Arbor Heights Elementary delivers for Earth Day Groceries Project

While observances have been under way for days, even weeks, tomorrow is the official Earth Day – and since April 22 is the original date of Arbor Day, it seems fitting that Arbor Heights Elementary School launched, and is continuing, what is now a 17-year tradition. We just caught up with Mark Ahlness and his third-graders outside Roxbury Safeway, delivering reusable bags decorated by AH students as part of a worldwide event he founded. As Mark explains, “The store will be bagging groceries with the beautifully decorated bags on Earth Day. This is the 17th consecutive year Arbor Heights has partnered with our Safeway (it used to be at 35th/Roxbury) in this activity. The Earth Day Groceries Project began at Arbor Heights in 1994. One of the oldest/largest educational activities on the Internet, it’s at” Mark says you can also find the Earth Day Groceries Project on Facebook (here) and Flickr (here). Check out the Facebook page – you’ll see notes from not just participants across the country, but even in other countries – and it all started here in West Seattle!

ADDED TUESDAY NIGHT: Two more photos – these are from Mark – first, the presentation of the bags (274 in all!) to Safeway manager Alex:

And this one is captioned “Mr. A’s bag, and its inspiration”:

P.S. — 2 other Earth Day West Seattle grocery-bag notes: West Seattle Thriftway will put all your groceries in reusable bags tomorrow (more details here) … Metropolitan Market will kick off an April 22-May 5 promotion – buy one reusable ReBag for $1, get a second one free.

4 Replies to "Arbor Heights Elementary delivers for Earth Day Groceries Project"

  • GAL April 21, 2009 (7:23 pm)

    Mark Ahlness is my hero! Arbor Heights, the kids, and the community is lucky to have him!

  • Pam April 21, 2009 (8:10 pm)

    I ditto that opinion of Mark. The opportunities his students over the years have had because of him – priceless.

    (Mrs Rogers)

  • Mark Ahlness April 22, 2009 (9:35 pm)

    Thanks so much for covering our event! Apologies for putting out inaccurate info earlier – Arbor Heights actually decorated 297 grocery bags for Earth Day! – Mark

  • Tori May 12, 2009 (12:39 pm)

    My son is in Mark’s class, his commitment to the environment and to teaching kids about technology has inspired hundreds of kids to dream of futures beyond the shabby walls of a crumbling older school building. I hope that he continues to keep up his fine work as a teaching icon in our community!

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