West Seattle Crime Watch: 4 reports; precinct picnic reminder

So far, a relatively quiet week in West Seattle Crime Watch reports … four reports to share, and a reminder about your chance to meet local police at the Southwest Precinct tomorrow. Read on:

Vandals hit at least two local parks last weekend. At Lincoln Park, Seattle Parks spokesperson Dewey Potter confirms, vandalism damaged an accessible women’s restroom, setting its tissue dispenser on fire. Crews cleaning up afterward had to block it off as unusable. Meantime, adjacent to Alki Playfield, a piece of play equipment was defaced with a swastika; we’re told crews were able to clean it off.

We also have a vandalism report from private property – from S:

Our real estate sign was broken at the base … in Gatewood (earlier this week). The wood is thick so in order to break it there someone had to spend time rocking it or jumping on it. I’m just wondering if others have written in on this previously? I’ve seen similar vandalism to at least 2 other signs in the neighborhood in the last month.

In the weeks leading up to this we also had graffiti we were cleaning off. We have filed a police report and notified our neighbors and hope to bring attention to this street vandalism so that others might report suspicious behavior.

Also in Gatewood – Stuart reports a case of car prowling:

Not sure if you report all of these types of things, but had a 2002 Nissan broken into … Smashed driver-side passenger window. They seemed to want the radio but couldn’t get it out. 37th and Elmgrove.

Package theft continues cropping up – here’s a report from Linda:

An envelope-sized package was stolen from our front porch near SW Donovan and 41st SW/42nd SW (Fauntlee Hills) between 8 pm Monday (8/6) and 1 pm Tuesday (8/7). It was placed outside for pickup due to an incorrectly filled mail order.

Though the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council will not meet this month, you have a chance to go to the precinct and talk with numerous SPD reps – this Saturday’s Picnic at the Precinct, 1-4 pm, the annual street party along SW Webster west of Delridge, right alongside the precinct, a chance not only to meet officers and leadership, but also to enjoy entertainment and treats, as well as to find out more about local community organizations.

8 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: 4 reports; precinct picnic reminder"

  • 56bricks August 10, 2012 (7:39 am)

    During my walks/bike rides I’ve seen a few RE signs either uprooted or intentionally broken off at the base. Sad. But it makes me feel a bit less guilty about my cow tipping youth. At least they righted themselves, unlike the signs.

  • KH August 10, 2012 (8:05 am)

    We continue to be harassed by (presumably) the same kids. We arrived home Wed to find 2 completely burned and melted shoes in our front yard, close to our house. It looks like some sort of accelerant was used. This all comes after having fireworks shot at our house late on the 4th and again, early morning on the 5th, multiple times. Then, over 2 dozen eggs were thrown at our house a couple of weeks later. We are wondering if there is a connection with the Lincoln park bathroom fire incident.

  • Darren August 10, 2012 (11:39 am)

    Our neighbors had their windshield smashed Wednesday morning on their SUV. The morning after Night Out.

  • Gee August 10, 2012 (1:32 pm)

    To KH: Before this harassment becomes a pattern,
    get a good surveillance system, or hire a private
    detective. Even if it seems costly, your health
    is worth it. Maybe you can get some neigbours in-
    volved too. Good luck!

  • sw August 10, 2012 (4:21 pm)

    this week, starting tuesday afternoon i think, i believe some kids have been throwing light bulbs and eggs in our driveway. every day since there is a new shattered light bulb or smashed egg. what would be some good steps in hopes of alleviating this issue?

    thank you in advance!

  • marilyn August 27, 2012 (4:57 pm)

    On our block everyone installed cameras. It is advertised openly by signs in our yards and windows.
    Put a very quick end to trouble makers at a reasonable price [ costco ]

    best wishes

  • dee kalani August 30, 2012 (10:27 am)

    I’m wondering if anyone in the Delridge area hears a couple of small to medium breed dogs who bark throughout the night. The owner(s) might work aT night leaving them out, could be hearing impaired, mentally unstable. I can’t report it because the barking echoes towards my residence, so I’m unsure of the address where these dogs are. Can anyone help me by reporting this, or give me an address.

    • WSB August 30, 2012 (10:58 am)

      Please do NOT publish a third-party’s address here – that’s against our rules. If someone has an address where they believe something illegal is happening, please report it directly to police. – TR

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