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Crime Watch: Burglars hit West Seattle Runner; watch for the loot

That’s a frame from surveillance video that’s now in police’s hands, showing burglars that stole thousands of dollars in merchandise from West Seattle Runner (WSB sponsor), and doing costly damage in the meantime – note the boarded-up window:

A WSB reader and WSR customer tipped us on this; we contacted proprietors Tim and Lori McConnell, who tell the story here:

We were burglarized Friday morning around 3:30. Two men broke into our locked downstairs door by prying it open and defeating the lock. They then broke our exterior window to gain access to the store. They were in the store for about 8 minutes and took a duffel bag out with them. They returned about 45 minutes later; the first (burglar) took a small bag with him and the second one had our cash drawer, which contained no cash. He dropped it, climbing out the window, and it popped open. When he noticed no cash, he left it. He also got his bag stuck while climbing out, spilling the contents in the upper hallway. The second (burglar) also took a few pairs of shoes with him, mens size 12.5, Saucony, Nike Pegasus and Asics Kayanos. Both suspect were fairly tall, and we believe one of them had been in earlier during business hours with his girlfriend.

They stole all of our GPS watches and heart-rate monitors, including the non-working displays. They also stole all of our Tifosi sunglasses, and some random items including running headlamps and flashing clip-on lights. They did not get our register cash, as we keep that in another location, but they did break into our small lockbox where we keep extra one-dollar bills and change, taking all the ones (about $80). All told it was about $5,000 worth of items, not including the cost of the window and the new cash drawer.

We have video of both of them, which is how we know what time they broke in. They moved the camera that faces the entry door to Anytime Fitness, but I assume they were not aware about the other cameras that we got most of the video from. The video has been given to SPD Burglary Division. We also have witnesses that called 911, but SPD didn’t get there in time. We ask that anyone that is approached to buy any items from Polar, Garmin or Timex, or random Tifosi sunglasses without the case, contact SPD. Or if you see them for sale on Craigslist or EBay, please let us know. It’s just merchandise, and its not like having your personal items stolen (that happened to us last month in Vancouver), but it still feels like a violation. Especially when we watched the videos of them carrying away all of our merchandise that we make a living from. We do have insurance, but like all insurance, we have a deductible, so we will be out at least $1000 plus whatever items we don’t know were stolen.

We hate to see this and want to let all other small businesses know this happened. We really thought we were safe from this type of crime. Maybe not immune, but definitely not on crooks’ radar. Who would rob a running store? Well, apparently the two guys who did this would.

We want our friends, runners, customers and neighbors to know we still love West Seattle, we still live here and this will not deter us from continuing to operate in, and support all, of West Seattle.

Thanks, Tim and Lori

Again, contact police if you know anything about the burglary – or the stolen items. If and when we get clearer surveillance images and suspect descriptions, we’ll publish a followup.

High-school football: Seattle Lutheran wins first game

September 7, 2013 9:43 pm
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(Players with head coach Jeff Scott)
The final score’s just in from our crew at West Seattle Stadium: Seattle Lutheran High School wins its first game of the year, beating Evergreen Lutheran, 23-14.

ADDED: Two photos – in the one above this paragraph, #5 for the Saints is Grant Doerr; he got the team off to a big start with two interceptions in the first quarter. The first half’s big overall defensive performance by SLHS held off ELHS scoring until the fourth quarter. Next weekend, the Saints host Lake Roosevelt, 1:30 pm Saturday (September 14th).

New info on the eve of Alki’s two big Sunday events: Harbor Seal Day; ‘The Earth Cried Out’

Big Sunday ahead in West Seattle – particularly on Alki, where two major events are happening in the afternoon and evening, and we have details tonight on how both will unfold:

Harbor Seal Day – as proclaimed by the mayor and governor, as part of Seal Sitters‘ “Year of the Seal” – is happening in and around Alki Bathhouse 1-4 pm Sunday. In addition to what you see on the poster, we have the program, courtesy of Seal Sitters’ David Hutchinsonsee it here as a PDF, highlighted by the sculpture dedication at 1:30 pm. And check out the Seal Sitters’ Blubberblog for previews, including Alki establishments that are donating part of their proceeds tomorrow (along with the still-available Seal Sitters-benefit mocha at Hotwire Online Coffeehouse [WSB sponsor] in The Junction).

On Sunday night, don’t miss “The Earth Cried Out” – the Southwest Seattle Historical Society‘s early 9/11 anniversary commemoration, with a chance to revisit history, looking at many of the decorated bags that held luminarias at the Alki Statue of Liberty on and after 9/11. It’s happening 6:30-9 pm Sunday at Alki Arts (2820 For the past few days, volunteers have been preparing the bags at the Log House Museum – SWSHS executive director Clay Eals sent this work-in-progress photo today:

And he shared an update at afternoon’s end:

We have finished processing the 9/11 bags — in other words, emptying out sand and folding them. The total number of bags that were given to us in February is 1,580. Along with 112 bags we already had in our collection from 9/11, the grand total is 1,692 bags.

This is far more than the 1,000 we had estimated would be on display tomorrow. For tomorrow’s event, we will display as many of the bags as possible. The two walls that Diane Venti is making available for the bags probably will hold a total of 800 or so bags. We also probably will line the gallery floor and sidewalk with bags anchored by rocks or beach glass to simulate the luminary effect. We also plan to bring bins that will hold remaining, undisplayed bags so that those attending can flip through them and see them.

Read the story behind the luminarias and the bags here. The exhibit is for one night only, starting with speakers at 6:30 pm, then viewing around 7 until at least 8 pm, maybe later, says Eals, “depending on the interest shown by those present. I have been advising people to come a little earlier than 6:30, perhaps around 6, so that they can get a good spot for the program, as we are expecting quite a crowd. We will have a sound system and a mike so that everyone can hear the speeches.” Alki Arts is at 2820 Alki SW, just south of 63rd SW.

Happening now: West Seattleite-presented San Gennaro Festival

Bright sunshine and a bright smile from West Seattleite Angela Mascio when we stopped by for a few photos at Seattle’s first-ever San Gennaro Festival, which she and her family are presenting through 10 pm tonight and again 6 am-6 pm tomorrow in Georgetown. Yes, there’s food:

… and music!

… and as you can tell from the photos, all with an Italian theme. See our original story for more background; here’s the entertainment schedule; here’s the map to South Angelo Street, the little Georgetown street that’s closed to traffic for the festival.

You can help beautify Morgan Junction’s mini-park tomorrow

The more help, the better for the Friends of Morgan Junction Parks‘ work party tomorrow. From Barry:

Friends of Morgan Junction Parks is hosting another event this Sunday at 10:30 am. Volunteers from Peace Lutheran Church will be joining us to restore the triangle park next to Thriftway. We’ll be removing invasive species, clearing brush and spreading mulch. Seattle Department of Transportation will be providing mulch and tools. All are welcome.

The triangle is between Fauntleroy, Morgan, and 42nd – just west of the intersection where SDOT’s been fixing the road.

Update: Assault with weapons call on 31st SW

3:39 PM: The 7900 block of 31st SW (map) is where police and fire are responding to an “assault with weapons” call. No other details yet, aside from the fact that it’s an “assault with weapons/aid” call, which suggests no major injuries.

3:54 PM UPDATE: Police believe it’s a case of domestic violence, though we have no other details, aside from the injury involving some kind of sharp object.

Ex-‘Nickelsville’ site update: Back for cleanup, ‘5S’-moving

The cleanup and moving operation at the former “Nickelsville” site is in its seventh day. Top photo is the view from the former parking-lot entrance. The parking lot itself is a hub of activity as the remaining “5S”‘s are moved – the “small simple sturdy sleeping structures” still standing on the east end of the site. Today is a day to try to get all 14 of them moved, the camp announced via Facebook, so we went back for these photos:

The forklift and trucks are vital to what they’re doing now – trying to get those structures to the new campsites in the Central District, Madison Valley, and Skyway.

As we reported Thursday, the city has fenced off the site; the mayor’s office confirmed that the former campers would have access through Friday to continue cleanup, but that’s apparently been extended – we’ll check back with them Monday.

Police response at 20th and Holden

September 7, 2013 12:56 pm
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Thanks for the tips on police with rifles out in the 20th/Holden vicinity. According to scanner traffic, this started with a passserby reporting seeing someone in a house possibly pointing a gun at someone else. At least one person was reportedly detained. We have just passed through the area and the scene is clear.

Thieves steal $4,000 worth of meat, damage freezer at South Park food bank

(UPDATED Saturday evening: Scroll down for newest info)

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

It’s distribution day at the Providence Regina House food bank in South Park. Hundreds of families – about 2,000 people in all – will be fed with the food picked up today by food-bank clients waiting in a long line that, by opening time, was already wrapping around the corner that holds the South Park Neighborhood Center, where the food bank is a tenant.

But those families – many with young children, since today is also “Baby Day” at the food bank – won’t be getting meat. Somebody broke into the food bank’s walk-in freezer overnight and stole an estimated $4,000 of donated meat.

Paige Collins from Providence Regina House tells us that, adding insult to injury, the thief or thieves busted the locking/latching mechanism in a way that renders the freezer unusable until fixed. So even if someone donated replacement meat, they have no place to put it.

They’ve been hit by theft before, and there have been signs of attempts to get into the freezer, but never before has anyone actually succeeded, she says. The meat is donated over the course of each week by the QFC on Capitol Hill – it’s meat that is perfectly good but can’t be sold past its pull date.

The thieves were picky, Collins adds, taking “the good stuff” – which ranges all the way up to roasts – and leaving behind the lowest-grade items, like ground turkey. They also created a mess to get to it – a mess cleaned up by the time we visited, but one that took precious time from food bank staff/volunteers getting ready for their busy distribution hours.

We found out about the theft because Collins had sent a note to the South Park e-mail list, wondering if any neighbors had seen suspicious activity behind the SPNC building. West Seattleites should be on the lookout too. When we visited, another employee was walking surrounding blocks looking for evidence; the stolen meat would have been in banana boxes or in black bins like these:

Those are apparently unique to this food bank. The theft was reported to police early this morning, so if you have any information, call 911.

It’s too soon for Collins to know what they’ll do next; “I can replace the lock, but what if they just come do it again?” she wondered aloud. And they do have enough food to feed everyone today – it’ll just be less than they would have given out otherwise, and South Park is one of the most poverty-challenged areas in the city.

P.S. Collins’ contact information – and donation information for the Providence Regina House food bank, which runs a clothing bank too – is here.

EVENING UPDATE: Collins tells us they believe they know who did it, after getting word a suspect was out trying to hustle some of the stolen food on the street. They also have learned that some of it was seen at a local laundromat earlier today, and are hoping video surveillance might help identify a suspect.

West Seattle Saturday: Sales; horses; festival; author; Harry’s Chicken Joint half-iversary…

From the “kids, do NOT try this at home!” (or anywhere else) file … Craig Young photographed those three little raccoons atop a utility pole in Admiral one recent sunny day. Looks like we’ll see some sunshine today (though fog started drifting through as we wrote this!). From the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

WEST SEATTLE EAGLES’ GARAGE SALE: “Shopping, fun, food” are promised, 9 am-3 pm at the West Seattle Eagles‘ aerie in The Junction; here’s our calendar listing. (4426 California SW)

MORE GARAGE SALES: Find today’s (free to post!) listings in the WSB Forums, here.

PRAYERS FOR PEACE IN SYRIA (AND ELSEWHERE): 10 am-3 pm today at Holy Rosary in West Seattle; here’s our original preview with details. (42nd/Genesee)

SAN GENNARO FESTIVAL: As previewed here night before last, a West Seattle family is presenting Seattle’s first San Gennaro Festival this weekend – a celebration that’s famous in some other cities’ Italian-American communities, but somehow hadn’t happened here. It’s on South Angelo Street (no number necessary) in Georgetown, 10 am-10 pm today and 10 am-6 pm Sunday. (Map)


My daughters will be having a bake sale from 11 am-1 pm (today) to raise money for the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation in memory of their grandpa. There will be signs pointing to the sale on 28th Ave SW and SW Myrtle.

More info here. (Map)

BENEFIT BARBECUE, AND MORE: At West Seattle Thriftway, the traditional Saturday 11 am-4 pm benefit barbecue has special friends on hand – Roxbury Spine and Wellness Clinic (which like WST is a WSB sponsor).

(WSB photo, added 2:35 pm)
11 am-4 pm, offering free spinal-stress tests and 5-minute chair massages. Look for the tent outside the store’s southwest door. (California/Fauntleroy/Morgan)

AUTHOR PAUL SCHMID AT WESTWOOD B&N: From Melissa at Westwood Village Barnes & Noble – word that a notable local kids-book author will be a special guest at 11 am storytime:

We have Paul Schmid, author of several wonderful children’s picture books, guest starring at story time with a talk and signing of his new book, “Oliver and His Alligator.” Mr. Schmid is well-known as the author of “A Pet for Petunia” and “Hugs from Pearl.” We’re very happy to be hosting a great local author with a fantastic back to school story!

The store is on the south/southeast side of the shopping center.(2800 SW Barton)

SEATTLE POLICE HORSES AT WESTWOOD: As previewed here earlier this week, the Seattle Police Mounted Patrol plans to bring horses/officers from its Highland Park HQ to Westwood, for a stop at Daystar Retirement Village (2615 SW Barton) 12:30-2:30 pm, and then a stop at Westwood Village shopping center (east side, near Starbucks), 2:45-4:15 pm. Public welcome to come meet them!

HARRY’S CHICKEN JOINT HALF-IVERSARY: The party’s not *at* Harry’s – which will be closed for the occasion – but instead at Beveridge Place Pub, 6-9 pm – free food from Harry’s Chicken Joint (WSB sponsor), celebrating six months in business. Details in our original preview. (BPP is at 6413 California SW)

HIGH-SCHOOL FOOTBALL: Tonight, Seattle Lutheran (photo below is from practice this week) starts its season:

The Saints host Evergreen Lutheran at West Seattle Stadium, 7 pm.

UNIFIED OUTREACH TALENT SHOW: See talented youth show what they can do, 7 pm tonight at Ginomai Art Center in The Junction – details here. (42nd/Genesee)

Even more events/activities for today/tonight – and beyond! – are listed on our calendar!

High-school football: First games for WSHS, Sealth

September 7, 2013 7:57 am
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(Added: WSHS-Fife game photo by Lawrence Kane)
Tough start to the varsity-football season for West Seattle High School and Chief Sealth International High School last night. Both were on the road against non-league opponents. WSHS lost 41-0 at Fife; Sealth lost 37-26 at Evergreen – though the final score in that game represented a notable comeback, after being down 31-6 at halftime. Seattle Lutheran‘s first game is tonight; more on that coming up in our daily preview.