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Sunday: Cakes, ponies, pumpkins, goats! Fauntleroy festival

After months of planning, the final round of readiness started this morning in the heart of Fauntleroy, where we spotted this megacanopy at midday. Its site in the Fauntleroy Church/YMCA parking lot is only part of the venue for Sunday afternoon’s Fauntleroy Fall Festival (2-5:30 pm), which also sprawls across the Fauntleroy Schoolhouse grounds across the street (front and back) in the 9100 block of California SW (map). The full schedule of events/activities – where, when, what – is here – including (elaborating on our headline) a cake walk/cake-decorating contest (explained here – not too late to enter!), pumpkin-painting for kids, pony rides, and even a goat demonstration. Much more, as you’ll see on the activities list. See you there!

High-school football: Victories for WSHS, Seattle Lutheran

Today’s two high-school football games brought victories for both local teams: Tonight at West Seattle Stadium, WSHS beat Ingraham 30-13 in its homecoming game. And this afternoon, Seattle Lutheran won at Orcas Island, 28-27. We’ll add WSHS homecoming highlights in a bit. (P.S. Nichole sent words, next week’s WSHS-Sealth faceoff is up for Channel 7 Game of the Week – vote here.)

ADDED: Summary from the WSHS game, ahead:Read More

Video: Sunken landing craft off Beach Drive finally raised

After more than 10 hours of work since first light – and that’s not counting the work done yesterday, after its early-morning sinking – the landing craft Justin has finally been brought up from about 25 feet of water off the 5400 block of Beach Drive. We first reported this about half an hour ago in our earlier updated-throughout-the-day coverage, but now that it’s up, we’re starting a new story. (Added – Colby Chester‘s overview of the scene as it came up:)

A U.S. Coast Guard chopper has been circling the area for the past 20 minutes or so, too. More to come – we’re watching to see what’ll be done with it, now that it’s out.
6:11 PM UPDATE: A Coast Guard news release supplies that answer:

It will remain suspended, allowing water to drain, and placed on a barge that will arrive at approximately 6 p.m.

A team of environmental specialists has completed a shoreline assessment and search for oil at Lowman Beach and Lincoln parks. There is no evidence of oil on the shore, on driftwood or on the absorbent boom near the shore. The team will continue their search for any sign of oil on the shoreline and overflights to monitor the evaporation and breakup of light weathered diesel ribbons that remain.

Wildlife has been reported in the impact area, however no impact to wildlife has been reported. Please call 1-800-22-BIRDS to report impacted wildlife.

We caught up with the aforementioned environmental-specialists team at midday, as they finished checking Lincoln and Lowman Beach parks – that’s part of our earlier coverage. Meantime, the “6 pm barge” isn’t here yet – we’re waiting and watching.

8:01 PM: The barge came into view at dusk. Beach Drive Blog has night photos of the ongoing operation. (Added – a Department of Ecology photo:)

Spending the day on an open sliver of land to watch the progress, we met many interesting people. But one in particular framed the situation in a unique perspective – a woman who identified herself as the girlfriend of the Justin’s namesake owner. She said she hadn’t had much time to talk to him since it happened; she sat on the rocks on the same bit of shore where we were all day, waiting, wondering, worrying. As for why the converted landing craft sank – the official investigation will take time.

10:25 PM: Another update from the Coast Guard, which says, now that the Justin is out of the water: “Prior to repairs being done, Coast Guard and Wash. Dept. of Ecology investigators will examine the vessel in an attempt to determine what caused it to sink. Shoreline assessments of the beaches near Lowman Beach and Lincoln parks will resume at sunrise. A helicopter will also be used at sunrise to assess the evaporation and breakup of the light weathered diesel ribbons that remain.”

11:19 PM: Excellent night shots in the latest Beach Drive Blog update. They report the salvage barge is taking the Justin to Tacoma for repairs work (its owners, Waterfront Construction, however, are based in Seattle).

West Seattle weekend scene: See the big walking group?

October 15, 2011 2:45 pm
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We saw that group multiple times in the Gatewood, Fauntleroy, and Morgan Junction areas this morning, but couldn’t stop to see what they were up to – Volksmarch, maybe, we thought. Nope – now we know, it was another Seattle Stairway Walk! Jake and Cathy Jaramillo led another of their trademark walks, and shared photos – above, the group, 40-plus strong, passing the Westside Unitarian Universalists‘ church in the 7100 block of California SW, headed uphill/southbound. Great day for a 3.5-mile walk, reports Jake, adding that their route included the fabled SW Thistle staircase, and the Solstice Park stairs/walkway:

(From there, they passed the P-Patch pumpkin sale, we’re told. P.S. Jake and Cathy are writing a book, due out next August.)

Update: Lincoln Park P-Patch pumpkin-sale success

ORIGINAL 12:37 PM REPORT: Get ’em before they’re gone! The Lincoln Park P-Patch gardeners harvested pumpkins last weekend and discovered they had enough for a sale – so they’re selling them, with proceeds benefiting the West Seattle Food Bank, till 2 pm or till they’re gone (as previewed in our “West Seattle Saturday” lookahead). That’s Joel in our photo; you can buy cider and bake-sale treats too. The sale is best accessed from the street just south of the Lincoln Park Annex tennis courts at Fauntleroy Way/Lincoln Park Way, and P-Patch (which is downslope from Solstice Park).

ADDED 8:37 PM: Michelle from the P-Patch sent a photo and update after the sale:

Lincoln Park P-Patch wants to thank the community for their support and generosity of our Pumpkin Festival today. Thanks for making this a true community event!

We sold most of our pumpkin inventory, quite a few baked goods, and and hot cider. With your help, we raised over $200 to purchase seeds, plant starts, and supplies to support the dedicated Food Bank garden plots here at Lincoln Park P-patch! Most of all, we enjoyed meeting and chatting with many of the neighbors and visitors that stopped by just to say hello.

Special thanks to West Seattle Blog for their support and help in getting the word out.

Happening now: Salvage crews at Beach Drive sinking scene

(EDITOR’S NOTE: WSB has been on scene continuously since 1st light; this coverage runs through the raising of the craft around 5:30; now we have a new followup under way here.)

(Photo courtesy <Colby Chesterstrong>)
9:12 AM: Three cranes are now in place off Beach Drive at the scene where a landing craft turned workboat, the Justin (file photo here), sank on Friday morning, spilling some of its fuel oil and bringing out the U.S. Coast Guard, Seattle Fire Department, state Ecology Department, and salvage crews. (Here’s our original Friday report chronicling the situation throughout Friday morning/afternoon; here’s our Friday night update.) Crews resumed work at first light as promised; our crew at the scene says that so far, there’s been a lot of positioning, in hopes the sunken vessel can be brought up as soon as possible. We’ll be covering it as the operation continues.

10:21 AM UPDATE: The salvage operation continues to proceed slowly. According to a source at the scene who didn’t want to be identified, the Justin is in about 25 feet of water, where riggings are being attached to it for a careful lift-out, but divers and underwater photography shows the water is clear – no sign of any ongoing major leak. That’s also good news along West Seattle beaches. We just talked with an interagency team that has been walking the beaches of Lincoln and Lowman Beach Parks, including U.S. Coast Guard and state Ecology Dept. reps.

They told us everything “is looking good” – no signs of oil damage to the beaches (though some of the diesel sheen was reported ashore north of Lowman yesterday) and no oiled or otherwise-harmed wildlife. A protective stretch of absorbent material is in place to protect the shore along Lowman:

The latest Coast Guard news release notes, “A Coast Guard overflight was launched at first light today and while there is still an oil sheen in the water that was released yesterday, it is very broken up and not recoverable. This oil will continue to weather, dissipate and evaporate through natural wave and wind action.” We photographed the USCG chopper:

And here’s a look at activity offshore:

12:39 PM UPDATE: To answer the most popular question from passers-by – No, it’s not out yet. The crane maneuvering continues, off and on; so does the skimming of water right alongside the barge, where the Justin went down.

2:16 PM UPDATE: It’s a painstaking process. The crane pulleys move a little here, a little there. The drama is going on beneath the surface, we’re told. Among the ever-changing cast of characters at what’s become the semi-official viewpoint on shore for this operation is someone who knows the sunken craft’s owner and quotes him as saying, as of a half-hour or so, they were working on “flipping” it. A little earlier, we caught the photo you see above, as what appeared to be soiled absorbent material was hauled out of the water – NOT indicative of a wider spill, we should note, but perhaps from the sunken craft itself.

2:33 PM: Beach Drive Blog, which is headquartered within view of the site, says they’re seeing a bit of the craft – check their updated coverage here.

3:09 PM: Progress continues. That’s our latest view.

4:19 PM UPDATE: And they’re still working on it! We’ve leaned a little more about the sunken vessel. It’s named after its operator, who is out on the barge as part of the operation. If you’re watching from shore parallel to the scene, most of what’s happening is between the big barge in the background and the crane superstructure that says “American Construction.” Intermittently, you can hear the screeching and grinding of the pulleys and other equipment involved.

5:32 PM: Finally it’s significantly visible – the wheelhouse and beyond- from where we have spent the past 10-plus hours:

It’s the red structure, with a life ring on the left.

6:21 PM: In case you have this one bookmarked – we’ve started a new story to track what happens next: find it here.

See West Seattle Christian Church’s 100 years of history today

(WSCC history highlight – an all-church photo before its new Activity Center was completed)
Several West Seattle churches have celebrated centennials in the past few years – and this year, it’s West Seattle Christian Church‘s turn. Today, WSCC’s Pastor Dan Jacobs says, you are welcome to visit the main building (42nd/Genesee) any time during the day to see a display of the church’s past 100 years of history, an “interactive walkthrough.” Tonight, the church community gathers for a sold-out celebration banquet in the WSCC Activity Center. And next weekend, Dan says, instead of Sunday morning worship services, WSCC will spend the weekend in “Don’t Go To Church, Be The Church” mode: “We will be in teams serving all over the community that we’ve been privileged to be part of for the past 100 years. We will be at the White Center Food Bank, Roxhill Elementary, cleaning / weeding Junction Plaza Park, cleaning up the Junction area alleys, bringing breakfast to area Fire Stations and the Police Precinct, as well as doing some onsite preparation of hygiene packs for area homeless shelters. We have been honored that God has allowed us to be part of the West Seattle Community for these past 100 years and wanted to launch the next 100 in an appropriate manner.”

West Seattle Saturday: Mega-rummage sale; benefits; pumpkins…

One more look at last night’s stunning sunset. Thanks to everyone who sent photos; this one is from Debra Salazar Herbst. Now on to today … highlights from the WSB West Seattle Events calendar:

TIBBETTS RUMMAGE SALE: Day 2 for the Tibbetts United Methodist Church (3940 41st SW; WSB sponsor) bi-annual Rummage sale. 9 am – 3 pm.

BUY A LOCALLY GROWN PUMPKIN: Lincoln Park P-Patch pumpkin/gourd sale, 10 am till 2 pm or till they’re gone, proceeds benefit West Seattle Food Bank; details in this WSB Forums post – they’re selling treats, too, including cider.

HOMEMADE GIFTS AND CRAFT INDUSTRIES: Community Orchard of West Seattle, 10 am-12 pm, north end of South Seattle Community College (6000 16th SW), an active brainstorming workshop that will stretch the ideas of holiday gifts and cottage industries to their limits! Working together with Orchard Manager Laura Sweany, we will share successes (and failures!) we’ve had with homemade gifts, and start on a list of hundreds of items that could be crafted as cottage industry or barter fodder.

HIGHLAND PARK FOOD TRUCKS, WEEK 2: Food trucks at Highland Park Improvement Club (12th/Holden) again, 11 am-3 pm: Lumpia World and I Want Curry Now.

WINE TASTING: Bin 41 wine tasting from noon-2 pm. Chianti and more by top Italian producer, Felsina.

DUWAMISH ALIVE!: Work parties in multiple locations, 10 am-2 pm.

GREENWAYS: Delridge Greenways proposal, 10 am, Delridge Community Center: Come join Delridge neighbors and Seattle city councilmember Sally Bagshaw for an informal discussion of neighborhood greenways, followed by a slow bike-ride tour of 26th Ave SW.

CORNER DELI: New Corner Store and Deli at 36th/Fauntleroy invites you for a food-sampling event, 10 am-4 pm.

FABULOUS FAMILY FUN: Fabulous Family Fun Series -10:30 am at High Point Community Center (6920 34th Ave SW)! Each event is $3 per person; $15 max for families. Today – Magic Family Fun (Ages 1 Month and older). Louie Foxx’s One-Man Side show is filled with tons of magic, comedy, cowboy tricks, juggling and more audience interaction than you can shake a stick at! Louie was recently on America’s Got Talent and is a Guinness world record holder.

HIGH-SCHOOL FOOTBALL: High-school football – Seattle Lutheran HS at Orcas Island HS, 1 pm; West Seattle HS vs. Ingraham at West Seattle Stadium, 5 pm (WSHS homecoming game).

MORE DETAILS FOR WSHS HOMECOMING: From West Seattle High School Athletics: “Homecoming barbecue starts at 2:45 pm in the WSHS courtyard. Hot dog or hamburger with fixings and drink only $3, add potato salad and chips for $4. There will be face painting and WSHS spirit gear. Afterwards, the car caravan with streamers flying leaves WSHS at 4:15 pm to travel to the West Seattle Stadium on 35th Ave. The game starts at 5 pm against the Ingraham Rams. GO WILDCATS!!! The traditional homecoming dance is at WSHS following the game from 8:30 to 11:30 pm. The theme of the dance is “Jungle Boogie” and students should wear animal prints.”

WHITE CENTER FOOD BANK FUNDRAISER: White Center Food Bank Harvest Dinner and Auction, 5;30 pm at South Seattle Community College’s Brockey Center, tickets available online here

CLICK! CELEBRATION: Click! Design That Fits (WSB sponsor) party for its 7th anniversary (first year in The Junction) celebration. Tonight, 6-9 pm!.

SCHOLARSHIP DINNER: Kenya Scholarship Dinner at St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church, 6-10 pm, $10 per person, live African Drum Music, details at

TWELFTH NIGHT CABARET FUNDRAISER: 7 pm at Seattle Lutheran High School gym, cabaret entertainment and a dessert buffet, raising money for Twelfth Night Productions‘ local, nonprofit theater activities. Details in this preview published earlier this week.

SANDBAGS AVAILABLE: Today’s the first day sandbags (up to 25 per home/business) are officially available at Delridge Community Center – details here.