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From golden sunlight to reddish sunset: Tonight’s photos

(Photo above added 11:54 pm, from DC in North Admiral; next photo is courtesy of Erik)

Thanks to everybody who’s sharing their photos of tonight’s sunset. As noted earlier (when we were talking about the “golden sunlight” that preceded it), this is attributed to smoke in the atmosphere from fires all over the region. Whatever the case, the sunset drew a crowd; we watched from Lowman Beach, where at least a dozen people had set up chairs to watch the sun slip behind the Olympics – and we heard one applaud after the last bit of pinkish red was gone.

(Photo above, courtesy of Cam; next photo, tweeted by @lumpacy, republished with permission)

Mourning Ken Wise: Longtime West Seattleite passes away

Dave Townsend just sent this word:

Ken Wise, Rotarian, totem-pole sleuth, local businessman, and lifelong West Seattleite, died today.

Mr. Wise, longtime owner of West Fuel, had been fighting cancer. He and fellow Rotarian Duane Ruud tracked down what happened to the West Seattle Rotary Viewpoint Park totem pole last December, even before police could crack the case. He wasn’t well enough to come see it reinstalled last Wednesday, but his son was there, and friends planned to go visit him immediately afterward. Its rededication is set for August 10th. (EDITED MONDAY – We are now told there are no official service plans so far.).

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: The service is now officially confirmed for 11 am August 19 at Fauntleroy Church.

West Seattle Weather Watch: Why the sunlight is truly golden

Now that we’ve got some late-afternoon sunshine, wondering why there’s a more-golden-than-usual cast to it? The Eastern Washington/B.C. wildfires, pointed out John on the WS Blog Facebook wall. He writes, “The recent outbreak of fires is saturating the atmosphere, and the Seattle area is over 50% saturation … the most recent update can be found on – go to settings below and turn on ‘fire’.” This also has been written about this afternoon by famous forecaster Cliff Mass, who includes imagery to explain the phenomenon.

Election 2010: Vashon forum, 2nd report: State House quartet

(WSB video of each candidate’s opening statement)
By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

It may be challenging to be a non-Democrat running for office in an overwhelmingly Democratic district, with three Democrats also on the ballot, and at least one news source declaring them the only candidates, but Geoffrey “Mac” McElroy nonetheless scored a touché moment at the end of the 34th District State House Position 2 candidates’ forum on Vashon Island Friday night.

His closing statement was the last one, and it included his suggestion that his three Democratic opponents “never met a tax they didn’t like.” The three – Joe Fitzgibbon, Mike Heavey, Marcee Stone – had each voiced support for a “progressive income tax.”

After McElroy finished, Heavey broke format to address the audience: “Can we take a straw poll? How many of you are in favor of a progressive income tax?”

A majority of the 40-plus attendees raised their hands. Heavey: “Against?” A few hands went up. as was the case when he asked, “Abstain?” He concluded, “Well, then, keep in mind we [Democrats] represent you.”

McElroy parried back, “I’d just like to see you all come up with the same definition of what a ‘progressive income tax’ is.”

One person in the audience somewhere – affiliated with McElroy or not, we have no idea – clapped.

The exchange was the zingiest part of the forum, moderated by Vashon-residing Seattle University law professor Craig Beles and broadcast live on Voice of Vashon TV (which has posted the full video of this forum and the County Council District 8 forum that followed – here’s our earlier story on that).

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Update: West Seattle candlelight vigil for sailor Jarod Newlove

This just in, following our earlier report of a website set up to collect donations to help the family of West Seattle sailor Jarod Newlove, killed last week in Afghanistan. The date and place is now set for a vigil in his memory. From family friend Hailey:

Petty Officer 2nd Class, Jarod Newlove is a West Seattle native. He attended Chief Sealth High School, where he graduated in 2003. He served in the U.S. Navy starting in 2004 and was deployed December of 2009 to Afghanistan. Among his many accomplishments, he touched the heart of many people. We recently learned of Jarod’s death in Afghanistan. He has left behind many memories, stories, family and friends. Together as a community, we want to show our love and support to Jarod and his family.

On Tuesday, August 3rd, we will be celebrating the life of Jarod Newlove. The celebration will take place at Chief Sealth Baseball Field, on Trenton St., from 8:00 pm until the last person leaves. This will be a candlelight vigil, so please bring a candle to light in his honor.

Hailey says the family is requesting that media stay “outside the stadium” – the event is just for family and friends. Again, the website to help his family is at

Got your block party signed up yet? ‘Night Out’ deadline tomorrow

August 1, 2010 3:41 pm
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Tuesday’s the night – all over the peninsula (and the rest of the city), you’ll see “STREET CLOSED” signs marking the spot for block parties in honor of “Night Out” (formerly National Night Out Against Crime), celebrating neighborhoods taking a stand against crime. According to the Seattle Police “Night Out” webpage, the deadline to sign up your neighborhood – and therefore get the right to close off (non-arterial) streets for block parties – is 9 am tomorrow, so you’d better get busy now if you haven’t gotten around to it yet. And we’ll repeat our pitch – we traditionally spend Night Out visiting West Seattle parties for as-it-happens coverage, so if a WSB photojournalist would be welcome to stop by, please let us know where and when your party’s happening (the official Tuesday night time frame is 6-10 pm, but in past years we’ve noticed some neighborhoods don’t really get going till a bit later). Thanks! (Here’s some of our coverage from last year.)

New website set up so you can help PO3 Jarod Newlove’s family

The family friend who is helping organize efforts to assist the family of Petty Officer 3rd Class Jarod Newlove, the West Seattle sailor found dead in Afghanistan last week, has just set up a website: You can make donations to help PO3 Newlove’s family by going to; the 25-year-old sailor leaves behind a wife and two very young children. Their friend, Hailey, also says they’re working on plans for a public event to remember and honor PO3 Newlove – no date/place set yet. 4 PM UPDATE: That event is now set for Tuesday – we’ve published a separate story here.

West Seattle couple ‘rescues’ tiger – is it yours?

Not as cuddly-looking as the tigers at Point Defiance, but this one is striking just the same, and probably somebody’s keepsake, so Fritz shared the photo in hopes of finding its owner:

Earlier this week I witnessed 3 teens scurrying up my street carrying a large tiger. My wife and our neighbor saw them abandon it in the bushes a few houses away. We rescued it and it has been living in our garage. I would very much like to reunite it with its rightful owner.

It appears made of a polymer, and unfortunately, the youths dropped it before we got it and its jaw has been broken. We have the broken piece.

I would hope that the tiger’s rightful owner would have a photo of the tiger or some way of proving that belongs to them.

If it’s yours, either leave a comment – Fritz promises to check regularly – or e-mail WSB so we can put you in touch. (P.S. – For smaller lost-and-found items with less dramatic backstories, you are welcome to post in the WSB Forums any time!)

West Seattle Sunday: To market, to market we go

The sun that graced the West Seattle Farmers’ Market from the start last weekend may not be there YET today, but the vendors certainly will be. This week’s Ripe and Ready List promises lots of new tree-fruit offerings, among other things. 10 am-2 pm as always, 44th/Alaska. (Also new this week – Friends of Seattle Public Library will be tabling, along with some of the other great local groups you’ll meet at the market every week.) … West Seattle’s newest market, Highland Park Sunday Market, also is scheduled to be in session today – promising (per its FB page):

Fresh eggs, sourdough bread and starter, fresh herbs and mixed greens, etched kitchenware, awesome t-shirts and household linens, hand-crafted jewelry, homemade desserts and sweet treats, delicious pickled veggies, art projects for kids and homemade dog treats!

11 am-3 pm, 12th/Holden in Highland Park. You also have entertainment options today, including the last performance of “Side Show” at ArtsWest and Seattle Glee Clubs‘ annual “Olio Show” at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, both at 3 pm … Along with its fabled Sunday ribs, Feedback Lounge (WSB sponsor) goes tropical with a Pineapple Cocktail Fest today … More in the West Seattle Weekend Lineup!