Election 2009: McGinn still in the Seattle mayoral race lead

ORIGINAL 3:46 PM REPORT: The county has said that today’s results will be out at/around 4:30 pm – but sometimes they’re early – so here’s the link in case you want to keep checking. The Seattle Mayor’s race is of course the one that’s too close to call – so here’s the direct link to where you’ll see those results. On a statewide level, Referendum 71 is also close – the latest result update is from less than an hour ago – “yes” is still ahead – see the numbers here. 4:35 PM UPDATE: Results are out. McGinn still leads but it’s narrower – fewer than 500 votes. Referendum 71 has picked up a wider “yes” margin – now it’s more like 52 percent yes, 48 percent no. 5:38 PM UPDATE: In the King County Executive’s race, which is now Dow Constantine 58%, Susan Hutchison 42%, she finally conceded this afternoon, issuing a statement that reads in part:

Although we are encouraged to see tens of thousands of additional votes in our favor this afternoon, we are certain the final outcome in this race will remain the same. This afternoon I called my opponent, Dow Constantine, to congratulate him on his election to King County Executive. Because the new Executive has only a few weeks until taking office, I want him to be able to move forward quickly to accomplish an orderly transition.

Because he’s filling the remaining few months of Ron Sims‘ unfinished term, Constantine will be sworn in once the election’s certified. (Then our area will need a new King County Councilmember.) 6:35 PM: A couple more updates – Constantine’s starting to name his transition team, and it will include West Seattle-residing Deputy Mayor Tim Ceis, according to this Times report; McGinn’s only comment this afternoon has been a short statement that they’re just waiting and watching the returns – he’s taking two days off to spend with his family and won’t be doing interviews again till Friday, according to the statement.

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  • Steph November 4, 2009 (4:08 pm)

    I wish it wouldn’t take so long to get the results. This seems like a step back from what we were doing. Didn’t we change to mail-in to make it better?

    I am not too happy the margin of ‘yes’ to 71 is not larger. I am feeling cranky. My partner shouldn’t have to have rights to take care of me voted on by people. Wrong.

  • wseye November 4, 2009 (4:47 pm)

    Note that the total number of registered voters counted now only stands at 29.29%, which is only 5% more than it was yesterday. Estimates for the final number are in the mid 50’s%, so there are still lots of votes to count. We won’t know the result for a few days, maybe longer.

  • Living in West Seattle Since 1985 November 4, 2009 (4:58 pm)

    Congrats to the winners!!! Go West Seattle! Dow Now! seems to be in the bag! To the New Mayor (I am rooting for, Anti-Tunnel, McGinn)! & Ref 71 (People are People and should be treated the same)!

  • Smitty November 4, 2009 (5:19 pm)

    “Ref 71 (People are People and should be treated the same)!”

    What about NAMBLA?

    Just sayin’ you may draw the line at one place and others may draw it at another.

    (I voted yes, by the way).

  • zero-to-life in West Seattle November 4, 2009 (5:56 pm)

    I think the difference is both persons being adults. Last I heard nobody was recommending extending legal rights of coupledom to child partners. Seems like a different arguement to me. In my opinion any legal adult citizen of this country deserves equal rights. I am a married hetero and hopeful for Ref 71 passing.

  • ikahana November 4, 2009 (5:57 pm)

    Smitty, is NAMBLA or any of the tens of people involved in the organization fighting for the rights of two consenting adults to be recognized as a married couple? By your logic, is this marriage thing people want to protect about a man marrying a little girl?

    Glad you voted for it, but tossing out that NAMBLA comment was ridiculous.

  • ikahana November 4, 2009 (5:59 pm)

    Add me to the list of cranky folks who can’t stand the feeling of my so called “peers” voting on my right to be a full equal citizen. Really glad to hear that 71 is ahead and thankful for all the people who supported it. Hope I don’t run into the other 49% in the next 48 hours or so while my ire is up.

  • six November 4, 2009 (6:12 pm)

    Ikahana, take a drive outside of king county and you’re likely to run into a few of them.

  • ikahana November 4, 2009 (6:35 pm)

    six – I know. I am NOT going to be heading over to Eastern Washington anytime soon. I won’t be leaving Seattle period for the next few days. If it wasn’t for my job, I’d just stay in West Seattle with the groovy people. Don’t have any plans after that, but hopefully I will have calmed down enough to go hiking next Spring.

  • JamminJ November 4, 2009 (6:47 pm)

    just amazed that we can write legislation to purposely discriminate against people.

  • ln8r November 4, 2009 (8:12 pm)

    Someday we will look back and be amazed that equal rights for all was even an issue. Don’t lose hope!

  • Steph November 5, 2009 (12:18 pm)

    Smitty, don’t even dare to lump us with NAMBLA. You sound just like the idiots that are against us. The ones saying “what about polygamist marriages” or (I love this one) “what about people who want to marry animals”. Gawd.

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