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Summer Concerts at Hiawatha 2014: Dates set, musicians invited to apply

(August 2011 WSB photo from Summer Concerts at Hiawatha)
Another announcement tonight from the Admiral Neighborhood Association – in its role as the only West Seattle neighborhood group that presents an annual concert series. ANA has just put out an early call for musicians interested in being part of Summer Concerts at Hiawatha this year (note that the series dates are set, so if you are a potential spectator rather than a potential performer, you can at least do some early calendar-marking):

Hello and Happy New Year!

We are now accepting submissions for bands/acts for the 2014 Admiral Neighborhood Association Summer Concerts at Hiawatha Park. This year’s concerts will be held on Thursday evenings – July 24th, July 31st, August 7th, August 14th, August 21st, and August 28th – beginning at 6:30 pm.

Concerts are free to the community and made possible by sponsorships and support from Seattle Parks and Recreation, the Associated Recreation Council, the Admiral Neighborhood Association, and area businesses.

If you would like to be considered for this year’s concert series, please submit the following preliminary information to

(1) Band name and brief description of genre/style

(2) Band website or other link to where the band’s past performances may be viewed/listened to

(3) Band’s fee for a 90-minute performance, including a 10-minute break, if desired. Please indicate whether this fee is negotiable

(4) Number of members of band and types of instruments played

(5) Stage size requested and special sound/equipment requests

(4) Band contact name, email address, and phone number

Past artists performing for the series have included The Dusty 45s, Caspar Babypants, Star Anna, LeRoy Bell, Glenn Crytzer & his Syncopators, Fly Moon Royalty, Massy Ferguson, Reilly & Maloney, Pearl Django, and Yogoman Burning Band, to give an idea of the caliber of talent and diversity of appeal we seek.

Band submissions will be reviewed over the next few months (please remember we are volunteer-driven!) and we hope to contact bands and announce our lineup by about May or June.

We also appreciate reader recommendations of bands to consider for the series (that’s how we found The Local Strangers for our 2012 series!).

Thanks so much to all. We look forward to putting together another smashing ANA Summer Concert Series, and we’re already dreaming of warm summer evenings on the lawn at Hiawatha!

Katy Walum
Admiral Neighborhood Association

This will be the sixth year of the concert series, launched in summer 2009.

West Seattle scene: Cheering the Hawks in Highland Park

Highland Park has no sports bar/lounge where you can go for a big game like today’s Seahawks victory over the Saints – or a small game, for that matter – but the Highland Park Improvement Club transformed itself into a viewing venue – same way it morphs into the pop-up Corner bar one night a month. Members and neighbors gathered to watch today’s game – and yes, there was at least one Saints fan in the crowd:

That’s Mike in the Saints jersey and Jim in the Seahawks jersey. By now, of course, you know who won. The Seahawks stay home to host the NFC Championship next Sunday, 3:30 pm, vs. either Carolina or San Francisco, depending on who wins those teams’ faceoff tomorrow; tickets for the January 19th game go on sale this Monday at 10 am.

West Seattle weather: Saturday p.m. storm updates


(ADDED: Top photo from south of Alki Point today, courtesy Jeff Abel Photography)

2:34 PM: Another round of strong wind is moving through, in the company of sideways rain. Earlier, the precip even fell for a while as hail, and the proof is in the photo from Christa and Jenny Hickcox, who observed, “Glad we are watching the game from home today!” There are still some who aren’t able to – after this morning’s big outage affecting about 9,000 homes and businesses in several areas of West Seattle, Seattle City Light now says it still has about 250 homes/businesses without power in more than 30 areas around its system. We know some of them are in Seaview, near Juneau west of California SW. One outage area from earlier has lingering environmental concerns:

If you missed it in our morning coverage – not that you’re likely to be hitting the beach until this calms down, but Lowman Beach is posted as “closed” after a sewage overflow during this morning’s outage. King County Wastewater Treatment sent portable generators to the Murray Pump Station there as well as to Barton in Fauntleroy to get them both back in operation. Upgraded backup-power systems are in the works for both sites.

2:56 PM: At least one vehicle in West Seattle did not fare so well:

4:03 PM: Turns out that’s the first downed tree shown in our morning coverage, on 40th SW in Morgan Junction. Here’s a closer look at the vintage car totaled by the tree:

Now that the tree’s been cut up and cleared, the road is open again. Meantime, the National Weather Service thinks the wind might last a little longer – it’s extended the wind advisory to 1 am.

5:28 PM: Congratulations to the Seahawks and fans! One note – we heard from several people worried about explosions they were hearing. As Laura pointed out on Facebook, fireworks have become a post-win tradition for many, and that’s what the explosions were. Meantime, pockets of powerlessness remain, and City Light says it’s still working on dozens of small outages:

Sunday is likely to see lots of yard cleanup – weather permitting – with debris like what’s seen in the photo Luckie shared:

EARLY SUNDAY MORNING: Everybody in West Seattle SHOULD have power now, according to City Light’s map.

Seattle trash pickup every other week? First community briefing Tuesday @ Admiral Neighborhood Association

(Photo courtesy ANA president David Whiting)
If the city moves to every-other-week garbage pickup for single-family homes, will curbs routinely look like that – or will people throw away less, to adjust? As first reported here back in November, the City Council is expected to decide by March whether to move ahead with every-other-week service, so community briefings and meetings are starting now, with a Seattle Public Utilities rep coming to talk with the Admiral Neighborhood Association on Tuesday night (7 pm, lower-level meeting room at Admiral Congregational Church, California/Hill). The city did a test run of every-other-week service in 2012, including part of Highland Park. If the council goes ahead with the change, it would take effect no sooner than April of next year.

West Seattle Saturday: Before/after/instead of The Game

January 11, 2014 9:41 am
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(Thanks to Sam on Alki for the photo of this morning’s rainbow!)
Power-outage coverage is winding down after five hours, and the weather is in something of a lull too. If you’re looking for things to do before/after The Big Game (1:35 pm), check the WSB West Seattle Events Calendar. Not TOO busy, but some options – including multiple venues with live music tonight, long after the game’s over.

West Seattle weather: Wind alert continues; early-morning power outage peaks at almost 9,000 customers

(TOPLINE: Power went out for thousands around 4:30 am; many got it back around 6; California reopened 8:10 am in north Junction after tree/line-down trouble; outage led to overflow at Murray Pump Station on Lowman Beach)

(WSB photo from California/Genesee, taken around 7:40 am just before crews finished fixing tree-downed lines)
WEATHER REPORT, 12:43 AM: Second straight windy night, and this time there’s an official alert to go with it – the National Weather Service has a wind advisory in effect until midnight Saturday night, with the possibility of gusts up to 45 mph at times. So charge your phone and anything else battery-powered, just in case.

FIRST OUTAGE REPORT, 4:40 AM: As commenters are noting, some have just lost power. If that includes you, please call City Light to be sure they know. So far, we have heard from people in Morgan Junction, Fauntleroy, Gatewood, Arbor Heights, Marine View Drive, The Arroyos, Vashon Island; here on the Gatewood/Upper Fauntleroy line, we’re OK.

4:47 AM: At least 4,750 out in West Seattle, according to one Arbor Heights resident who has already called SCL. Via Twitter, the utility says at least 28,000 are out systemwide, but that’s without West Seattle on their map yet.

4:58 AM: Fire crews are at the California/Frontenac transformer fire mentioned in comments, according to the 911 log. A commenter in the White Center area mentions power’s out where he is, too. Police are closing California between Dakota and Oregon north of The Junction (map) – apparently, per radio communications, a tree has taken down wires and a power pole.

5:10 AM: While the outage isn’t on City Light’s map, an update on their website does mention two separate outages totaling almost 9,000 customers (one home/business/school/etc. = one customer) in West Seattle and points south, as well as others elsewhere.

5:35 AM: Another tree reported down – 40th blocked, says e-mail, between Morgan and Fauntleroy (map), east Morgan Junction area. Thanks to the tipster for sending this photo:

Also, an update on the California SW road closure on the north side of The Junction – it’s reported between Genesee and Oregon.

6:04 AM: Commenters in Arbor Heights, (part of) Fauntleroy, The Arroyos report the power’s back on. Meantime, South Delridge seems to have joined the outage.

6:34 AM: Two hours since the outage began. Just got word from the King County Wastewater Treatment District that its pump stations both lost power and have mobile generators – noisy, they warn (if you can hear them over the roar of the wind!):

(WSB photo of portable generator, county van @ Murray [Lowman Beach], added 8:05 am)

A strong storm overnight may have caused power outages at King County’s Barton and Murray pump stations in West Seattle.

Crews responded early Saturday morning with mobile generators to restore power at the stations, which pump wastewater to the West Point Treatment Plant in Seattle. Employees will investigate whether the power outages led to wastewater overflows into Puget Sound.

If overflows occurred, King County will post public warning signs on the beaches, notify health and regulatory agencies, and sample water quality over the next several days.

7 AM: If you’re just waking up – some are still out of power; the City Light map has never fully reflected the WS outage in the past few hours, so don’t use it as a judge of where it’s out and where it’s not. If you wake up and find your power is out, DO call City Light to make sure they know – 206-684-7400. (added a few minutes later) You might also wake up to find trees/branches down. Just got word of another one:

Lisa says that’s the “top of a massive tree down in alley between 45th and 46th and Hill and Walker.” (map)

8:05 AM: Just back from a quick trip down California SW to The Junction. Everybody appears to have power – so your favorite coffee shop(s) are OK for your early-morning visits. The tree that came down between Oregon and Genesee was being sawed up; that section of road was still closed – let us know if you see it reopen; we’ll go back to check later, too. Also saw a City Light crew by the Solstice Park tennis courts in Fauntleroy.

8:15 AM: Per scanner, California is now reopening at the aforementioned spot. Wherever you are, go out and check for branches – we saw more than a few on some neighborhood roads during our recent jaunt.

8:57 AM: In south Morgan Junction, some lost power again. At least one business is affected – The Little Gym at California/Myrtle just reported via Facebook that it is without power. (Added: We just went down the hill to check, and the rest of that block, including Caffe Ladro, has power. Outages can be inconsistent that way!)

9:13 AM: Commenters in that general area and to the west say they’ve just been re-connected.

9:45 AM: King County says both Murray and Barton Pump Stations have their power back now, but they’ve confirmed there WAS an overflow at Murray – no details yet on how long/how much – so the beach will be posted as closed. Signs are also going up at Barton (north of Fauntleroy ferry dock) just in case.

2:02 PM: As chronicled in comments, some have since lost power – either again, or for the first time. City Light says it has only 250 people without power around its system, so if that includes you, please call to be sure they know – 206-684-7400.