Saturday afternoon set for James St. Clair’s Memorial Walk

(December 29th photo by Christopher Boffoli for WSB)
The date and time are now set for the memorial walk in High Point honoring 69-year-old James St. Clair, hit and killed two and a half weeks ago at 35th and Graham. We reported last week on Seattle Neighborhood Greenways‘ plan for the walk, in connection with local groups including the High Point Neighborhood Association, and following HPNA’s meeting last night, it’s set for 1 pm this Saturday, January 18th, starting in front of High Point Branch Library (35th/Raymond). Participants will walk south to the crash site, and then two more blocks to Neighborhood House’s High Point Center to talk with city representatives about safer streets. SNG says the mayor’s office, SDOT, and SPD will participate.

Mr. St. Clair was the second person in seven years killed at that intersection; 27-year-old Susanne Scaringi died after her bicycle collided there with a car in 2006. In 2007, 85-year-old Oswald Clement was hit and killed at 35th/Othello; in 2008, 39-year-old Gregory Hampel lost his life near SW Dawson; in 2011, 24-year-old Andrew Seffernick died at 35th/Juneau. There have been repeated calls for safety improvements.

SNG says Mr. St. Clair, a member of the Tlingit people who had lived in High Point less than a month before his death but had been in Seattle more than 30 years, was born in Hoonah, Alaska. His brother, Oscar Jacob St. Clair, is quoted in the group’s announcement as describing James, who walked with a cane, as strong, independent, funny, and outgoing:

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for recognizing Jim. For seeing all people, even poor people. Our family, my brothers and sisters, are in sorrow. I pray a positive light will happen because of this. A lot of people need to walk in the evening. They want to go to the grocery store like Jim did on his last night. I hope in his memory we see brighter lights, a stoplight, a safer community.”

More about Saturday’s memorial walk is on the SNG website, here.

5 Replies to "Saturday afternoon set for James St. Clair's Memorial Walk"

  • CJ January 15, 2014 (2:56 pm)

    RIP, sir. Work prevents me from attending but I will be there is spirit.

  • Beth January 15, 2014 (6:45 pm)

    I saw Mr. Clement get hit and essentially lose his life in front of me. I can’t say enough about how sorry I am for yet another death on this horrible, speed-street of fear. Because people can not (police) themselves, I hope the city will make changes to this street. At the very outset, sync the lights PLEASE. I take this road everyday, and without fail, everyday, I think to God “please make them stay on their side of the road”.

    As I said in the Mr. Clement story and in Susanne’s story; 35th needs to be TWO lanes with a tree’d median down the middle, and sync the lights. This would slow traffic; give homeowners a “chance” to safely pull out of their driveways and make room for a safer place to ride a bike and cross the street.

  • Don Brubeck January 15, 2014 (10:58 pm)

    Thank you Seattle Neighborhood Greenways for helping the community pay their respects to Mr. St Clair and his family, and for calling attention to our need for streets that are safe for driving, walking, riding, and waiting for a bus.

  • dennis January 16, 2014 (6:53 am)

    I think it would help lots if people would stop at the stop sign when entering 35th instead of slamming on their breaks at the cross walks(which are further ahead of the stop signs) far too many times I’ve came within inches of being taken out from 16-60 year olds slamming on their breaks late and going right over the cross walks. Better to take an extra few seconds to creep up on blind spots than to lose what you have once you’ve killed/injured someone.

  • Kathy January 17, 2014 (10:02 am)

    Thank you to ALL who are participating and organizing this Memorial Walk in honor of my uncle Jimmy, (James St. Clair), on Saturday January 18, 2014. He genuinely had a big kind generous heart. It’s unfortunate this accident happened to a person who was just walking home from the grocery store.

    Kathy (St. Clair) Romantic

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