Update: City Council OK’s Restricted Parking Zone changes

From the Seattle PostGlobe online citywide-news site: City councilmembers have approved changes in the Restricted Parking Zone rules. The amended proposal preserves the right for neighborhoods to petition for RPZ consideration. Read the PostGlobe story here. (Fauntleroy is currently the only West Seattle neighborhood with RPZ.)

3 Replies to "Update: City Council OK's Restricted Parking Zone changes"

  • fiz June 8, 2009 (9:44 pm)

    I could support the City’s restricted zones –IF — it did not charge me $45 to park in front of my home.

  • Frugal Nulu June 9, 2009 (8:49 am)

    The $45 is not to allow you to park in front of your home.
    Rather it is to keep the street empty of parked cars…just look at Fauntleroy.
    Save your $45 and park in your garage.
    Or pay $45 to store your car on the empty street year round like so many others do.

  • Courtney June 9, 2009 (9:32 pm)

    I live in a mixed use building right at heart of junction and I carpool – I would LOVE to pay a yearly $45 to be able to park my car near my home while I’m at work and not have to jockey constantly nightly to get into one of the few free spots around so that I can ride in my carpool the following day. I’d rather pay a fee than get parking meters on all the streets!

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