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West Seattle Crime Watch: Car vandals; double theft; phone grab

2 short Crime Watch reports to share tonight – one just in from Anne-Marie, reporting car vandalism not far from the car-egging report published here earlier:

We had vandalism done to our car tonight. 39th and Thistle [map]. I saw two young teens in baseball caps run after kicking the side mirror off the car. Police have been called.

And from Joseph:

My son’s Huffy Mongoose kid’s bike (orange/gold) and silver Razor scooter with red handlebars/trim was stolen today from our carport that faces the alley behind the West Seattle Baptist church, right off California and Genesee [map]. It happened between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm. Wanted folks to know.

ADDED 1:21 AM: One more Crime Watch report – a phone grab at a West Seattle bus stop – read on:Read More

White Center (etc.) annexation: Now, no one’s in a rush

March 22, 2010 10:54 pm
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Two weeks ago, the Burien City Council started the process of considering a resolution to officially indicate interest in moving ahead with annexing northern North Highline – including White Center – once it had “successfully incorporated” southern North Highline (which becomes part of Burien next week). At the time, Seattle was looking at a vote in White Center (etc.) this November. Then suddenly last Friday, it was announced that Mayor McGinn no longer wanted to move that fast, since the budget picture wasn’t looking too good – maybe a November 2011 vote. And so tonight, Burien councilmembers decided to cancel their resolution, during a meeting that at one point was standing- and window-sill-sitting (photo right) room only. Here’s our first report on partner site White Center Now. What now? Depends on who decides to make the next move first.

Update: Multiple-car crash on the West Seattle Bridge high-rise

(Photo by Christopher Boffoli)
9:21 PM: Thanks to those who’ve called/texted about this: The “medic response” on the 911 log for the westbound West Seattle Bridge, at the highrise, is reported to be a multiple-vehicle crash. No other details so far. 9:28 PM: Via Twitter, one person stuck in the backup, @bppalmer, says two westbound lanes are blocked. Also, WSB’er JoB relayed via JanS that it’s on the right side “just past the top before the Delridge exit” – at least one car appeared to have serious damage. 10:04 PM: Added photo; things should be clearing up – the fire presence at the scene has ended, according to the 911 log. No info at this point regarding injuries or cause. P.S. Here’s Christopher’s short video view – in the absence of working city traffic cameras – from the same vantage point as the photo above:

From the WSB Forums: “Bee” on the lookout


(June 2008 Riverview-area photo by Christine – click to see larger version)
We’ve had a few reports in recent years of bee swarms (particularly the summer of 2008), followed by frantic searches for information on who, if anyone, to notify. This year, the experts have reached out first – with this note in the WSB Forums today. Beekeeper Brad Jones writes that if you find a honeybee swarm – he and other local beekeepers (including Sustainable West Seattle president Brian Allen) will help find it a home. Their contact info is in the Forums post – worth bookmarking!

In memory: 2 West Seattle notes

ADMIRAL CRASH VICTIM OFFICIALLY IDENTIFIED: The man killed early Sunday in the 2-car Admiral/37th crash was identified by the King County Medical Examiner’s Office this afternoon as 29-year-old Daniel G. Ramirez. Commenters who identified themselves as relatives posted in the thread following Sunday morning’s coverage, saying he was a father of two and had just bought the silver SUV that day. No final announcement of the crash’s cause is likely for weeks, if not months; the short summary from police on Sunday said only that “speed and alcohol may have been” factors.

FEEDBACK LOUNGE LOSES A FAMILY MEMBER: Around 7 last night, Feedback Lounge (WSB sponsor) announced via Twitter that they were closing for the rest of the night because of a death in the family. They are back open today, explaining on the FL website, “We are sad to announce that we lost a member of our staff. MIKE BLAKEMORE was only 27 and a new employee, but he was an instant and welcome addition to our Feedback family. We will post details for a memorial service shortly. Thank all of your for your calls, e-mails and support.”

3 Elements Property Management: Welcoming a new WSB sponsor

March 22, 2010 4:12 pm
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This afternoon we welcome one of our newest sponsors, 3 Elements Property Management, and as with all new sponsors, this is their chance to tell you about their business: 3 Elements Property Management is a local company with an intimate knowledge of West Seattle. Since half of the office staff (photo, from left, Patricia Shiras, Lisa Merz, Pamela Dundas, Tom O’Boyle) lives in West Seattle , we have a vast network of resources to pull from. With more than 80 years of combined property-management/real estate experience, we can provide accurate and detailed information regarding the area. Our customer service and commitment to serving our clients are our #1 priorities. We go above and beyond to reach our clients’ goals. They seek us out because we rent quality units and are great property managers. Once we have moved a tenant in, we ensure the smooth transition, and we are very timely regarding service requests or needed items. We strive to maintain excellent relations for our tenants and owners. This is a key to successful property management. This is why we have repeat clients. We try to make things move smoothly for tenants and meet business goals of property owners. One client said, “As a landlord, I found 3 Elements to be professional, detail-oriented and able to meet my criteria and goals. I appreciated the time they took to obtain quality tenants and keep me informed of market conditions. My units have remained full and rents are never late because of their thorough screening. My bottom line is strong. Thanks, 3 Elements.” You’ll find 3 Elements Property Management online at, or call 206-619-6630.

We thank 3 Elements Property Management for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news on WSB; find our sponsor team, and info on joining, all here.

West Seattle Whale Watch: Another orca sighting

The fabulous folks at Orca Network had passed along news of a few orcas spotted off Carkeek Park in North Seattle earlier today – and now we’ve just heard from Vanessa at Alki that it looks like they’re off Alki Point/Lighthouse as of a few minutes ago, “heading toward the islands.” Let us know if you see them!

West Seattle Crime Watch: Another egg attack

One week after our last report, here’s another one – Kate got hit:

Just wanted to let you know my car was hit with eggs last night – near the corner of 35th and Elmgrove [map]. Looks like I was the only one, but not sure if anyone else was targeted. It made a huge mess and after washing it all off, you can see where the egg shells exploded and scratched the paint. Fun!

This falls squarely in the corner of the type of incident police want to make sure you report, even if you think it’s “minor” … as “KBear” wrote in the 20-comment discussion that followed last Monday’s report, “Just because petty crime may be commonplace doesn’t mean we should put up with it in our community.” There’ve been some reports of items thrown at moving vehicles, for example, which can startle a driver and cause a crash. The non-emergency number (which would be appropriate unless you come across someone in the act of throwing something) is 206-625-5011.

Update: Latest aerial views of Denny/Sealth construction

Exactly three months from today, June 22 will be the last day of school for Chief Sealth High School in its temporary quarters at the former Boren Junior High on Delridge. In September, after two years away, Sealth moves back into its permanent location – while the new adjacent Denny International Middle School is built. The project team has just provided the latest site aerial:

Compare that shot (taken last week) to a similar view seven months earlier:

Denny isn’t scheduled to move to its new site (the lower left of those photos) till 2011, so Sealth students will still have the campus to themselves when school starts this fall. The project’s official website is here; it includes a webcam, looking currently at the Galleria that both schools will share – see that here.

Now joining the 34th District State House 2 race: Joe Fitzgibbon

Sometimes, legislative races in this area feature only one candidate. But this year, in the August primary, the 34th District State House Position 2 race is shaping up to be quite the fight. Joe Fitzgibbon (D) of Burien has just joined Mike Heavey (D), “Mac” McElroy (I) Sabra Schneider (D), and Marcee Stone (D) in the race for the seat that Rep. Sharon Nelson – for whom Fitzgibbon has been working – will leave to run for State Senate. They’ve all been invited to the candidates’ forum at this Wednesday night’s Highland Park Action Committee meeting; meantime, read on for Fitzgibbon’s official announcement:Read More

3 West Seattle schools in the city’s Global Reading Challenge finals

Three West Seattle schools have teams at the citywide Global Reading Challenge finals tomorrow night – and everyone’s invited to go cheer them on – Arbor Heights, Highland Park and Lafayette Elementary Schools are all in the running (as is Concord International School from nearby South Park). Read on for the announcement we just received from the Seattle Public Library:Read More

West Seattle Monday: Traffic; puppies; parks; conversation …

March 22, 2010 8:43 am
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LANE-REDUCTION REMINDER: As part of ongoing construction in the area, today’s the day the 1st Avenue South eastbound exit from the Spokane Street Viaduct is scheduled to be reduced to one lane for about five months (details here) (P.S. Remember THIS is the weekend the Alaskan Way Viaduct closes, 6 am-6 pm Saturday and Sunday.)

RAISE A PUPPY, CHANGE A LIFE: Can you spend a year raising a puppy that will then move on to guide dog training? Check out West Seattle See Dogs‘ meeting, Merrill Gardens-Admiral Heights (WSB sponsor), 7 pm – details here

PARKS LEVY COMMITTEE: This happens downtown, but many of the projects affect West Seattle, so in case you’re interested, note that the Parks and Green Spaces Levy Oversight Committee meets at Parks HQ downtown, 7 pm.

CONVERSATIONS THAT MATTER: It’s not small talk – you might call it big talk. Tonight’s topic, 6:45-9 pm at C & P Coffee “How to creatively improve the quality of life for ourselves, our loved ones and our community?” Register, and preview the “questions for reflection,” online.

Why West Seattle’s Hotwire Coffee is doubling as a TV studio today

Hotwire Online Coffeehouse (WSB sponsor) proprietor Lora Lewis is pulling an all-nighter right now – not because she, oh, say, drank too much of her own product, but because she’s got a shop full of special guests:

Those are a few members of the video crew that chose Hotwire as the backdrop for what’s known as a “satellite media tour” – here’s the uplink truck parked in the Hotwire courtyard to facilitate the “satellite” part of the phrase:

So what’s the occasion? On behalf of Norton from Symantec, Los Angeles-based “Internet safety advocate” Marian Merritt will be doing three dozen live interviews with TV stations around the country – including Q13 here in Seattle – to talk about the “Top 10 Riskiest Online Cities” list the company just released. Just so happens, Seattle tops the list. So why do the interviews from Hotwire? A producer explained, “We found them online!” (Of course.) Anyway, they’ve got interviews booked starting at 3:10 am our time and continuing up till 9 am, overlapping with Hotwire operating hours (which start at 6:30 am) – so when you drop by for coffee this morning (maybe a Peeps beverage?) don’t mind the TV crew. And be kind to Lora; she’s been at the shop just after midnight, when the crew needed to start setting up – even on the patio:

(next photo added 9:40 am – the producer with the info sheet as they prepared for the Q13 interview)

P.S. As of this writing, we can’t find Symantec’s “riskiest cities” list online … but the producer gave us a printout, so read on if you’re interested (PLUS, added 11:36 am, our video interview with Lora as this all wrapped up):Read More