Learn about our sister school in Vega Redonda, Honduras and how we are helping other children around the world! There will be free face painting and art projects too! This event is free to get in.”

2 Replies to "Friday evening, bring your family to have fun while helping local kids reach out to help others"

  • Maggie June 6, 2014 (4:11 am)

    No matter how little or how much we have, there’s always opportunities to help others. Thank you for teaching that to our children!

  • miws June 6, 2014 (7:27 am)

    What Maggie said! :-)



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