Police responding to trouble spots around Alki, Admiral tonight

We’ve mentioned this on Twitter (where we sometimes post short bursts — police scanner traffic, etc. – that may never become full WSB stories) and been asked about it on Facebook, so it seems like it’s now worth a note here too: Police have responded to several trouble reports tonight on Alki and Schmitz Park; one of the Alki cases reportedly involved teenagers beating up at least one other teen, and there was also a report of some teens getting pepper-sprayed, with two of them turning up in Starbucks. No serious injuries that we have heard of so far but if this is any relation to the end of school, police did say at the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting earlier this week that they had a plan not only for campus today, but for gathering spots tonight. Still, they’ve said it frequently – if you see anything that looks like trouble brewing, call 911.

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  • AD June 19, 2009 (10:22 pm)

    The non-emergent line is busy and you have to wait a long time to get a hold of someone..I now wish I would have called 911 seeing that these groups of teens are “brewing trouble.” I just called about a large group of teens drinking infront of my house above Me-Kwa-Mooks. I hope hope hope the driver is not drinking. Unfortunantly, by the time the police show up, I’m sure they will be gone. This is what happens nearly everytime we call about drinking, drugs, loud public sex infront of our house…

  • living in west seattle since 1985 June 19, 2009 (10:45 pm)

    yikes, Summer is here!

  • living in west seattle since 1985 June 19, 2009 (10:56 pm)

    I was down on Alki around 4:30 or 5 pm and there were already a lot of small groups of teens milling around. They were not causing any trouble at that point. They were just going to the Alki Bakery or grabbing Starbucks. Some were over by the water, talking and laughing. No one seemed to be brewing any trouble. When is it just “hanging out” vs. “trouble brewing” ? Honestly, I can’t tell what is going on until the trouble is already boiling over.

  • SC June 19, 2009 (11:59 pm)

    They seem to congregate at the opening of Schmitz Park in large groups…mostly of 50 or more–lots of underage drinking, smoking and fighting (and some just out having a good time not participating in anything illegal or unruly). I live a few houses away; I’m not sure how the folks who live in those houses deal with it. It gets pretty crazy on that side street at the opening of Scmitz Park.

    Tonight, that’s where all the kids congregated after they beat up the girl in front of Alki Shores. It was a scary scene and hearing them brag about beating her up was frightening. Thankfully, the police came not too long after and broke up the group, for a few minutes anyway.

  • Cami June 20, 2009 (6:47 am)

    This is the case on the last day of school, EVERY YEAR. Just mark your calendars and expect it.

  • JH June 20, 2009 (8:28 am)

    My teenager was down there after school with a group of WSHS friends, innocently hanging out at a bonfire. I wasn’t worried about them-just worried about the other groups of teens. Glad I made her leave by 8PM!

  • sarelly June 20, 2009 (11:50 am)

    I would be more concerned about activities in the woods at Schmitz Park than what’s out in the open on Alki Beach Drive. On the other hand, someone did just get shot down there. But beating a kid up takes more time, and thus more privacy.

  • living in west seattle since 1985 June 20, 2009 (12:23 pm)

    The beating yesterday and the shooting were BOTH out in the open on Alki. Its worrying to think of our family friendly beach having so many issues these days! The children are just getting too much freedom! Good Job to the mom who asked her kid to come home by 8pm!

  • thejunctionhobo June 20, 2009 (4:50 pm)

    How about the Lincoln Park area. There’s been a lot of punk action by the 76 station going on lately on the weekends.

  • JH June 21, 2009 (12:55 am)

    Thanks Living! Of course, the memories of my high school days down at Alki were fresh in my head…hahaha

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