West Seattle Christmas: ‘Random act of kindness’ on the road

Another tale of people helping people arrived in the WSB inbox this Christmas Day night. Everyone involved had West Seattle ties – but it happened many miles away:

My husband and I, Ric and Diane Ferrero of the Arroyos, wanted to share why we love West Seattleites. On Christmas Day, we were heading back home to West Seattle after spending a couple of days with our grandkids and family in Spokane. Heading over Snoqualmie Pass, chains were required so we pulled over to chain up. There were a lot of cars on the side of the road chaining up before heading over the pass. The guy behind us was done with his and he came over to help us with our chains. He said that he worked for Les Schwab and we asked where and he said he was the manager of the new West Seattle store. He didn’t want any money for his help, just thought he would lend us a hand. We just want to say thank you to our new best friend Chris Ackland, manager of Les Schwab in West Seattle. Here is a picture of Chris and Ric puttng on the chains before we head over the pass. Thanks, Chris!

16 Replies to "West Seattle Christmas: 'Random act of kindness' on the road"

  • JanS December 26, 2012 (2:11 am)

    love this “small world” thing :)

  • Danny McMillin December 26, 2012 (4:57 am)

    An excellent example of goodwill to others. You rock, Chris!

  • Mike December 26, 2012 (6:42 am)

    Not surprised. Les Schwab is a great service provider.

  • CMP December 26, 2012 (7:25 am)

    I bought tires at the West Seattle Les Schwab last week and the customer service was great. Chris was especially helpful when I noticed a wheel cap was missing and he had it replaced within days. So glad they’re in the neighborhood now and this story is a great example of why!

  • ME December 26, 2012 (8:18 am)

    Love Les Schwab … now I love it even more! Their people are helpful even when they don’t have to be!

  • PSITWTG December 26, 2012 (8:53 am)

    and this is why I only go to Les Schwab.

  • G December 26, 2012 (10:46 am)

    Found the same to be true of Les Schwab employees in other states as well. Made a believer out of me.

  • 2 December 26, 2012 (11:22 am)

    That is cool! I think Les Schwab is the best. Good service just shines in this day and age. Good for him to help outside of the job!

  • timeslid December 26, 2012 (11:37 am)

    I experienced a similar act of kindness from a Les Schwab employee 30 years ago in Federal Way when my tire went flat on 99. He changed the tire, led me to Les Schwab where he fixed it for free. I have never purchased a set of tires from anyone since.

  • mehud December 26, 2012 (12:14 pm)

    I need new tires…

  • sophista-tiki December 26, 2012 (4:28 pm)

    I’m perplexed by these stories of randon acts of kindness being associated with being from and living in West Seatle. On one hand I love to hear good people getting and giving assitance when needed. On the other hand this has NEVER been my experience from living here. Just 2 weeks ago my truck died right in the middle of an intersection on my way home from work. I had to get out and push it out of the way. NOT ONE person bothered to even offer to help, BUT they all honked at me and shouted mean crap because I was in their way. Just sayin,,,,

  • RMP December 26, 2012 (7:35 pm)

    There are good people everywhere … plenty in West Seattle, and cities all over the USA and world … this is just one “Thank You” that has good coments! Sorry for your experience, I had a similar one and I’m an old lady! But I still have faith in people.

  • Catherine December 26, 2012 (9:08 pm)

    Hey- just like the commercials! Very cool story. Thanks for sharing.

  • kevin December 26, 2012 (10:12 pm)

    If you ever get a chance, pick up a copy of “Les Schwab Pride in Performance: Keep It Going
    by Les Schwab.”
    Sometimes available at Les Schwab stores. It is a fantastic read!

  • miws December 27, 2012 (9:42 am)

    Ric and Diane, if you haven’t done so already, please contact Les Schwab corporate.


    Not only for Chris to get the recognition from them that he deserves, but you may end up being a Les Schwab commercial some day!



  • Blinkyjoe December 27, 2012 (2:25 pm)

    I had my brakes malfunction coming down Satus pass into Goldendale at 5:30 on the Friday of memorial day weekend.Limped into the Goldendale Les Schwab, who had closed. The manager was just leaving, but he re-opened, lent me his truck to get dinner and fixed my brakes on the spot. Love them!

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