Junction Plaza Park updates: New website, more pledges

Quick update from the Junction Neighborhood Organization meeting that’s under way right now: A new website for the project has just gone live – you can see it at friendsofjunctionplazapark.org. That’s where you can get the forms to pledge volunteer time, which is the big push right now – JuNO president Erica Karlovits, who’s co-chairing Friends of Junction Plaza Park, says the first West Seattle Farmers’ Market tabling this past Sunday collected “two pages of volunteer pledges.” They’re trying to gather as many pledges as possible before the early April deadline to apply for a city $100,000 Neighborhood Matching Fund grant to apply toward the $350,000 cost of finishing the park (on the northwest corner of Alaska/42nd in The Junction). Susan Melrose of the West Seattle Junction Association is here too and says that if fundraising and all else goes well this year, construction could start early next year.

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  • No Change Nulu March 10, 2009 (8:17 pm)

    Looking for some North Admiral Gray Panthers for NO CHANGE.
    Not one shovel of dirt different.
    I’ll be standing there tomorrow with my “NO CHANGE” sign and gathering signatures to keep this precious space in its current natural beauty.
    And looking forward to disrupting future design meetings.
    Have you received your gold leaf invitation/ meeting notice? Neither have I. And I regularly drive through the Junction. An outrage in process!

  • BB March 10, 2009 (8:52 pm)


  • BB March 10, 2009 (9:02 pm)

    Nulu… am I missing something? “Natural beauty”? How did you feel about the space when it was dirt/gravel/weeds with people parking cars on it? I’m hopeful you’ll have great weather for your protest tomorrow. I’ll be looking for you (but doubt you will be there for any length of time). Cheers….

  • WSB March 10, 2009 (9:16 pm)

    I believe we were visited by Satirist Nulu. At any rate, all but one design meeting has already happened — even before my time in the WS-specific news business — but there is still one left for all comers, date not yet set — TR

  • JimmyG March 11, 2009 (8:22 am)

    We walked by this patch of nothingness the day before yesterday and both my dogs made “donations”.

    Relax though–we picked up their leavings.

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