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Update: School board approves attendance maps, with few tweaks

The Seattle School Board has finally voted late tonight on the attendance maps that are a key component of the new Student Assignment Plan, and for West Seattle, it went along the path that local board rep Steve Sundquist had outlined at his meeting this morning (WSB coverage here) — no major map changes for West Seattle, just a couple of tweaks, but he reiterated that he wants to look into possible “rule changes” including making Gatewood, West Seattle and Sanislo Elementaries “dual feeder” schools whose families could choose to follow the north (WSHS/Madison MS) or south (Chief Sealth/Denny IMS) track. The maps ultimately passed unanimously; we expect word late tonight or early tomorrow on when the maps will reflect tonight’s amendments. 12:27 AM UPDATE: Word from the district is that the maps will be updated “by next week.” They’ve just issued the official news release detailing tonight’s vote and other action – read on:Read More

West Seattle Crime Watch: Car keyed; robbery suspects charged

First, a quick CW report from Nicole:

I read the West Seattle Crime (Watch) frequently since our home was burglarized back in August. Wanted to report that our SUV was vandalized night of November 16 — someone keyed along the entire length of the car. It was parked on the street on 41 between Dakota and Andover. This just continues the disturbing trend of property theft and damage that our neighborhood is experiencing.

Second, a quick followup on last Thursday’s arrest of four teenagers who are believed to be linked to West Seattle/White Center convenience-store robberies as well as the Rainier Valley robbery after which they were arrested. All are now charged – only in connection with that robbery, so far – the three 16-year-olds are charged as adults, the 13-year-old as a juvenile. We will continue to watch the case to see what happens as they move through the system, including whether they are charged in the local holdups.

Can you help Rob avoid a rabies shot?

Out of the WSB inbox – a request for help, from Rob:

I was hoping that you could help me in our search for the owner of a dog that was on leash outside Prost on California Ave on Monday, November 16th at around 5:45 pm. At about this time, I was bitten on the face by this dog and ended up in the emergency room with severe lacerations to my upper and lower lips.

It is required that hospitals report all dog bites to King County Health, who called me this morning and told me that if I wasn’t able to locate the dog and the owner, they would recommend that I get a rabies vaccination. The treatment would be painful and I would like to avoid this if at all possible. I need to find the owner to obtain some information that would allow me to avoid any more pain.

Rob’s story continues – read on:Read More

Seats for sale! Chief Sealth renovation “recycling”

If you ever went to a play, a concert or an assembly in the Chief Sealth High School auditorium – you’ll remember these seats. They’re being replaced as part of the renovation project that’s in its home stretch. Second Use Building Materials shared the photo with news that it salvaged the 600 (or so) seats for reuse, and that they’re now for sale – you can even just buy one (here’s a sample page from the Second Use website). Says the announcement from Second Use, “These seats are great for adding a bit of flair or history to home design projects, business settings, or even classrooms.” For information about the material or the salvage project, you can contact Patrick Burningham at 206-510-8272 or

West Seattle Weather Watch: No, not a sign of things to come

The snowplow we saw at 35th/Morgan today must just have been SDOT on more test runs, because there is nothing even resembling snow in our forecast any time soon. Another round of wind is on the way, though, with an official wind advisory in effect till 1 am; the current forecast isn’t calling for anything above 40 mph.

Last call for West Seattle Volunteer Recognition nominees!

November 18, 2009 3:19 pm
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trophy.jpgThanks to everyone who has nominated someone (some have nominated more than one!) for the next round of West Seattle Volunteer Recognition, sponsored by the Delridge District Council (which meets tonight! 7 pm at Youngstown), Southwest District Council and WSB. Today’s the deadline – so we’re issuing one more call for you to throw a name into the ring, one of those many, many West Seattleites who works so hard for nothing more than maybe the occasional “thank you” in exchange. Give ’em the chance to get big public kudos and a hearty round of applause at the West Seattle Community Tree Lighting in The Junction on December 5th. Online nomination form is here; more details here.

Update: “Derelict housing” bill passes City Council committee

(Photo from April tour of problem spots in the Delridge neighborhood)
We reported here yesterday on two measures going to Seattle City Council committees this week, both providing potential tools for problems like the ones viewed on the North Delridge tour joined by those committee’s chairs last April. The proposals have both been approved by those committees – today’s action on the “derelict housing” bill was reported by Councilmember Sally Clark herself, in comments on yesterday’s story:

PLUNC just approved the derelict housing legislation. It will go to the Full Council (Dec. 7). The North Delridge tour was a great motivator. It gave us great examples of where the policy change could make a difference. Thanks!

During the April tour, many participants were surprised to hear that city rules kept many rundown structures from being demolished before there was a plan to replace them; it was suggested that an empty lot might be safer. City leaders explained there had been a fear at one point that the city’s “affordable housing” stock might be depleted too rapidly if that sort of demolition had been allowed to run rampant. Meantime, here’s a news release sent by council staff about both votes – read on:Read More

Before school-map vote, West Seattle board member unveils plan

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

With hours to go until the Seattle School Board votes on attendance-area maps as part of its new neighborhood-based Student Assignment Plan, West Seattle’s board rep laid his cards on the table during a meeting this morning at Delridge Library.

Steve Sundquist told the 20 people who turned out to make their cases that he is not inclined to propose major map changes to remedy potential problems — but he does have a few ideas on other ways to fix them. (There was one small map quirk he addressed at the start of the meeting, involving four homes “on a cliff” at the far south end of California SW, saying he thought he’d have an amendment ready to fix that.)

Read More

Triangle tour: Councilmember Rasmussen joins Fairmount neighbors

With almost $40,000 in the city budget to work on planning for what many consider the gateway to West Seattle, the Triangle area, leaders of the nearby Fairmount Community Association continue to work to make sure key players get a firsthand look at the area as it stands now. Four weeks after showing city planner Robert Scully around the area, Fairmount reps (from left in top photo) Nancy Driver, Joan Jeffrey and Sharonn Meeks hosted City Councilmember Tom Rasmussen this morning. He’s been involved in many of the discussions to date, but acknowledged during the half-hour tour that you get a different perspective while walking around. One corridor pointed out, the street that many walk from the homes around Providence Mount St. Vincent to the east, all the way down to the West Seattle Family YMCA (WSB sponsor) in the background of the photo:

Go all the way down 37th to Fauntleroy, and you’ll meet Seung, who recently opened 37th Shoe Repair:

Rasmussen took interest in the recent commercial developments opening in the area, which also includes Cycle U in a former Huling building on the Triangle’s west edge, and the SW Alaska storefront where Alki Kayak Tours is about to open Mountain to Sound Outfitters:

Fairmount’s concern is to make sure there’s an open public process involved with drawing up a vision for The Triangle before too much more piecemeal development happens; they’d like to see an independent urban designer involved, while the city currently is only funding staff time. Rasmussen also advised reaching out to as many local businesses as possible – from the large, like Alki Lumber, to the small, like the new shoe-repair shop, and observed so many spots along the Triangle’s streets that could be brightened with a little landscaping here, a little removal of broken pavement there. We’ll keep tracking the process.

Madison Middle School chosen “School of Distinction” again

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From Nina Chambers at Madison Middle School – they want to make sure everyone’s heard about this honor they received this fall:

Madison Middle School scores 2 years running as School of Distinction! Madison Middle School is one of “10 [district] schools … recognized by PDK-WA , in collaboration with the Center for Educational Effectiveness, for sustained improvement as measured by seven years of WASL test scores. Specifically, they are among the top 5 percent of schools making the greatest improvements in student achievement on the WASL,” writes Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson (Classroom Connection, Nov 17, 2009.)

Madison was awarded School of Distinction by OSPI in 2007-2008, and is a 2008-2009 Great School awardee (“Great Schools — Great Teachers — Great Leaders”) as the award title changed & sponsorship was assumed by Center for Educational Effectiveness/PDK this past year. We are proud of Madison Middle School’s students, teachers & their record of academic excellence! Go Bulldogs!

Junction traffic camera goes up – but won’t be on for a while

Six months after news of three new traffic cameras on the way to West Seattle (here’s our May story), installation is under way – but don’t expect to see the images immediately. We took the photo at left while driving through The Junction on Monday; Marybeth Turner with SDOT confirmed late yesterday that the contractor, Signal Electric, was installing a pole and camera. She added, “The contractor expects to complete the installation of this camera this week. We expect the camera will go live in March 2010. Cameras are not being turned on one at a time — the contractor will complete the various elements in the expanded system, test and coordinate them, and will turn them on all at once.” That expanded system also is scheduled to include a camera at 42nd/Alaska and one near the Fauntleroy ferry dock. Current cameras citywide are linked here (we’re still checking on when the West Seattle Bridge cameras will be working again).

Today/tonight: School maps, creek help, Delridge Council, more

November 18, 2009 7:09 am
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SCHOOLS: 10 am, Steve Sundquist, West Seattle’s rep on the school board, is at Delridge Library for a community chat bound to be dominated by the proposed school-attendance maps the board will vote on tonight (6 pm, district HQ in SODO).

WATER: Could reclaimed wastewater mean a brighter future for West Seattle’s Puget Creek and other local natural areas? The project manager of the county’s Reclaimed Water Program will be at Sanislo Elementary‘s library at 7 pm to give an overview of the county’s plans to improve wastewater treatment, and what that could mean for the local ecology. (As noted on the Sustainable West Seattle website, neighbors at the meeting also will talk about a possible Puget Ridge pocket park.)

DELRIDGE DISTRICT COUNCIL: Come hear what community groups from around eastern West Seattle are up to, and see which neighborhood-traffic-related projects are being reviewed for a potential share of city funding – 7 pm, Youngstown Arts Center.

THE BIRTHDAY THAT KEEPS ON GIVING: It’s the 10th “39th Birthday Party” and fundraiser for King County Executive-elect Dow Constantine, this time with another momentous occasion less than a week away (his swearing-in next Tuesday). 5:30 pm, Kell’s Irish Pub downtown.

NO NEED TO PLAY ALONE: Alki Community Center invites you to Family Game Night tonight – board, video and challenge games. 6:30-8:30 pm ($5 activity fee).

Even more on the WSB Events calendar!