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Question for you: Should the West Seattle Car Show continue?

(WSB photo from last September’s West Seattle Car Show)
Though it was not by any means his only community project, the annual West Seattle Car Show was the creation, pride and joy of the late neighborhood advocate and entrepreneur Michael Hoffman, who died suddenly last month at age 47. Two West Seattle businesses are looking at whether to take it on – but first, they want to know your thoughts. If you can please take a moment to comment:

Swedish Automotive and West Seattle Autoworks would like to know from the community of West Seattle your thoughts on the annual West Seattle Car Show. Should the car show continue? Do you think that it brings and enhances a sense of community, and does it benefit our local businesses? Would it be missed if it did not continue? Your thoughts and feedback are very important to us – thanks!

The car show’s been held in The Junction in late summer each of the past six years; we’ve been a co-sponsor each year (and should note that both businesses mentioned above are WSB sponsors). Here’s our coverage from last year.

West Seattle scene: Summer-ish spring sunset

April 30, 2014 9:01 pm
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(WSB photos – this one, by Tracy Record; next two, by Patrick Sand)
Four hours after the thermometer hit 80, sunset color and clouds filled the sky over the Olympics, seen from Duwamish Head. Might have another photo or two to add shortly.

ADDED: Ferry on the Bremerton run:

And a crow hanging out at Don Armeni:

Should be another beautiful, warm evening on Thursday!

Police-activity updates: Guardian One over High Point; SPD on Alki

7:03 PM: Just in case you see the law-enforcement helicopter overhead: The King County Sheriff’s Office has been over High Point for a bit assisting with a search – but the person that was being sought has been found. So, according to the scanner, the helicopter might be Alki-bound, where, in an unrelated incident, we’ve heard about a guns-drawn stop in the 1700 block and are trying to get details on that. Thanks for all the tips and texts – 206-293-6302 any time!

7:08 PM UPDATE: The High Point search that’s now over was for a missing child, Guardian One has tweeted. Still trying to get info on the Alki situation. Thanks to Mike and Steve for photos and to @ohwellmaybenot for tweeting this one:

ADDED 12:38 AM: We finally have been able to get a bit of information about the nature of the Alki response, thanks to Southwest Precinct Lt. Paul Leung. He didn’t have access to the full report, handled by an earlier watch – we will see if we can track that down later this morning – but it was a “gun call” (no shots fired that we know of).

While the officers did stop the vehicle that was reported to them, they did not find the gun that had been the subject of the original complaint.

Construction starts tomorrow at Westside School’s new home

(First two photos by WSB’s Patrick Sand)
By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

Before construction starts tomorrow at the new Arbor Heights location of Westside School (WSB sponsor), its students have joined in a unique groundbreaking ceremony.

They traveled to the site at 10400 34th SW – formerly Hillcrest Presbyterian Church – on Tuesday afternoon to tour and celebrate.

It was a field trip, and yet it was also “heading home,” the theme for the year ahead, according to Westside’s head of school Kate Mulligan, who notes it was also the inscription on commemorative T-shirts:

(Photo courtesy Westside School)
The theme honors the fact that the ~330 students and ~60 staff members of Westside will finally have a permanent home.

Read More

In case you wondered too: Road crew at Delridge/Andover

Several questions this morning about the crew cutting up pavement and blocking a northbound lane on Delridge Way at Andover. Though there is a project on the drawing boards for that area, this is NOT related – SDOT‘s Marybeth Turner checked around and found out that Seattle Public Utilities was doing emergency sewer-repair work. (We haven’t been able to get back there in recent hours so not sure if the crew’s still there.)

What we’re enjoying about your West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day listings, as May 10th gets closer

garagesaledaysmalllog5.jpgToday we’re proofreading the 270+ listings that go with the sales signed up for West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day (only 10 days away, 9 am-3 pm on Saturday, May 10th, sales of all sizes all over WS!) – and we’re noting some creative ways people are using some of their 15 words, including:

“Miscellaneous accumulation from 50 years of too much shopping.”



“Things we don’t even know what they are!”

“A handyman’s Disneyland!”

“3 Broke Girls With Nice Stuff!”

And a brand-new neighborhood nickname has emerged – “SOCLO (South of Cloverdale) Fauntleroy neighborhood alley sale.”

We’re still making our way through the listings, so there are likely gems yet to come. (Don’t get us wrong – simple, clear listings are great too!) The first map release is this Saturday (May 3rd) – too soon to say what time, but if there’s breaking news, it’ll appear first on the official WSCGSD site at We’ll be sending the “packets” to sellers tomorrow, which is also the deadline for getting canceled sales off the map – after that, the best we can promise is a notation on the relevant webpages. Questions about the 10th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day (seventh one coordinated by us here at WSB)? – thanks!

New Genesee Hill school: Demolition not expected before summer

(Rendering of new elementary at Genesee Hill site)
After several inquiries about the status/timeline for demolition at Genesee Hill Elementary – to be replaced by an all-new school – we checked with Seattle Public Schools. Tom Redman, who handles communications for SPS projects like this, says they’re not ready to set the date for demolition to begin yet, because they’re still finalizing permits:

The hazardous materials abatement and the archaeological survey have been completed. The building bid package was completed and advertised, followed by the pre-bid conference. The Master Use Permit (MUP) is being reviewed by the City of Seattle Department of Planning and Development. The contractor is scheduled to begin work this summer, pending appropriate permit approval by the city.

The bids are listed here (a bit lower than the estimate) – but the official winning bidder hasn’t been announced yet.

Arbor Heights fire followup: Cause ‘undetermined,’ for now

(Photos taken this morning by WSB’s Patrick Sand)
New information about last night’s house fire in the 10000 block of 39th SW in Arbor Heights (WSB as-it-happened coverage here): Its cause is currently listed as “undetermined,” but Seattle Fire spokesperson Kyle Moore tells WSB that could change: They haven’t been able to speak yet with the two residents, both in their 70s, who remain hospitalized, and it’s still not safe for investigators to go in and look for evidence of how it started.

You can see why, looking at our photos from a trip back to the scene this morning, with smoke still rising from the house:

As we reported last night, the house is considered to be a total loss; this morning, SFD estimates the damage at $350,000 for the house, $100,000 for the contents.

The fire was first reported around 7:40 pm; SFD says it was under control about half an hour after its crews started arriving.

Followup: Motorcycle rider killed on Vashon Island was West Seattle entrepreneur Patrick Lajko

The motorcycle rider killed on Vashon Island last Saturday night – a crash noted here because of the investigators’ high-profile presence at the Fauntleroy ferry dock – was a West Seattle entrepreneur, 62-year-old Patrick Lajko. Thanks to Ian for pointing out the identification published by Vashon, which reports that Mr. Lajko founded and owned CDE Software. The Junction-based company is an industry leader for bowling software. A webpage that details the company’s many successes shows Mr. Lajko with his motorcycle. The King County Sheriff’s Office says he was on northbound Vashon Highway waiting to turn left when a Vashon Island woman driving a car hit him from behind.

West Seattle Wednesday: Walk on the beach; plan a playground; cheer for high-school ballplayers…

Eileen and Michael shared that view of a baby starfish seen during a round of low-ish tides earlier this month. With the weather getting even warmer, conditions will be perfect for beach-walking, if you can make the time. Lura pointed out that while they’re not mega-mega-low tides, the daily low tides during the next two days are fine for exploring: -1.5 feet just before 12:30 pm today, and -1.4 at 1 pm tomorrow. You can check tides on the WSB West Seattle Weather page any time, by the way. And from our calendar, more highlights:

BABY STORY TIME: 11:30 am, High Point Branch Library, intended for babies 4 months old to 12 months old. (35th/Raymond)

HOME OFFICE/CO-WORKING MEETUP: Noon-1:15 pm at West Seattle Office Junction (WSB sponsor), details here. (6040 California SW)

CHEER FOR ALL FOUR TEAMS! 4 pm at Southwest Athletic Complex in Westwood, Chief Sealth International High School varsity teams host West Seattle High School teams in softball and baseball games. (2801 SW Thistle)

PATHFINDER K-8 PLAYGROUND, FIRST COMMUNITY DESIGN MEETING: All interested community members are welcome/encouraged to come kick off the next phase of the playground-upgrade process, including kids, 5:30-7 pm at the school on Pigeon Point. Read more about the project here; we also previewed the meeting here. (1901 SW Genesee)

OPEN MICROPHONE NIGHT … at Skylark Café and Club in North Delridge, 9 pm, 21+, with some unique features you can read about here. (3803 Delridge Way SW)

MORE! on the calendar.

You can help! K-5 STEM & Arbor Heights Elementary Garden Party at Boren this Saturday

April 30, 2014 8:59 am
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More fun this Saturday: 9 am to noon, it’s a combined garden party at the Boren Building campus for the two schools that will share it for the next two years, K-5 STEM (now permanently housed there) and Arbor Heights Elementary (moving in while the new AHES is built). You don’t have to be a parent, student, or staffer to help out – they’ll welcome the entire community. Scroll through the flyer above for info (or see it here as a PDF), and just be there on Saturday morning, 5950 Delridge Way SW (map).


Bright sunshine as we look at the West Seattle Bridge above and, below, northbound 99 at the south end of the elevated Alaskan Way Viaduct:

More cameras, and other info, are on the WSB Traffic page. None of this morning’s regional traffic problems are in our area, so far. But forgetting the sunglasses could be a problem.

8:16 AM UPDATE: From “Enough” in comments: “Heavy eastbound today. Backed up from 35th.”

8:29 AM UPDATE: This won’t make things any better – right-side crash on northbound 5 just past the bridge exit, tweets KING 5’s Tracy Taylor. (A few minutes later – now described as two lanes blocked northbound near Olive.)

9:10 AM: Not blocking traffic, but @scruffydiver just tweeted a fender-bender report from The Triangle involving a classic car:

Video: House destroyed by fire in Arbor Heights; 2 people hurt

(WED. AM UPDATE: Fire guts Arbor Heights home, 2 residents hurt, cause not yet known, scroll to see new photo)

(Photo courtesy Tim Eannarino)
FIRST REPORT, 7:49 PM: Fire crews have rushed to the 10000 block of 39th SW for a house-fire call. More as we get it.

(Photo by Tony Bradley)
7:54 PM: The callout keeps getting bigger. Smoke visible for a ways around.

(WSB photo by Patrick Sand, substituted for earlier cameraphone pic)
Scanner traffic says the fire started in the basement and that there is a vehicle on fire at the site.

(Photo courtesy Christi Stapleton)
7:58 PM: Our crew just arrived on scene. Paramedics are treating one person. Black smoke continues pouring from the home. Flames are visible too.

(Added: WSB video, including the moment when fire broke through the roof)
It’s being described on the scanner as a “defensive” firefight.

(WSB photo by Christopher Boffoli)
8:11 PM: The fire continues to intensify. Neighbors are tweeting – thanks to Colby for this photo:

8:20 PM: Two neighboring homes are at risk, according to SFD via Twitter, also confirming that two people are being treated by medics at the scene.

(Photo by Kevin McClintic)
The fire is “tapped,” our crew at the scene reports, which is one milestone toward getting it under control. The SFD public-info officer is there so we and other media will be able to get comprehensive info in addition to what we’re seeing and hearing firsthand.

(Photo courtesy Christi Stapleton)
8:29 PM UPDATE: We just talked with SFD spokesperson Kyle Moore, who says water pressure was NOT a problem, but Seattle Public Utilities did increase the pressure to help with the firefight (we heard that mentioned on the scanner, too). [Added – editor’s note: Those questions stem from a problem with hydrants in Arbor Heights that hampered the fight against a big house fire in 2011. There have since been major upgrades.) He says the two people are still being treated. No idea yet how this started. Moore also says two neighboring homes were evacuated because of danger the fire might spread, and everybody got out OK.

(This photo and next one by Tony Bradley)
8:47 PM: Continuing to add photos – thanks to everyone who has shared theirs – and will be adding ours too as the crew processes them back at base, including video of Moore’s briefing.

9 PM: Sounds like firefighters will be able to go inside. (added) Neighbor Christi says crews are trying to make sure it’s safe for neighbors to go back into their undamaged homes.

9:23 PM: Added – video of Moore’s briefing, including more details on the two people who were inside the house and were being treated for burns/smoke inhalation. We also added, higher up in the story, video showing the flames erupting through the roof following the dark smoke that could at one point be seen from some distance away.

9:50 PM: Earlier we had mentioned a vehicle – above, a photo by WSB contributing photojournalist Christopher Boffoli. We’re going back over to check on where things stand now. SFD’s Moore tweeted a few minutes ago that the man and woman who were hurt are in their 70s; both suffered smoke inhalation; both were taken to Harborview Medical Center in stable condition; the man also suffered burns. The house was ruled a total loss; the fire’s cause is still under investigation.

10:36 PM: Firefighters are still on scene; light smoke is still rising from the house. They tell us it’s not safe for the investigator to go in yet, so what caused the fire likely won’t be known any sooner than tomorrow. Since both residents of the house were taken to the hospital, there’s no Red Cross or other relief agency on scene.

1:10 AM: Another photo from neighbor Christi – Engine 30, on fire watch. With major fires like this, there’s usually an engine on scene (they rotate) for many hours afterward, just in case of a flareup.

10:12 AM WEDNESDAY: Still no word of the cause but firefighters remain at the scene; the house is still smoldering, and they have been continuing to work to ventilate it:

When there is word of the cause, we’ll publish a new story.

In case you wondered too: See this year’s city wading-pool schedule

(WSB file photo of Hiawatha wading pool)
None of the Seattle Parks-operated wading pools/sprayparks will be open in time for the early heat that’s about to hit, but in case it makes you wonder about this year’s schedule – we discovered it’s already out. See it here. Highland Park‘s spraypark will start its second season on May 24th; after that, Lincoln Park‘s wading pool will be the first to open, on June 21st, and again this year, it will be open 7 days a week. The Delridge Community Center wading pool will start its season June 23rd and will be open Mondays, Tuesdays, Saturdays, Sundays; June 25th will be the first day for the EC Hughes (Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays) and Hiawatha (Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays) wading pools. South Park will start up on June 23rd, open Mondays, Tuesdays, Sundays.

West Seattle scene: TLC for Fauntleroy Creek viewpoint

Across the street and up the embankment from the Fauntleroy ferry dock is a semi-hidden gem – the Fauntleroy Creek fish-ladder viewpoint. It’s been there since the restoration project 15+ years ago, and right now it’s getting a little bit of TLC – Judy Pickens shares the photo and the following description of what’s happening in it:

Al Zurowski prepares the promontory at the viewpoint above Fauntleroy Creek for new decking. He and fellow carpenter Bill Miller with Seattle Public Utilities are replacing deteriorating decking installed when the viewpoint and fish ladder below it opened in 1998. The viewpoint will be busy starting Thursday as 600+ students come to the creek during May to release coho fry.

Judy is a watershed steward and devoted volunteer who will be busy during salmon-release season too, and she says the viewpoint work – expected to last all week – should “give everyone a much-safer platform for viewing the fish ladder.”

Also tonight: Ciscoe honored at SSC; WSHS baseball benefit @ Duke’s

April 29, 2014 3:39 pm
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Two more events to add to our list of what’s up tonight:

SOUTH SEATTLE COLLEGE HONORS CISCOE MORRIS: 6 pm tonight at Brockey Center, the annual “Friends of the College” benefit recognizes outstanding scholarship-recipient students and alumni. In the latter category is gardening personality Ciscoe Morris, chosen Outstanding Alumni of the Year for 2014, 37 years after he graduated from the Landscape and Horticulture program at South.


That’s pitcher Larry Jensen, who Greg Slader (thanks again for the photo and game summary) says was perfect through three in the Wildcats’ 6-2 loss to Eastside Catholic on Monday. The Wildcats outhit the Crusaders 7-6 but as Greg reports, “one bad inning allowed six runs (after a highly contested play at the plate) and the only numbers that matter are runs scored.” The Wildcats visit Chief Sealth IHS tomorrow at 4 pm – but before that, you can give them a boost TONIGHT by dining at Duke’s Chowder House on Alki. Assistant coach Scott Meaker sends word that Duke’s is donating part of tonight’s proceeds to the West Seattle Booster Club, “in direct support of the West Seattle High School Baseball Team. All the money raised will help support the on-going championship program that last year finished 2nd in the Washington State High School Baseball tournament. That tournament, a trip to Pasco for the championship weekend, depleted all our previously raised funds so help us to replenish them so that we can provide a quality, safe, championship environment to promote better play, better players, and a better, higher quality baseball experience for our student athletes.” Dine at Duke’s 5-10 pm tonight (2516 Alki Ave. SW, reservations encouraged).

West Seattle biznote: GoWireless opening in Admiral

April 29, 2014 1:21 pm
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Thanks to Patricia for the tip (she saw the sign going up Monday): More than two years after its completion, the retail building on California SW built north of, and along with, Admiral Safeway is finally on the brink of being fully occupied. The final of its five spaces is going to the Las Vegas-headquartered chain GoWireless, which has more than 300 stores. It appears from GoWireless’s website that this is its first venture into Seattle city limits, though it has outlets elsewhere around the King/Snohomish/Pierce/Kitsap Counties metro area; as you can probably tell from the signage, its business is focused on Verizon, though it’s a separate company, we learned while researching. We’re still waiting to hear back from GW corporate HQ on when they plan to open.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Roxhill/Westwood response and 3 reader reports

Four notes in West Seattle Crime Watch this afternoon. First, police are responding right now to Roxhill Park again – this time to check out a report of an assault/fight involving people who apparently know each other. Via scanner, it sounds as if they’ve caught up at Westwood Village with one person involved, but they’re getting conflicting stories as to what, if anything, really happened. So this is just an FYI in case you saw/heard the police response. Now, from the WSB inbox:

JUNCTION CAR BREAK-INS: Richard reports multiple cars broken into in the Jefferson Square Apartments garage in The Junction overnight, including his, and the thief/thieves broke car windows (including his) to get in. It’s been reported to police.

Car prowl and mailbox prowl reports ahead:Read More

Update: Another noontime crash in West Seattle High School vicinity; no student involvement

12:41 PM: Seattle Police have just reopened Walnut Avenue between Stevens and Forest after debris and wreckage was cleaned up from that crash on the east side of West Seattle High School/Hiawatha park. The driver hit a tree, according to Antonio, who sent the photo. We are checking with Seattle Fire, which had a two-unit medic response, regarding the age/condition of the driver; we don’t believe this involved major injuries, since the unit that investigates that type of crash was not called out. We’ll update with whatever we find out from SFD.

2:56 PM UPDATE: SFD spokesperson Kyle Moore tells us that the person driving the car was a man in his 60s “who suffered a head injury after his SUV hit a tree. The air bags did not deploy.” He was taken to Harborview Medical Center.

Heads up (guts up?): Movie-makeup contest in West Seattle

The event announcements shared with us daily are published via the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar, where you can browse days/weeks ahead at any time to see what’s coming up. The PNTA store in North Delridge just sent the most unusual announcement we’ve received in a while, so we’re sharing it here too:

PNTA is hosting the Semi-Finals for the 5th Annual Crypticon Seattle Makeup Contest on Saturday, May 3rd, with round 1 starting at 10:30 am and round 2 starting at 12:30 pm. Over the course of an hour, each contestant will create their best horror fx makeup look, (a la Syfy’s Face Off). This is a free event, and families are welcome!

The top 5 contestants will advance to the final round of competition, which will be held live at Crypticon Seattle over Memorial Day weekend. For more information about the May 3rd event, please see the event page. PNTA, Seattle’s theatrical supply store, is located at 2414 SW Andover St (near Delridge Way). Plenty of free parking.

West Seattle Tuesday: Junction Neighborhood Organization talks development; Steps at Stevens design workshop; more

(Ready for the warm weather? Somebody is! Spotted Monday north of The Junction, shared on our Instagram feed)
Along with sitting outdoors and enjoying the weather as soon as you can, here are a few other options for the rest of your day/night, from the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar, where you’ll always find even more:

DROP-IN CHESS: Kids and teens are invited to stop by the High Point Branch Library at 4 pm for drop-in chess. (35th/Raymond)

JUNCTION NEIGHBORHOOD ORGANIZATION: Development is the perennial hot topic for the recently revived Junction Neighborhood Organization (JuNO), and tonight the one in the spotlight is 4439 41st SW, 40 apartments and 5 parking spaces, with neighbors voicing concerns and preparing for a community meeting procured via petition. 6:30 pm, Senior Center of West Seattle. (California/Oregon)

TEENS, POT, BOOZE: How best to talk to your tweens/teens about it? Explorer West Middle School (WSB sponsor) invites you to get some practical advice tonight via “Teens, Marijuana, Alcohol, and Reality… Setting the Framework for Healthy Communication.” EW adds, “The expert speaker is Dr. Kevin Haggerty from the Social Development Research Group of the University of Washington Department of Social Work. Parents, caregivers and their children (middle-school-aged and older) are invited to attend.” Here’s the Facebook event page. (10015 28th SW)

TUESDAY TUNE-UP: Live music at Salty’s on Alki (WSB sponsor), raising money for the Sexual Violence Law Center, 6:30-8:30 pm; details in our calendar listing. (1936 Harbor SW)

STEPS AT STEVENS, COMMUNITY DESIGN WORKSHOP #1: You’ve heard about the project to create a safer, more-attractive passageway into West Seattle High School – now, you have the chance to help shape it, as previewed here. WSHS Commons, 7 pm. (3000 California SW)

BLUES TO DO: 8 pm at Feedback Lounge (WSB sponsor), it’s your weekly dose of the blues. this week with Miles from Chicago and special guest Teri Derr; details in our calendar listing. (6451 California SW)

MORE NIGHTLIFE, MORE DAYTIME EVENTS … awaiting you in the calendar.

Looking ahead to high school? Westside School hosting a fair

April 29, 2014 9:00 am
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If there’s a middle-schooler in your house and you’re still mulling her/his high-school plans, Westside School (WSB sponsor) has an event of interest: Its first High School Fair, 6-8 pm Tuesday, May 20th. Here’s the announcement:

The fair will host approximately 15 Admission Directors from the Seattle area, along with two boarding schools. We would like to invite students and parents to the fair, with the purpose of providing an opportunity to learn more about these great schools.

We appreciate this is an exciting and uncertain time for many middle-school families and it brings with it a range of emotions, questions and concerns; therefore, we are inviting a selection of current eighth-grade parents to share their recent experiences and pass along some
handy nuggets of advice.

Schools attending the high-school fair will be:

Bishop Blanchet, Seattle Prep, Kennedy, Eastside Catholic, Seattle Lutheran, SAAS, The Northwest School, Lakeside, University Prep, The Bush School, Annie Wright Schools, St. Michael’s University School (BC), Aviation School, and Holy Names Academy

If you have any questions regarding the fair on May 20, please contact Glyn Jenkins at

Westside (which itself now runs through middle school) is at 34th/Holden.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Tuesday on the move

The “live” view above is the one West Seattle Bridge that’s working this morning; below, northbound 99 at the south end of the remaining elevated Alaskan Way Viaduct:

You can find more cameras, and other info, on the WSB Traffic page – most of the ones that were out Monday are working again. Meantime, no trouble so far on the outbound-from-West Seattle routes; updates if and when there’s anything of note to report.

7:48 AM: Jen reports “what looked like a fairly minor two-car collision, pulled off on the (narrow) shoulder off the far right lane, near the crest of the eastbound WS bridge” via comments – thanks! Apparently no injuries, since it’s not on the 911/fire log. (A moment later) Kerry tweeted that the bridge is “backed up to 35th.” So – give yourself extra time if you haven’t left yet and are headed that way.

8:36 AM UPDATE: There’s a report of a crash partly blocking the I-5 northbound offramp to Mercer, which historically can complicate NB traffic pretty quickly, so you’re forewarned if you’re heading that far.

8:54 AM UPDATE: And more northbound I-5 trouble, tweeted by WSDOT:

9:20 AM UPDATE: Text from Metro says routes including 21, 55, 56, 120, and RapidRide C/D are routed off Seneca St., so you’ll have to get off at 3rd/Pike/Pine if you’re headed that way.

9:44 AM UPDATE: Metro says everything’s back to normal on Seneca.