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West Seattle Crime Prevention Council: Predictive Policing; crime frustration; Victim Support Team

(From left, Lt. Pierre Davis; WSCPC president Richard Miller)
By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

While the Seattle Police Department‘s in-the-works surveillance cameras have drawn lots of attention lately (WSB coverage archive here), another technological tool that’s about to be deployed came to light at this week’s West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting: New data-crunching technology to be used for “predictive policing” – anticipating crime before it happens, to make sure resources are deployed in the right places.

Southwest Precinct Operations Lt. Pierre Davis mentioned the new system almost in passing while answering questions about various neighborhood trouble spots. He described it as something that will enable officers on the street to get “cheat sheets” as crime trends are crunched on a daily basis; other departments around the country use it and in some areas have experienced a significant reduction in crime.

Lt. Davis told WSB after the meeting that the system is expected to be in use around March 24. It’s known as PredPol for short – that’s the name he used, and that’s even the company’s handle on Twitter – but the company that sells the technology is named Predictive Policing. It originated with the Los Angeles Police Department, according to its website, which describes how it works.

The city website includes a brief mention in a news release about last week’s update on the SPD 20/20 project, with which Lt. Davis has been closely involved.

Ahead, what else he mentioned to the council, as well as other toplines from the meeting:Read More

West Seattle Hi-Yu announces 2013 Queen: April Davis

Just announced by West Seattle Hi-Yu: This year’s queen! From Regina Arceo-Schulz:

Congratulations to April Davis, 2013 West Seattle Hi-Yu Queen. She’s a senior at Bishop Blanchet and an alumni of Holy Rosary School. Some of the activities she enjoys are volleyball, dancing, singing, and working with children. Mark your calendar to see her crowned: West Seattle Hi-Yu Coronation and Auction Event, Friday, May 10, at Our Lady of Guadalupe.

P.S. Hi-Yu can always use more volunteer help – details here.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Car hit by gunfire in Delridge alley

(Image courtesy KIRO 7 Eyewitness News, used with their permission)
“Stray” gunfire hit a car in an alley off Delridge, according to this report published on SPD Blotter:

A woman’s vehicle window was shot out as she pulled into her apartment complex tonight in West Seattle.

At approximately 6:50 p.m. officers responded to a 911 call of shots fired in the alley behind the 8400 block of Delridge Way SW. A woman who was pulling into her apartment complex had her vehicle’s window shot out but was not injured. Preliminary investigation indicates that the woman’s vehicle was struck by stray rounds and that she was not targeted by the gunfire. The suspect(s) remain at large.

Anyone with information about this incident or who may know the identity or whereabouts of the involved suspect(s) is asked to call 911 or Seattle Police and refer to this incident. Anonymous tips are welcome.

West Seattle in the spotlight: ‘Lucky Them’ movie crew returning

You might recall our note January 29th about TV/film actor Thomas Haden Church sighted at Admiral Safeway, while the film “Lucky Them” was shooting in West Seattle. It’s coming back, according to notes from WSB’ers both north and south who both had received visits from production-crew members alerting them to the impending shoots in the next few days: One on Alki, one in Gatewood/Sunrise Heights. So if you see a film crew in either of those areas – that’s what they’re here for. Here’s the iMDB page for the movie, which is directed by Seattle’s Megan Griffiths and also stars Toni Collette.

What the Junction police/fire response was about

4:55 PM: Checked out the police/fire response at 44th/Alaska in The Junction – not a major incident but since we’ve received a few inquiries, here’s what was happening: A fight at the bus stop. Two people had to be separated. No major injuries that we are aware of, but we are doublechecking; SFD medics cleared the scene fairly quickly.

ADDED 9 PM: Here’s what a witness tells WSB she saw and heard (and reported to police):

Two teens were heading north in the alley behind Pharmaca, when a man standing with his bike yelled out: “You might want to use the bathroom next time.” The boys ran to the man – charged – I thought they were his sons, but they edged up right to his face and began yelling at him. Then both boys (15-17; one white, one maybe Asian/Native American) began swinging at the man. I called 911, and the RapidRide security guys showed up. The youth headed West; possibly caught a bus. Lots of onlookers. The man said he was fine, was catching a bus to work with his bike, and we were all shocked by the brazen attack.

Followup: West Seattle plan for Gigabit Squared’s mega-fast broadband

Who wouldn’t love faster Internet access – if affordable? The cautiously excited reaction on Tuesday was no surprise after we published word that Mayor McGinn announced in his “State of the City” speech that part of the West Seattle Junction area had been added to the planned mega-fast “demonstration” service planned by Gigabit Squared. We promised a followup, and talked this afternoon with Mark Ansboury from Gigabit Squared and the City of Seattle’s Chief Technology Officer Erin Devoto. Here’s what else we found out:

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From the original ‘100th day of school’ food drive: 500+ items from Arbor Heights!

As we’ve noted in previous coverage, the “100th day of school food drive challenge” originated at Arbor Heights Elementary – where teacher Marcia Ingerslev just shared photos and this report on what they collected for the West Seattle Food Bank:

We collected 501 items of food. Rooms 16 (Ingerslev), 12 (Salter), 10 (Fisk), and 24 (Kennewick) participated. Thank you to everyone who participated. We will have to do this again next year. Maybe we can benefit the White Center Food Bank.

Here are just some of the students who took part at AH:

Even if you/your school didn’t participate, you can help local food banks any time – there’s information about how to donate money and/or food on the websites of both – and

Election 2013: County parks levy proposed for August ballot

This summer, you might be asked to vote for a new King County Parks levy, if the County Council agrees with a recommendation from the County Executive. Here are details on the levy that the county says would cost you $64/year if you have a home worth $340,000:

Acting upon recommendations from a citizen task force, King County Executive Dow Constantine today sent the King County Council a proposed a six-year, $360 million Parks Levy for the August primary that would enable voters to replace two parks levies that will expire at the end of this year.

“This measure is essential to taking care of the extraordinary network of parks and trails our parents and grandparents have left us, and keeping them clean, safe and open,” said Executive Constantine.

“Preserving our last, best places has been a priority for this region for several decades,” he added. “This measure would help us protect areas nearly the size of Discovery Park every year for the next six years.”

If approved by voters, the measure would fund maintenance and operation of King County’s 200 parks, 175 miles of regional trails, and 26,000 acres of open space. It would also:

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‘100th day of school’ food drive: Gatewood Elementary results

More results from the “100th Day of School Food Drive Challenge” started by Arbor Heights Elementary teacher Marcia Ingerslev and picked up by several other schools/classes in West Seattle! Jennifer Dempsey shares the photo with this report:

Ms. Schwendeman’s first-grade class at Gatewood Elementary collected over 100 items for the food bank and will be taking a field trip to deliver them soon.

We’ve also published reports from Cometa Playschool (here) and Holy Rosary School (here). Anybody else! – thanks!

Pioneer Coffee on Alki losing lease, looking for new home

Thanks to the WSB’ers who tipped us to the impending closure of Pioneer Coffee on Alki. To get details, we talked with the shop’s manager, Lisa Del Rosario. She tells WSB that after five years, Pioneer Coffee is doing well – but recently found out that its lease will not be renewed. They have to be out by the end of March. No word yet what will take over the space (no permit filings so far), but the folks at Pioneer are asking you for help: They are asking for ideas of where they might move – sooner rather than later, so they can transfer permits rather than apply for them all over again. They’ve built up a steady clientele for both coffee and afternoon/evening beer and wine, and say they love their loyal customers and hate the thought of leaving Alki and leaving them behind. Right now, they are planning a going-away party for late March, as a way of thanking those beloved customers; if they find a new location sooner, she says, it will be a grand-opening party. If you have a location suggestion – particularly in the Alki area – please e-mail Lisa at or call the café – 206-937-0920.

Happening now: Trimaran debris cleanup off Beach Drive

Thanks to Jason for the photo of the salvage crew arriving off Beach Drive to try to clean up what remains of the trimaran Nunga Nunga Nue (here’s its backstory), eight days after it first got into trouble in the area; we reported yesterday on the start of cleanup. Beach Drive Blog has updates, and we’ll be checking out the scene too. ADDED: Literally one minute after we published this, Maud sent this photo:

More to come.

ADDED 10:26 AM: The crew that came in by water says they’ll likely be working till noon or so:

Then, what remains will be evaluated.

As noted by BDB’s “Scupper” in comments on another thread, this is being done in conjunction with the state’s Derelict Vessel Removal Program, funded by surcharges on vessel licenses. We talked about it with the DNR the other day; they say that while it can be costly, it’s costlier to let sunken boats and debris like this damage or destroy coastal and underwater habitat.

West Seattle Thursday: Orcas; orchard; cameras; nightlife…

Thanks to David Hutchinson for sharing the photo of the first Canada goslings spotted off Harbor Avenue this year – earlier than usual. Be careful in the area – the families cross the road! Meantime, here are highlights for today/tonight from the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

BE AN ORCHARD STEWARD: This is the second week of the Community Orchard of West Seattle‘s new season of weekly Thursday afternoon meetups, 3-5 pm, north side of the South Seattle Community College (6000 16th SW; WSB sponsor) campus. Details here.

THE WHALE TRAIL’S 2ND ORCA TALK: It’s been more than 7 years since our resident orcas were listed as endangered; are they recovering? NOAA’s Lynne Barre is tonight’s guest for the 2nd talk in The Whale Trail‘s series, 6:30 pm at C & P Coffee Company (5612 California SW; WSB sponsor), with Seal Sitters’ Robin Lindsey and tox-ick org’s “Diver Laura” James on hand too. Suggested donation $5.

SEATTLE POLICE SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS: The Alki Community Council board will hear from Seattle Police about the cameras that were installed, unannounced, a month ago. Here’s our preview from last night, and our coverage archive. It’s a briefing, not a hearing, but the public is welcome, 7 pm at Alki UCC (62nd/Hinds).

SOUTHWEST TEEN LIFE CENTER ADVISORY COUNCIL: Get involved with the center and its activities as a community participant with the advisory council – or, just stop by the meeting to see what’s happening. 7 pm, 2801 SW Thistle.

NIGHTLIFE … comedy at The Benbow Room, live music at venues including Angelina’s, DJ at Feedback Lounge (WSB sponsor), pub quiz at A Terrible Beauty … see all the listings on our calendar.


February 21, 2013 7:00 am
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(“Live” cam looking at the eastbound West Seattle Bridge; more cams here)
Good morning! As we head toward the start of the commute, KING 5 is reporting a backup on 99 south of the West Seattle Bridge – (update) it’s because of a crash on East Marginal Way. Here’s the 99 camera from the 1st Avenue South Bridge:

Looking ahead – if you missed the announcement late yesterday, the Delridge/Trenton intersection closure is now CANCELED for this weekend, but the Highway 99 closure is still on (beginning early Saturday).

8:02 AM UPDATE: The East Marginal Way problem is still backing up traffic south of West Seattle, says WSDOT:

State Sen. Sharon Nelson decries ‘new payday-lending scheme’

Four years ago, our area’s State Sen. Sharon Nelson (D-Maury Island) was hailed for successfully pushing payday-lending reform. Today, she issued a statement warning that a new bill, SB 5312, passed by the Senate, could bring back that type of high-interest loan:

The new payday-lending scheme that passed off the Senate floor today will ensure that middle class families and military personnel can once again be trapped in a spiral of debt.

In 2009, we passed payday lending reform. It put safeguards on a predatory lending product, allowing borrowers to make reasonable payments and not end up buried in high-interest loans.

But the payday industry is back, marketing this new consumer installment loan as having a ‘36 percent interest rate.’ In reality, these loans include massive fees and penalties that take the rate as high as 220 percent. As a former banker, I’m confident that if a money lender can’t make a profit at 45 percent interest, as allowed in existing law, they have a failed business model.

As a legislator, I am shocked that a majority of my colleagues in the Senate voted to sidestep effective protections for Washington families and instead put high-interest lenders back in charge of people’s lives.

The bill, which you can read in its entirety here, passed the State Senate 30-18 today. Its companion House Bill 1657 is still in committee.