Update: California Place Park design workshop #2

ORIGINAL 10:44 AM UPDATE: The meeting room at Alki Community Center is standing-room only again as the second design workshop for the proposed California Place Park project (WSB coverage archived here, newest to oldest) gets under way. “Today is about concepts,” says landscape architect Karen Kiest as she begins her presentation of possible designs for potential improvements to the park. She has asked not to be interrupted (which she was last time). (15 minutes into the meeting, that’s only happened a couple times.) 11:12 AM UPDATE: Kiest has finished her presentation. The crowd stayed quiet and is now discussing the project in small groups. We have electronic copies of the four proposed options and will use them in our full report; here’s a PDF of what is being reviewed at the tables now, showing all four (plus a look at the “southern triangle” of SDOT-owned land that is southwest of the park and across Hill). 11:34 AM UPDATE: If you are near Alki Community Center you may see medics – someone is having chest pains in the lobby and 911 has been called. 12:04 PM UPDATE: The meeting ended at noon as scheduled. Much different than last time – no disruptions – tables had lots of suggestions and feedback – short round of applause at the very end. Most popular idea, reclaiming the northern section of the park parcel which apparently was paved over long ago and isn’t even currently recognizable as part of the park. Full story to come later. (We counted almost 100 people there, by the way, including two tables of very young kids working on art – also very quietly! – during the meeting.)

SATURDAY NIGHT NOTE: The full story is still in progress. Barring breaking news, will be done by 11 pm, likely sooner.

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  • Diane March 7, 2009 (2:37 pm)

    oh I am so happy to hear this meeting went well
    love the designs; really looking forward to full report

  • Ann Limbaugh March 7, 2009 (3:09 pm)

    Thanks to all of my neighbors who came out to the meeting to provide their input and especially to Karen Kiest and her team, Christine and Peter for creating several beautiful designs for the community. I’ll post follow up information for those who were not able to attend and would like to provide input.

    On another note, the gentleman with the chest pains was taken to the hospital. After a procedure to fix a collapsed stint, he should be just fine. A HUGE thank you to Anthony, the doctor who jumped in to help and the woman who provided the aspirin.

  • WSB March 7, 2009 (3:12 pm)

    Thanks for the update, Ann, I didn’t get to ask after the meeting if anyone knew how he was, and it was probably too soon to tell then anyway. Reminder that the site Ann mentions is the FANNA website, http://californiaplacepark.org
    more to come here too – TR

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