So where DID Lily get her steak?

The WSB Twitter page is a snapshot at any given time of the most recent Twitter messages – “tweets” – from anyone anywhere mentioning West Seattle. We check it often because it offers WS tips and trivia beyond the people we get to interact with via the @westseattleblog Twitter stream. Interesting group of tweets at the moment – singer Lily Allen is still in Seattle after her Showbox show last night and put out a question a few hours ago to her 125,000+ Twitter “followers” – “Where’s good for steak in Seattle?” Among the replies, our WS-specific Twitter sampling shows, four people quickly recommended JaK‘s in The Junction (and this search shows a few more). Lily then tweeted an hour later “Bout to get my meat on” – no word yet (even via Twitter) whether she did that here.

3 Replies to "So where DID Lily get her steak?"

  • Voodoo April 8, 2009 (7:10 am)

    I still don’t understand Twitter and really don’t use it much. Not many of my friends do, either, which may be part of the problem. Of the people I follow, the only ones who tweet are news outlets, corporations, and people with a blog or business to promote.

  • WSB April 8, 2009 (7:13 am)

    It’s definitely not as widely adopted as Facebook, but it’s a great place to hear about, or report, events first. Took us quite a few months before we finally figured out the rhythm of it, though – TR

  • John April 8, 2009 (8:22 am)

    When I read tweets, I think of Twitter as a big RSS feed reader for all of the blogs that I would like to follow, and more. When I post tweets, I’m using it mostly for PR (I do have a business that I’m promoting) with occasional personal musings (some of which may be of interest to our customers/fans, others just for fun). I think “the kids” use it more for a widespread text message to their friends about what they are doing or where the party is, which doesn’t have as much appeal to “adults”.

    I use Facebook more for personal stuff, reconnecting with friends, etc., and it doesn’t feel as appropriate to do PR stuff there (although with the new way business pages work it might be better).

    They both are highly addictive and a major time suck.

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