Followup: Fauntleroy dogs’ 2nd police encounter leaves 1 dog dead

We promised a followup on a story first reported here last week – police shooting one of two loose dogs in Fauntleroy. The original report has generated 60 comments, including two from someone claiming to be the dogs’ owner, writing that one of the dogs later died (not the one that was shot). We have since confirmed that with police, who have provided other details of the incident, which unfolded in two encounters with officers over the course of New Year’s Eve morning/afternoon/evening – read on: (FRIDAY UPDATE: Photo at right, sent by dogs’ owner)

This first came to light on Friday, when two people sent us word of police searching for two loose dogs. We finally confirmed the incident with Southwest Precinct Lt. Ron Smith in mid-afternoon, and this is the story we published, detailing an officer shooting one of the dogs after it lunged at him, undeterred by an object he placed in its path. (This commenter says it was their house the dogs originally tried to get into, which led to the original 911 call.) Police were unable to find either dog.

But it turns out that the story didn’t end until a few hours later. For that part of the story, we sought followup on Monday via the SPD Media Unit, and here’s the information Det. Mark Jamieson provided:

The first part of the report – all that was known when we heard back from the Southwest Precinct at mid-afternoon Friday – ended with police unable to find the two dogs, described as a male pit bull and a smaller female (which had the gunshot wound), despite following a trail of blood. Then, another call came in about 5 pm.

According to Jamieson, that call was from the 4300 block of SW Trenton (map), about a mile from the original call in 9600 block of 48th SW (map). He says a housesitter had “a couple dogs inside the house, and apparently the same two pit bulls were going nuts, trying to get into the house.”

This situation had been going on since 12:30 pm, he says, but police did not get a call until 5, according to the report. The officers who responded were from a different “watch” – shift – than the ones who handled the morning call, but they were aware of the earlier incident. They had “catch poles” to be used to try to get the dogs under control; they did so, says Det. Jamieson, “but the male dog struggled so violently against it, that he died.” The female dog was taken to an emergency animal hospital, and is expected to survive, according to police.

We asked when the report indicates contact from or with the dogs’ owner; the answer – the officer writing the report got a call about 8:15 that night, “from someone we believe is the owner of the dog, and he said he’d heard what happened.”

We also asked whether animal-control officers were summoned at any point in this two-call incident. “Typically we would contact them,” Det. Jamieson replied, “but they weren’t available because of the holiday, so we contacted King County Animal Control as a second source, and for whatever reason, they didn’t respond into the city. … We do respond to animal calls, but we are by no means experts.”

This morning, we contacted both city and county animal-control managers to ask about their policies in a situation like this. Since neither was involved in this case, keep in mind, these are replies regarding their policies, not regarding the specific incident. First, from Don Jordan, director of the Seattle Animal Shelter:

As the Seattle Animal Shelter is not funded to provide services 24 hours a day/7 days a week, during the hours of 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. and on legal holidays, the Seattle Police Department handles all animal control issues that they feel requires an immediate response by a Seattle Police Officer. The Seattle Animal Shelter has offered and provided many of the precincts with “catch poles” and leashes they can use to capture and/or detain stray animals. SPD officers also have access to the Seattle Animal Shelter during off-hours to drop off animals and they have the ability to also drop them off at two emergency animal clinics that the City contracts with for services.

Second, from King County Regional Animal Services manager Ken Nakatsu:

Our authority to provide animal control services is provided by King County Code (Title 11), and is limited to unincorporated King County and 26 cities (not including Seattle) that have signed contracts with King County and adopted the county code. Occasionally, we do provide assistance to non-contracting jurisdictions but would do so under their authority and management. Lacking authority in Seattle is significant from enforcement and liability perspectives.

One last issue – we asked SPD Det. Jamieson if anyone was cited or might be, as part of the original case. He said no. Also, we issued an open call in the comments on last Friday’s story for anyone involved in the case – such as the dogs’ owner – to contact us directly for this followup; so far, no one has responded.

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  • HolyKow January 4, 2011 (1:45 pm)

    What, no stories about Chihuahuas menacing around the neighborhood?! No Golden Labs charging cops or circling the wagons at a house that is not theirs?! What, no Greyhounds lunging at cops to the point where they have to SHOOT them to deter the atack?!

    I pre-laugh at the APB supports that will come on here and say that it is all about the owners.

    It’s not.

    Ban the breed. Down with Pit Bulls.


  • wsmom January 4, 2011 (2:21 pm)

    Having just read the previous WSB story and 60 comments I have one big question: How is it possible that the owner of these pit bulls has regained custody of the female dog? After attacking two different houses in one day, what greater proof is needed that this is a dangerous dog? If that dog lived down the street from me I’d be frightened to go outside.

  • KBear January 4, 2011 (2:43 pm)

    Ban the reactionaries!

  • Ex-Westwood Resident January 4, 2011 (2:46 pm)

    Any dog….ANY dog, no matter the size, can be made vicious by training and mistreatment.

  • Kayleigh January 4, 2011 (2:47 pm)

    Here we go again. I would yawn at the tiresome pit bull debate, but cops shooting dogs upsets me, regardless of whether or not it’s “justified.”

  • seriously January 4, 2011 (3:08 pm)

    How upset would you be, Kayleigh, if a pitbull was threatening to you? Would you just let the dog attack you or would you defend yourself if you could (whether by tazer, firearm, or other means)? Shame on those owners for not being responsible for these pitbulls. If you can’t take care of your dog, you shouldn’t be a pet owner.

  • VBD January 4, 2011 (3:22 pm)

    It doesn’t matter if it’s a dog or a human. When a cop cannot get the “animal” to stop and drop the weapon, then deadly force is a possibility. A pit bull (or any large aggressive dog), should be considered armed and dangerous.

    If a couple quick commands don’t get the job done, a gun will.

    Imagine if the cop didn’t shoot, and the dog went across the street and grabbed a kid in it’s jaws? People would be screaming “why didn’t he shoot it?”

    You can’t have it both ways.

  • Kayleigh January 4, 2011 (3:23 pm)

    How upset would you be, Mr./Ms. Seriously, if you actually tried to see this as a tragedy no matter what? Do trails of blood upset you? They upset *me*.

  • AJP January 4, 2011 (3:37 pm)

    Trails of blood from men, women, children, babies, dogs, cats and other animals that have been hurt and killed by pit bulls upset me.

  • Vuvuzela January 4, 2011 (3:38 pm)

    Ban the Breed, before it does another deed.

  • Cami January 4, 2011 (3:41 pm)

    Tracy, great job on following through with this story. I’m sad that the whole thing happened.

  • T-Rex January 4, 2011 (3:50 pm)

    Stupid people raise stupid dogs and mean people raise mean dogs. Dogs just like children are taught violence, it is not bred into them.

    Pit Bulls are wonderful animals but if not trained properly, they are strong enough to hurt someone badly. The same goes for Rottweilers, Akitas etc….any large breed!

    Why does anyone not say the obvious? Pit Bulls started getting this bad reputation as soon they became popular in the MTV and gangster rap crowd.

    You can also return to the NFL after you have been convicted of fighting and torturing them as well.

    So we are going to beat up a cop for protecting himself?

  • Joan January 4, 2011 (4:05 pm)

    Just FYI, my dog has been attacked THREE TIMES now while out walking, leashed and heeling by… Labrador retrievers. The three times in my life I’ve been bitten by dogs… Labrador retrievers. Training and handling are probably more relevant, in my opinion, than breed.

    It seems a shame that an animal handler/tracker was not available to contain these two dogs and that one got shot in the face and the other died. Very sad.

  • natinstl January 4, 2011 (4:12 pm)

    Two of my closest friends have had their pit bulls for years, one has a female and a male and the other just a male. I would not hesitate to take any of them if they needed me to. They are some of the most loving dogs I have ever encountered. As T-Rex posted some dogs are simply strong enough that they can hurt people worse than others. With proper training all dogs can be taught how to behave. I’ve seen many the little dog nipping at people’s heels, but they’re so small they have no effect. I have to wonder if either/both of these dogs may have had rabies based on the behavior they displayed, it does seem overly agressive, but they may have also been very stressed and scared. I would be interested in hearing why they were out lose. It’s sad all around. I think there are way too many stereotypes applied to pit bulls that could be applied to other dogs also. My cousin was bit in the face by a Rotweiller that got lose and she just happened to be outside gardening when it bit her.

  • JB January 4, 2011 (4:22 pm)

    Been attacked by: Rottweiler, Chihuahua, Chocolate Lab, one mutt that was mostly German Shepard, and another mostly Akita mutt. All while delivering pizza in HS over 3 year period. (Only one drew blood). In all cases they were neglected and mistreated animals with stupid red neck owners. I’ve never been attacked by a pit bull. They are kind dogs when raised properly, just like any other breed. Ban negligent and irresponsible dog owners. Oh, and sentence Michael Vick to death in the arena vs the same dogs he tortured.

  • live nearby January 4, 2011 (4:27 pm)

    I actually get to live way too close to the owners of these dogs. These dogs and this family have been an ongoing problem for sometime.
    The dogs were frequently loose and agressive. The authorities had been called many times over the last year. Those dogs were found least 10 blocks away from their house this time.
    Although I think the family was generally interested in the dogs, they had recently had puppies and were out of control. They really have no concept of how to care for animals. I expect eventually the neighborhood will have issues with the puppies as well.

  • live nearby January 4, 2011 (4:36 pm)

    …I think these dogs have always been scared. No one walked them, they were frequently yelled at, and left outside in all kids of weather.
    I have personally been trapped in my car with my daughter while waiting for someone to respond to my yelling and honking my car horn while the male growled and “went for” my car.
    These dogs had no run and were expected to stay inside the yard surrounded by a partial chain link fence through fear alone. Their behavior changed dramatically for the worse onced the puppies were born. It was all just bad.

  • Paul January 4, 2011 (4:37 pm)

    as far as the “breed” debate. I have had more scarry encounters with little dogs and careless owners rather than the big ones. I have had Chihuahuas chase me down a sidewalk . I have walked through haiwatha park only to be greeted by unleashed dogs that charge up to me as their careless and lawless owners assure me that they never bite. If you care about your dog keep it on a leash

  • jw January 4, 2011 (4:38 pm)

    Pit Bulls are no different than any other dog breed in their essence. What sets them apart is their strength and, much like the bulldogs, rotties, and dobermans of decades ago, because too many people are breeding them for aggression and mistreating them to increase their fear and distrust, which equals aggression. Anyone who proposes punishment to the “breed” as a whole is an uninformed and ignorant individual. Punish those who don’t breed according to law, humane treatment, and (duh) common-sense. Any dog of any breed who cannot abide by our common laws of behavior and safety is served with a life sentence – and more often than not their owners go without so much as a “shame on you”. Like most problems in society today – if you want to FIX the problem, FIX the people. (EVERY pun intended).

  • jw January 4, 2011 (4:42 pm)

    Oh – and C’MON people! LEASH YOUR DOGS! FOr those of use who DO own powerful dogs and are responsible law-abiding citizens (both human and dog), aka LEASHED at all times in public as required by law and by area usage. Guess what, when your leashless dog attacks my leashed dog (which HAS happened), who do you (the thoughtless and lawless owner) blame? The leashed, terrified stronger dog who is only trying to protect themselves. Remember – she’s already been attacked while on leash and on a guided walk. Knowing you’re still out there with your OFF leash dogs pretty much means she’ll never NOT be wary of dogs on a walk. Please think before you blame.

  • SJ2 January 4, 2011 (4:45 pm)

    Wow, I can’t believe the owner is not in trouble! That is ridiculous. I don’t care if the dogs got out “accidentally”, the fact is, they got out. I was chased by a pit bull during a holiday once and also discovered animal control is not open during holidays. I called the non emergency police line and was told the police will not respond unless the animal has attacked. I am all in favor of a ban on breeding pit bulls, and requiring special licenses for the ones already out there. Of course any dog out there has the potential to be vicious and attack, but not every dog out there has a jaw that strong an unpredictable temperament as the pit bull.

  • Spend Time With Pits January 4, 2011 (4:50 pm)

    People who say that they know pit bulls who are sweet and charming are missing the point. I’ve spent a lot of time with pit bulls who are very well natured and well mannered. My dog particularly LOVES to play with pit bulls at the dog park because he is a big floppy dog who likes to wrestle and pit bulls are strong, fast and filled with energy. When you watch them wrestle, though, you immediately see the instincts that have been bread into them. They are very effective at pinning other dogs and then getting a choke hold around their neck. I’ve observed probably 100 different dogs wrestle with my dog and have particularly noticed that pit bulls are far more effective at simulating this death grip than any other dogs. These pits were, of coarse all well trained and socialized, but it shows me that there is a natural instinct there that is due to the long history of breeding the sub-species for fighting. Now add to this instinct the fact that unsavory people often seek out pit bulls as pets and the result is a recipe for disaster. I don’t think that every fighting breed in Seattle should be destroyed, but I do think that all pit bulls and other fighting breeds should be spayed and neutered, that owners of fighting breeds should pay a modest bond ($1000) to the city to ensure that they are committed to ownership, and that fines for not licensing fighting breads should be higher than for not licensing companion breeds. In this way, ownership of fighting breeds could be grandfathered out over the course of several dog generations.

  • xt January 4, 2011 (5:00 pm)

    Sad. Good follow up WSB thanks.

  • AJP January 4, 2011 (5:46 pm)

    “live nearby” your comments are very interesting. Especially given the flood of poorly spelled “evidence” in the comments of the other article, given by friends of the owners. According to them, these dogs have never been anything but sweet and lovely and adorable. Very interesting to hear from someone else in the neighborhood…

  • doggril January 4, 2011 (6:21 pm)

    I’m stunned that, if all these stories about these dogs and their stupid owners are true (and I have no reason to believe they’re not), that the owners didn’t get charged with SOMETHING. Seems like the cops could have found something to charge these reprobates with. Good grief. Bad behavior doesn’t stop when there is no downside to bad behavior.

  • Noelle January 4, 2011 (6:26 pm)

    Sad story I must say. In many cities people need exotic animal permits to have certain types of pets in their home. Perhaps Pit Bull & Rottweiler owners should be required to get some sort of permit in order to be qualified to have them. Maybe a little class and or something. That way the owners would all be made aware of the dog’s socialization/training needs and it would help weed out the rotten or careless owners.

  • Jim January 4, 2011 (6:52 pm)

    Pit Bulls were bred for one reason, and one reason only – to kill. I say good riddance!

  • dubbydoo January 4, 2011 (7:58 pm)

    Perhaps you should have to obtain special license /permit to get a pit bull, like you do with a gun. Or maybe you should have to have your pit bull’s canines removed. Or maybe one leg amputated or something like that to make them less lethal.

  • here January 4, 2011 (8:01 pm)

    SPD has enough stupidity to deal with on a daily basis without having to also be Animal Control Officers. Lock up your filthy animals.

  • yeah-me January 4, 2011 (8:04 pm) released an interesting study on fatal dog attacks, tracking them by breed and victim profile.

    Kind of scary.

  • Mitch January 4, 2011 (8:24 pm)

    The preponderance of pit bull owners are low income, poorly educated, have often been in trouble with the law (watch the tv series ‘Pit Bull Parolees’), and much like carrying a gun, it gives them a sense of power that many of their sad lives lack.

    Ask the American Society of Pediatric Physicians, the people who treat the mostly young victims of these genetically programmed killers, what they think. They’ve been petitioning for years to get the breed banned. Get a job or an education, not a killer dog. Yes, I know, Brutus was always so sweet until he ripped the face off that neighbor kid.
    And please shoot me the day I need to get my power from a dog. Pathetic really.

  • Sheila January 4, 2011 (8:52 pm)

    Ban ignorant owners. Pity the poor breed.

  • SM January 4, 2011 (9:05 pm)

    My dog has been attacked by a Dane/Lab mix and had to have stitches, and then by an off-leash black Lab. The ignorant owners ticked me off – not the dogs. Any dog is capable of aggression. It’s profoundly depressing to read so many knee-jerk indictments of the breed. Read up, people. Educate yourselves.

  • Margo January 4, 2011 (9:20 pm)

    Stop quoting – it is nothing but a hate site with selective “statistics”. The woman has ZERO credentials and doesn’t even have a dog.

    The dogs in this story are a recipe for disaster not because of what they look like, but because their humans are clearly idiots. Anyone is asking for trouble when they keeps dogs who are 1) not spayed or neutered 2) receive no socialization 3) aren’t exercised 4) aren’t properly contained 5) they are breeding them

  • Margo January 4, 2011 (9:29 pm)

    and 6) they aren’t pets or part of the family – they are merely kept as “resident” animals, left alone in the yard the majority, if not all, of the time.

  • JoB January 4, 2011 (10:04 pm)

    Enough already… Ignorant owners kept a breeding pair of dogs in an unsecured facility resulting in the death of one of those dogs while being apprehended by the police because they were loose in the neighborhood harassing residents for several hours. The same ignorant owner now has possession of the breeding female and her puppies.
    Something is very very wrong with this picture
    and it has nothing to do with the breed of the dogs and everything to do with our cavalier attitude towards the rights of individuals to indiscriminately breed their dogs without supervision. It’s way past time we licensed and regulated all dog breeders… regardless of the size of their operation and did more than just fine owners who allow their pets to become public menaces.

  • SM January 4, 2011 (11:41 pm)

    Amen to JoB.

  • Carter January 5, 2011 (12:08 am)

    I’ve always said pet owners and religious types are always capable of drifting in and out of insanity. Many of the comments support my statement . . .

  • littlebrowndog January 5, 2011 (5:21 am)

    Regardless of breed, I think it is important to consider both nature and nurture. Reputable breeders are very careful about only breeding adults with good temperaments (although of course the nurture part of the equation can later damage that) and not breeding those individual dogs with aggressive tendencies. They recognize that there are some dogs with certain wiring right from the beginning that should not reproduce. Lots of reputable breeders do breed for specific structure and temperament types, e.g. the Italian Greyhound breeder that competes in lure coursing and seeks out similarly champion level fast dogs for breeding. But backyard breeders are often oblivious to tracking the temperaments of the dog they choose to mate with or the puppies they sell, often just breeding their dog so that they can sell the puppies for a lot of money. There are unfortunately backyard breeders who DO have a rudimentary understanding of breeding for temperament, such as those who intentionally breed for a specific trait (e.g., “mini-shelties”). So some backyard breeders of various breeds will intentionally breed one very aggressive dog to another very aggressive dog for aggression in their lines. There is such a thing as an unstable temperament right from birth. And then add the wrong type of treatment after that and you can get major problems. I should add that this is not unique to purebreds; those breeders of designer dogs also may be as lacking in knowledge, and other accidental mixed breed dogs might also have the same genetic issues. My point: some dogs, for a variety of reasons, are born with certain temperaments that right from the get-go can be problematic, before any sort of training. Oh, and socialization of puppies begins as young as 2-3 weeks by reputable breeders; how many backyard or accidental breeders know how to do that?

  • JoB January 5, 2011 (8:31 am)


    reputable breeders house their breeding pairs securely…
    especially when there are new puppies present
    i have no quarrel with reputable breeders
    though i would still like to see them licensed and regulated.

  • GenHillOne January 5, 2011 (9:18 pm)

    Please read the article here in the forums:

    As OP mentions, it’s from the Humane Society and addresses a lot of myths and misconceptions that are being brought up in this discussion.

  • yeah-me January 5, 2011 (9:19 pm)

    Margo, please keep your extremely RUDE comments about the woman who runs reined in. She is a personal friend of mine who does own a dog, did live in Seattle for 12 years, and was violently attacked by a pit bull while jogging. The dog dragged her for many feet and completely crushed her forarm. She was unable to work for months and Her post traumatic stress was very difficult to watch. You obviously know nothing about her. Disregard her beliefs but do not disregard her as a woman who DID experienced a very horrible pit bull attack.

  • debbie January 5, 2011 (11:25 pm)

    JoB, I couldn’t have said it better myself! I can’t believe these people still have any animals, much less momma and puppies!

  • Shedar January 6, 2011 (9:57 pm)

    Yeah-me: Margo’s comments addressed the skewed statistics of the report, not your friend. An attack of any kind is horrifying. My point is that it could just as easily have been a cocker spaniel (who bit through a pet store owner’s eyelid), a chihuahua or a German Shepherd. All dogs, like all humans, are capable of great kindness and profound violence. Each situation should be viewed individually with its own set of circumstances. A broad brush precludes justice.

  • Margo January 7, 2011 (5:29 am)

    Yeah me: While Colleen’s attack was obviously horrifying and tragic, she has gone on a personal vendetta against ANY dog that looks a certain way. She should be focusing on dog laws that deal with the real problem: humans. But it’s SO much easier to attack a “type” of dog, rather that human ignorance of dog behavior, poverty, and other social ills that can often be found when you look at dog attack “whys”. BSL has failed miserably worldwide, yet that is what her site really promotes. I read her website a couple years ago. I quit when I got to the place that says ALL pit bull owners are criminals. Really? Jon Stewart, Cesar Millan, Rachel Ray, Alicia Silverstone, Brad Pitt, etc. all have or have had pit bull type dogs.

    A friend of mine was seriously mauled 2 years ago by a golden retriever. She nearly lost the use of her arm. Think that made the news anywhere?? Oh, the same friend rescues pit bulls. She has NEVER been bitten by one of them.

    Colleen is not a dog bite expert, although I have to admire her chutzpah in getting herself billed as one. Read the link I provided. It lays out the case against her “expertise” better than I ever could. I am sick of seeing her quoted when she has, once again, ZERO credentials. There’s a list as long as your arm of REAL dog experts and organizations who say BSL is BS.

    And the real point of my original post was that the circumstances these dogs were kept in is what led to their aggression, not what they looked like. But I’m sure Colleen will be glad to add it to her skewed statistics that never address surrounding issues OR that someone just said it was a “pit bull” when often times it isn’t. If she were to really look at WHY there was an attack instead of what did the dog look like, then she would be truly doing a public service. Instead, she spreads hate and fear.

    Here’s a site that actually does what Colleen doesn’t:

    I stand by my comment that dogsbite is a pit bull hate site and that she is not a dog bite expert and should not be quoted as such. Plus your original comment is obviously there as a friend promoting her cause, but you don’t say that upfront, do you?

  • DMC January 7, 2011 (10:22 am)

    I own a really great little pit mix. He is incredibly sweet. Funny thing, when he was younger he really looked a lot more like the shar pei/mastiff mix that the animal shelter stated he was. As he has grown, those cute little wrinkles have gone away to show his more “pitty” face. Mothers pick their children up when he walks by. I get it; I am a mother too. And frankly, those jaws are strong. I am more concerned about my older German Sheppard/Golden mix than the pit but I have to think… What if something happened? That doesn’t make me a very great breed ambassador if I let my dog be a jerk. I am in love with my dog but I am thankful that the police were able to put this poor dog down. And if a dog was going to say trap me in a car (I read of a situation such as this a while back.) or be off leash in a park and attack a service dog (This is another situation that recently took place in West Seattle.) then I hope the police shoot and kill that dog if they need to. A dog isn’t any good to its breed reputation if it is out terrorizing the neighborhood. I would be happy to register my dog in a breed specific nature. I think an owner should be punished for having dogs that are harming people.

  • yeah-me January 7, 2011 (12:46 pm)

    Shedar — Margo stated in her comment “The woman has ZERO credentials and doesn’t even have a dog.” That sounds like a personal opinion of her to me.

    Margo — yes, I am promoting her cause because I completely agree with it. I have made other comments on other stories about pit bulls so this was not just about promoting her cause. I find it interesting that you are so hostile to her.

    The pit bull debate, much like pro-life/pro-choice, is very polarizing. I happen to be on the BSL side of this one. Each to their own!

  • doug January 7, 2011 (3:20 pm)

    I love this post by DMC:

    “I own a really great little pit mix. He is incredibly sweet. Funny thing, when he was younger he really looked a lot more like the shar pei/mastiff mix that the animal shelter stated he was. As he has grown, those cute little wrinkles have gone away to show his more “pitty” face. Mothers pick their children up when he walks by. I get it; I am a mother too. And frankly, those jaws are strong. I am more concerned about my older German Sheppard/Golden mix than the pit but I have to think… What if something happened? That doesn’t make me a very great breed ambassador if I let my dog be a jerk. I am in love with my dog but I am thankful that the police were able to put this poor dog down. And if a dog was going to say trap me in a car (I read of a situation such as this a while back.) or be off leash in a park and attack a service dog (This is another situation that recently took place in West Seattle.) then I hope the police shoot and kill that dog if they need to. A dog isn’t any good to its breed reputation if it is out terrorizing the neighborhood. I would be happy to register my dog in a breed specific nature. I think an owner should be punished for having dogs that are harming people.
    Comment by DMC — January 7, 11 10:22 am #”

  • ms January 7, 2011 (7:10 pm)

    I was the house/dogsitter, that called 911 on New Year’s eve morning. What normal dog goes crazy over barking dog’s inside a home?
    I had to lock the dog’s I was watching in the basement to keep the female pitbull from coming thru the glass in the frontdoor, or window’s that are all single pane glass off of the front porch.
    The pit was still going nut’s, banging at the window’s when it saw me. I would hate to think what would have happened if I had not locked the dog’s up & myself hid in the bathroom & waited for the police to arrive. It would have been a bloodbath!

  • Margo January 7, 2011 (8:29 pm)

    Yeah-me: just some of the problems with BSL (breed specific legislation) are it doesn’t work, it’s horrifically expensive to enforce, it targets dogs that aren’t a problem, and it makes banned dogs more attractive to those who shouldn’t even have a goldfish. Gang bangers and drug dealers and losers in general who want aggressive dogs couldn’t care less what laws you pass. They will ignore them. Right now in Ireland a little girl is trying to get her best friend back. He was seized in May, and is being kept in isolation while his hair falls out. The little girl is cutting herself from the stress of having her family pet ripped from her. In Great Britain, a young man committed suicide when his best buddy was taken away and executed not for anything she’d done, but simply for how she looked. This type of story is repeated over and over again when family pets are seized based on “type”.

    Many places now realize BSL is a disaster, and have repealed their breed-specific laws. Among them are Italy and the Netherlands, our own Oak Harbor, WA and the UK has introduced a bill to repeal their nearly 20 year old Dangerous Dogs Act.

    Did you know that out of the 51 dogs seized from Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels that exactly ONE was euthanized for aggression? Several of these dogs which were tortured by humans are now certified therapy dogs.

    Dogs, just like people, should be treated as individuals.

  • will January 7, 2011 (9:41 pm)

    to ms, I thought that you opened the door and tried to shoo the two dogs away so you must not of been that terrified and i also thought that your whole yard was fenced as well so how could this of happened the way you said it did? and just for the record the girl dog in question weighs maybe 45 pounds and stands maybe a foot and a half from floor to top of her head and in no way should cause that severe of a reaction toward a dog that only comes up to my knee in height.i could understand that kind of reaction if the dog in question was 100 pounds or so, not the size of a puppy.Its people like you that over-exaggerate and cant get your facts straight that make matters worse.And for everyone wondering why the owner is not in trouble and has the girl dog is because they never bit anyone and she is really only the size of puppy and poses no more threat to anyone than any other dog.I really believe that with a little more understanding of dog behavior,because “lunge” is so vauge it does not really explain what she did and why he felt his life to be in danger enough to actually shoot to kill this small dog.One thing i still dont understand is why animal control was not called in on the second time especially since a dog was shot already ,it was not a holiday and it was in between the normal hours of business does anyone have an answer for that? It really is sad all the way around for everyone involved including the officer surely.This whole thing has been blown way out of proportion especially since no one or animal was bitten and there was no property damage caused by these so called “killer dogs ” when they were supposedly in a blind rage does that not sound strange to anyone else out there?And since this happened in the street does that mean that there is a hopefully both a audio and video recording from the police car,if so that sure would shed a lot of light on this situation and if it was handled correctly or if the officer just was scared of the dog because of a pre exisiting fear of pitbulls and shot her out of fear and over-reaction.why does no one think that could of over-reacted just because he said she lunged,.cops lie all the time too they are not infoulable ,i am not saying he lied just over-reacted it is possible and the facts will come out eventualy and if the cops are supposed to handle animal control issues they need to show a little more restraint and probaly recieve some type of animal behavior training so this type of unessacary and sad thing hopefully does not happen again esspecialy if it could of been prevented like i believe this one could of been.

  • ms January 7, 2011 (10:03 pm)

    The back yard is fenced! The front porch is wide open! And Will, I opened the front door to see why all this barking was going on out the front door, and this female pit charges at me, and I slammed the door! And she did not back off! She just kept charging at the window’s! And yes the window’s are low enough & thin enough to be worried. I am a dog & cat lover, and have been taking care of animal’s and homes for 22 year’s, you have no clue about how much of a nitemare this was. At one point the male & female pitbull’s we’re fighting with each other in the front yard!

  • THE DOGS OWNER January 8, 2011 (10:28 am)

    My dogs were not freaqently out of my yard or off leash like lives near by said.My dogs were never aggressive before this event.And police and animal control were not at my residents not more than three times between both departments in 2010.Never once out of control like lives near by has said.I have never yelled at my dogs other than raise my voice to let them know when they did something wrong like digging holes in the yard or when they did not want to pay attention when asked to come inside.And further more my dogs were never left out in any weather no longer than it took them to go potty.You can not beileave what lives near by has to say she has had problems with us every since she has moved in on our block but like i said in other posting why can’t we look out for one another insted of picking out our faults.The only problem i ever had with lives near by is she lets her little boy run naked in the front yard witch is not fully fenced and let’s him do so in front of his big sister and the little neihbor girl down the street.My gogs never attacked there car with them in it that statement is not true as for the rest of her statements.I mean is this neihbor just been stalking me she sure know alot about my life and my dogs.When i know nothing really about her except she should let her boy run naked in the back yard too run around where it is fenced and perhaps a little more private.But any way she need not worry about me and my dogs anymore because my best friend is dead and my sweet mohca is not a threat to any one especialy now the cop blew her shoulder out and her leg will have to be amputated.And chicago’s and mohca’s baby girl pandora is not a problem she is the runt of the litter as well as mohca was.My dogs have always been well behaved and loved by all.Lives near by no more lies and go staulk the 37 diferant sex offender’s that could be watching your yard just leave us a loan and keep your lies off me and stay accross on your side of the street. P.S. You cant breed with out a male in the mix witch if i ever decide to get one again it will be a very long time no male could ever take the place of my big boy Chicago R.I.P. MY Good buddy

  • THE DOGS OWNER January 8, 2011 (10:34 am)

    And my dogs still have not bit anyone not then or not ever.And never a dog or human.

  • Margo January 8, 2011 (2:06 pm)

    Dogs Owner: First, I am sorry for the loss of your friend.

    Second, as someone who loves ALL breeds of dogs, the best thing you can do for your dogs is spay and neuter them, along with LOTS of exercise. Why do you think your dogs are digging holes in the yard? It’s because they are BORED.

    People think it’s “fun” to breed their dogs, but go to any animal shelter and see all the dogs, especially the pit bulls that will NEVER find homes. They will be let out of their runs, thinking they are going on a big adventure, but they will be led down the hallway into that room from which no dog returns.

    I don’t care if you get people to take your puppies, most of them will not be lifetime homes, they will be given up for all kinds of stupid reasons, and in the end they will wind up dead. Worse, they will end up chained or used for fighting. You add to the problem by breeding your dogs.

    Plus, dogs that have been spayed or neutered are way less prone to be aggressive than dogs that are kept intact. It’s not cruel to neuter them, you are doing them a favor. You don’t have to believe me, just ask any vet, trainer or dog behaviorist.

  • Jennifer January 8, 2011 (7:24 pm)

    If just want to throw a pro-off-leash argument out there. If a dog misbehaves, he should be punished. If you’ve been to the countryside, especially in Western Europe, you know unsupervised, off-leash dogs generally don’t bother anyone. It’s the fenced in dogs that will kill you if they get out that are scary. I’ve been bothered by way more leashed dogs (sharing paths with me) than off-leash dogs. In fact, i can’t recall the last time I was bothered by an off-leash dog.

  • THE DOGS OWNER January 12, 2011 (12:51 pm)

    To MS Your first post said the male lunged at you.Now your post to will said that the female lunged at you.Wich is it the male or female you can’t even get your story strait.

  • close by January 12, 2011 (4:50 pm)

    dog owner, i am so sorry for your loss. i also own a pitbull, and he is the most loving, attentive, and compasionate dog i have ever met. he is like a son to me, i cant imagine the sadness you are going through. pits used to be the number one family dog in america, and still is in my book.

  • THE DOGS OWNER January 13, 2011 (3:47 am)

    close by, thank you so much. it is very hard mourning the loss of my boy it is really sad that he had to go out like that. thank you my family needs more people like you on here.

  • Other Case History January 19, 2011 (9:35 pm)

    THE DOGS OWNER states “And police and animal control were not at my residents not more than three times between both departments in 2010”

    Absolutely classic! As if it is normal for police and animal control visit most people half a dozen times or something. I have owned a dog for two years and have never had animal control visit me. I suspect there are people in West Seattle who have owned dogs for 15 years without ever having any interaction with the police or animal control. It is very disappointing to hear that you had three such incidents in 2010. How many incidents did you have in 2009? How many incidents have you had during the entire time you have owned these dogs? These aren’t rhetorical questions, I would really be interested to know the answer to these.

    WSB has also indicated that they are trying to pull public records to determine the number of police and animal control responses to your address, but that they are having trouble getting your address. You should send it to them so that they can look this information up.

    Finally, have you gotten the surviving dog fixed yet?

  • ms January 20, 2011 (7:42 am)

    To the dog owner, read the post again, it’s all very clear!

  • THE DOGS OWNER January 25, 2011 (8:39 pm)

    They only been at my house in 2010.And it is not any of your buisness if i got my dog fixed or not i buy there licence you don’t it is not against the the law to own an unaltured dog so mind your own buisness you don’t know me or my dogs.Did you know still to this day my dogs never bitten anyone so the police could have handled things differently they did not have to kill my family member my son.Read the first 911 caller’s first post she said the male lunged at her then when she replyed to will she said that the female lunged at her she can’t even keep her story strait.So i bleave in my heart that it did not go down the way she said it did.My dog was shot because she was a pit bull and now is crippled.AND my male was murdered because he was a pit bull that is a fact.So beleave what you want my dogs where loved and cared for properly so don’t pass judgement on me or my dogs none of you people were there ether so you don’t know what really happened.Everyone that has not been around pit bulls bases there judgements on the sterio types that pit bulls are aggressive dogs that were bred to kill and that is wrong because not all pit bulls are bad.All the pit bulls i know are are good dogs and that is because they have responsible owners.Sure there are bad ones i know that it is because there owners are making them mean by tieing them up in there yards and leaving them out side and they most likely are beating them.That is not the case with my dogs they are shone nothing but love and respect once again not all pit bulls are bad animals.So take it how you want i know my dogs and they are the furthist thing from aggressive.

  • THE DOGS OWNER January 26, 2011 (1:01 am)

    My dogs were not kept as resident animals and were not in the yard no longer than it took them to go potty.And were in my house most of the time eccept when i was out walking them on a daily basis. You people are really funny you know nothing about me or my dogs but have so many accusations. Know what your talking about before you let your mouth spew all over the place.

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