West Seattle summer scenes: Moon and fire

Some clouds have been moving in after an almost-truly-summery afternoon and evening – the temperature FINALLY broke 75, by far the latest date ever! – but the clouds enhanced the beautiful moon view above, by Christopher Boffoli, taken from The Junction. Just a bit earlier, over at Alki, Chas Redmond caught this scene:

We all know how much the forecast can fluctuate, but as of right now, looks like cloudy tomorrow, partly sunny Friday, which would be good news for the West Seattle Community Car Wash benefit for West Seattle Food Bank and World Vision‘s Haiti relief.

3 Replies to "West Seattle summer scenes: Moon and fire"

  • lenguamor June 24, 2010 (1:07 am)

    Okay…I’m ready for fall.

  • Divacreativa June 24, 2010 (6:15 am)

    The photos are spectacular.

  • watchit June 24, 2010 (1:49 pm)

    This week boasts a very rare planetary alignment, a Grand Cross, all amplified mega scale by a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. The heavenly bodies around our planet are lining up in a giant cross formation and many of the involved planets will be in dynamic tension.

    It’s a very rare and tight configuration with almost all the planets involved. Jupiter conjunct Uranus opposing Saturn are all squared with the moon – sun exact opposition (eclipse). Watch out for earthquakes!

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