Pedestrian changes for business districts? City survey extended

Almost every local community council got a visit in recent months from Aly Pennucci of the city Department of Planning and Development regarding potential changes in “pedestrian zoning” for business districts As part of the city’s comment-gathering, an online survey was made available. Community leaders just got word that the survey has been extended for another month – so if you haven’t taken it yet, go here. It’ll ask you first about a specific “region” – West Seattle is in the south region, so start there; next screen will ask you about specific zones. Our first coverage of this issue during a local community-council meeting was at the Morgan Community Association‘s meeting in January.

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  • Joe Szilagyi March 31, 2014 (6:01 pm)

    For neighborhoods with a deficit of walkable commercial options, this seems to be a good idea. For others, or more established neighborhoods, your mileage may vary. When they talked to us in WWRHAH about it the group was generally pretty enthusiastic about the possibilities for us. We have little commercial space that falls under this heading — basically just a quarter block or so by the library on 35th. The rest is scattered businesses and Westwood.

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