Breakfast Saturday to benefit local veterans’ memorial

(December 2010 photo by Deanie Schwarz)
The mini-park where Delridge, 16th SW, and SW Roxbury meet holds not only the public art that was decorated at Christmastime last year, but also a Veterans’ Memorial. Now, improvements and a rededication are in the works for the memorial in the South Delridge Triangle, and you can contribute tomorrow by going to a benefit breakfast at Holy Family. The memorial has long needed TLC, and community members are working to make it happen, but fundraising is needed, and this is a major step. The pancake breakfast is planned for 8-11 am Saturday, 9615 20th SW, with the menu also including eggs, sausage, coffee, and juice, for $6 suggested donation adults/$3 kids under 12. The rededication and flag-raising ceremony, meantime, is planned for 4 pm September 18th, with veterans from West Seattle and White Center participating.

2 Replies to "Breakfast Saturday to benefit local veterans' memorial"

  • MB August 19, 2011 (1:15 pm)

    Any info on how to donate if you can’t make the breakfast as well as any info on how a veteran could get involved? Who is behind the fundraiser exactly (VFW, Legion, a different group?) My husband is at a point where I think he’s finally becoming ready to seek out involvement in veterans groups and it’s not always easy to know where to start…

  • RG August 20, 2011 (7:23 am)

    MB, is your husband a newly returning vet? Where and when did he serve? Is he injured (physical or mental), does he have a permanent disability? The Legion and the VFW are a great place to start. That’s where I started. If he has more involved issues (eg PTSD) then support groups would be a good starting point. Check with the VA for those.

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