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Junction restaurant opens: Table 35 “friends and family” night

(Trumpeter David George and jazz pianist Tony Mamón perform at tonight’s soft open of Table 35)
Story, video and photos by Mary Sheely
Reporting for West Seattle Blog

The frenzied last week of preparation has ended, and it’s the friends and family of Table 35, the Junction restaurant that officially opens tomorrow morning, who are reaping the benefits tonight.

They attended the “soft open,” a private party that brought out extended family plus friends who used to frequent the Faour brothers’ previous restaurant, Salute of Bellevue. Patrons are enjoying live music from trumpeter David George and jazz pianist Tony Mamón as well as drinks and food from Table 35’s menu.

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West Seattle Christmas lights encore: Meet the presenters

On the left, the Helmstetlers, as in the Helmstetler Family Christmas Lights Extravaganza by the Charlestown water tower; at right, Jim Winder, the designer/programmer (see the lights/synched music videos here). We dropped in to talk with them for a moment (sorry about the pink/orange tone) while they presented tonight’s encore mentioned earlier for a family whose Christmas timing was off because of a loved one heading to Afghanistan. (Pouring rain kept that family viewing in their car, so we didn’t get to talk with them. We may get to see a video later with the special music Jim programmed for the occasion.) As you can hear in the brief interview, they’re already talking about next year! (Jim’s trying to expand his computer capabilities to handle more info next year.) But first – when the weather dries out, the lights finally come down.

Next week: Learn about early literacy in Fauntleroy

January 8, 2010 7:26 pm
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An announcement to share tonight from Fauntleroy Children’s Center at the old schoolhouse:

There will be a parent meeting on Early Literacy at the Fauntleroy Children’s Center on Wednesday, January 13th from 6-7 pm. This meeting is open to the public and free of charge.

Librarian and Early Childhood Specialist, Robin Rousu will be the guest speaker. The Fauntleroy Children’s Center is located in the north wing of the (former) Fauntleroy Elementary School building at 9131 California Avenue SW. The meeting will be held in the Satellite classroom (#12). Child care is available with advance registration. Call 932-9590 or e-mail

Live in Admiral? Here’s a message, with an invitation

admiralogo.jpgNew Admiral Neighborhood Association president Katy Walum sent this message to the ANA Yahoo! mailing list this morning, looking ahead to not just her tenure but in the short run, next Tuesday’s meeting. We asked if we could republish it here, for any Admiral residents who might not already follow that list (which you can read, and/or subscribe to, by going here):

Hello! My name is Katy Walum, and I am your 2010 Admiral Neighborhood Association President. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to lead this dynamic and dedicated organization into a new decade. I am joined by a stellar board of individuals; Jim Cavin as Vice President, Catherine Barker as Secretary, and Ann Limbaugh as Treasurer. We have met and begun planning for the coming year; our principal goal is to engage Admiral residents more fully in the life of this neighborhood. This means YOU, and I want you to know what is in the works for your Admiral Neighborhood Association.

As ANA President, I will focus on three main areas: Stewardship and Implementation of the Neighborhood Plan, Coalition-Building, and Community Outreach and Events.

First, it is vital to me that our Neighborhood Plan, thoughtfully and meticulously crafted by long-time Admiral residents for the preservation of the character of our neighborhood, gain teeth in the development planning process. I will draw upon my experience as an attorney and community activist to partner with local government entities and representatives to ensure that our community’s plan for managing growth be honored by key decision-makers.

Second, I will work as President to build and foster coalitions to strengthen this neighborhood and to enable the ANA to become a better community resource. Building upon our valuable existing links to the Southwest District Council and other neighborhood groups, I plan on seeking the input and active participation of Admiral District business owners, of area law enforcement, and of other neighborhood and charity organizations. The more voices and backgrounds we have coming to the table, the more constructive an experience this will be for all!

Finally, I would like the ANA to participate in or put on more community events. Not only do these events, such as the Neighborhood Cleanup days and the Hiawatha Summer Concert Series, serve to bring Admiral neighbors together in honor and celebration of our community, but they also gain greater visibility for our organization and cultivate greater involvement. I am already planning for greater ANA involvement in community events, such as the annual Admiral 4th of July Kids’ Parade, and I would like to explore your event ideas as well.

Now that I’ve told you about the direction I hope to steer this ship, I need you to come and help plan and execute the trip! I cordially invite you to attend our upcoming meetings to share your hopes and visions for Admiral.

We meet on the second Tuesday of each month, 7 pm to about 9 pm, in the basement of the Admiral Congregational UCC Church, 4320 SW Hill Street (on the corner of Hill and California ). Our meetings are open to the public. I will post past and upcoming meeting agendas, minutes, and other pertinent information on our Yahoo Groups web page. Please contact me with any proposed agenda items or presenters; I will be sending out the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting in the next couple of days.

I very much look forward to working with all of you. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. Together we will shape a stronger Admiral neighborhood!

Best regards,

Katy Walum
President, Admiral Neighborhood Association

More traffic information coming to 99, including The Viaduct

Announcement this afternoon from WSDOT – regarding some of the work you may be seeing along 99 and The Bridge (the city’s working on part of this system too) – read on:Read More

Update on tonight’s Christmas light show encore

January 8, 2010 2:43 pm
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Heard again from Jim, designer of the 3908 SW Charlestown light show. Turns out the encore tonight is in honor of a soldier who’s departing, not returning. Monica at picked up the story this afternoon and found the family – she tells their story here. (Show’s still on, 5:30 pm, and you’re still invited.)

West Seattle police: High-level change at Southwest Precinct

The Southwest Precinct‘s second-in-command, Lt. Steve Paulsen, is heading east. Precinct Captain Joe Kessler made the announcement at last night’s Precinct CItizens Advisory Council meeting: Lt. Paulsen (10/09 photo at right) is joining the downtown-based West Precinct in March; current second-watch commander Lt. Norm James will take over the Southwest Precinct Operations role; and Lt. Ron Rasmussen will come to West Seattle to fill the resulting second-watch (morning/afternoon) vacancy. Capt. Kessler tells WSB this isn’t the result of any sort of shakeup – there’s been a vacancy at the West Precinct, and Lt. Paulsen seems right for the job, not only because he spent four years as a watch commander there before, but also because he has a deep background in the kind of logistics experience you need in that area, with special events – from parades to protests – requiring strategic staffing and protection plans. Though Lt. James will take over the Operations role shortly and Lt. Rasmussen arrives next week, Capt. Kessler says Lt. Paulsen won’t be leaving the SW Precinct immediately – he’s there until early March “helping with the transition and doing special project work.” He adds that he’s worked before with Lt. Rasmussen, who has been working most recently at headquarters downtown, focused on special projects such as the Neighborhood Policing Plan. What does all this mean to you? Probably not much – but since Lt. Paulsen has been a highly public face of the precinct, attending meetings and providing information for many of the stories we check out, we thought you’d want to know. Thanks to Pete Spalding, who leads the Precinct Citizens Advisory Council, for first word of last night’s announcement; Capt. Kessler mentioned another bit of news from last night’s meeting – 34th District Democrats chair Tim Nuse attended to present him with a card and letter thanking local police for their service – the captain says that was “heartwarming.”

Next public meeting at the precinct is a week and a half away – West Seattle Crime Prevention Council at 7 pm Tuesday, Jan. 19 – if you’re got questions about the precinct changes, including not only this but also the city-attorney change we reported earlier this week (followup still in the works), be there!

West Seattle Weekend Lineup: Hunka hunka burnin’ fun

It’s not happening in West Seattle – but that’s a West Seattleite, Bret Wiggins, channeling Elvis again this year (the video’s from last year) in the Seattle Invitationals competition for Elvis stylists – happening tonight in SODO, on The King’s birthday (he would have been 75). 8 pm at Club Motor, 1950 First Avenue South. (Advance-ticket discount – go here.) Comedy as well as 20+ “Elvis artists.” Now, segueing to something sort of related to Elvis’s hometown …

That’s a 2008 YouTube clip of Memphis Radio Kings in Ballard — you can see them in West Seattle tomorrow night at Skylark Cafe and Club (WSB’s Weekend Lineup sponsor). Also tonight, tomorrow night AND two weekend matinees, it’s “Amahl and the Night Visitors” (COUPON! for 20% off adult admission) – Sunday there’s free yoga from SoundYoga (WSB sponsor) – tonight a luau at Redline Music and Sports; tomorrow, new Junction restaurant Table 35 opens. Note that Marination Mobile will NOT be in High Point tomorrow. And this weekend is your last chance to recycle your Christmas tree for free through the city. More than 40 events/activities in all:Read More

New school assignment plan: Meeting tonight in High Point

Late word of this just in from Catherine Verrenti at Neighborhood House – there’s a meeting at 7 tonight at the High Point Family Center on the new Student Assignment Plan and the changes that it’s bringing for local kids attending Seattle Public Schools. This meeting will be focused mostly on High Point families’ concerns about their school option, including the academic performance of students at West Seattle Elementary. She says this is a followup to a forum before Christmas, where participants asked for access to decisionmakers, which is why at least two district officials are expected to be there along with School Board members Steve Sundquist and Harium Martin-Morris. The Family Center is at 6400 Sylvan Way (map), and the event will run from 7 till 9 pm. (Side note on the assignment plan and related issues: The district just sent an official notice today about the list of Open Houses coming up at all schools. We featured this list in yesterday’s report about the Wednesday school board meeting, but if you missed the link, here it is again – and we’ve added it atop the WSB Events page if you need to find it quickly in the future.)

How Spokane Street Viaduct ramp closures will affect Metro

(Click to see full-size project-overview graphic on SDOT website)
Since our report two days ago about the impending ramp closures related to the Spokane Street Viaduct Widening Project (that’s the section of The Bridge between 99 and I-5), we’ve been following up on WSB’ers questions regarding how this will affect Metro Transit routing. King County Department of Transportation has an update in this news release:

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is beginning the next phase of widening the South Spokane Street Viaduct on Jan. 22, and this phase should have minimal disruptions for King County Metro Transit customers.

As SDOT begins renovations on the 60-year-old elevated roadway that connects Interstate 5 to the West Seattle Bridge, there could be increased traffic congestion which could delay bus travel – but no transit reroutes will be necessary at this time.

What else? Read on:Read More

Future Fauntleroy fish: Special delivery for West Seattle schools

(West Seattle Elementary fifth-grader Precious Manning pours coho eggs into an iodine bath to disinfect them before putting them in the school’s aquarium)
By Judy Pickens
Special to West Seattle Blog

Youngsters at eight West Seattle elementary schools, plus the Fauntleroy Children’s Center, will soon be the proud parents of 1,850 baby salmon destined for Fauntleroy Creek.

Volunteers Phil Sweetland and Judy Pickens delivered that many eggs on Jan. 6 to students eager to start the process. The state’s Soos Creek Hatchery provided the coho eggs for the Salmon in the Classroom program, which enables students to learn about the development and habitat needs of our Northwest’s iconic fish. The eyed eggs will hatch in just a few days and, if all goes well, robust fry will be ready for release in May.

These fry will join 500 additional ones being raised by volunteer Jack Lawless for preschoolers and others who don’t have their own fish to release (allotted on a first-come basis). Also, monitoring will start soon in the lower creek to see how many “home hatch” resulted from eggs left in November by 18 spawners.

Editor’s note: You can peek at Fauntleroy Creek any time by visiting the overlook across the street (and upslope) from Fauntleroy ferry terminal (map).

West Seattle Christmas lights encore tonight … for a soldier’s family

Blue Christmas – Elvis Presley from Jim Winder on Vimeo.

It was something of a “Blue Christmas” for a local family awaiting a loved one’s homecoming from Afghanistan. But tonight – according to Jim Winder, who engineered the popular synched-to-music Christmas light show at the Helmstetler Family residence across from the Charlestown water tower – that family will celebrate belatedly. You’re welcome to be there too. Jim first told us about this a few days ago:

The other night the Helmstetlers had a lady come knock on their door and asked how much longer we were going to do the light show. They said it was pretty much over…until she explained that (I believe) one of her children was coming back from Afghanistan and she had told them all about the light show and wondered if it would still be running this week.

Then very early this morning, Jim sent word that the family had heard again from the woman and made a plan to present a special edition of the show at 5:30 tonight. Jim says, “We’ll have two new songs…just for the soldier. I’ll Be Home for Christmas by Josh Groban and American Soldier by Toby Keith.” And he reaffirms that you are welcome to be there, too. The house is right across from the water tower on Charlestown – the synchronized music is not blasted via speakers, but rather broadcast on 101.9 FM and receivable via radio in the immediate vicinity – 3908 SW Charlestown; here’s a map.

West Seattle Crime Watch: “We … learned the hard way”

If you think you can leave something of value in your car, maybe because it’s someplace so visible thieves wouldn’t dare try anything, consider the lesson AJ and fiancé just learned. AJ, who’s in the 7500 block of 34th SW (map), shared this note sent to neighbors late last night.

Just wanted to alert you that my fiancé’s car was broken into tonight. We aren’t sure when the exact incident happened but we estimate somewhere around 10- 11pm. His car was parked right in front of our house and the burglars broke in from the street side (his passenger side of the car). They rummaged through his glove compartment before grabbing his book bag (that had his Mac book in it.) Worst part was, we were sitting right in our living room when this happened. Please keep an eye out for your valuables, as we unfortunately learned the hard way.