Update: Fire in North Admiral home, nobody hurt

ORIGINAL 2:17 PM POST: We’re en route to the “single-family residence” fire call in the 1400 block of 42nd SW (map). Scanner traffic just now indicates the fire is “tapped.” 2:39 PM UPDATE: The fire’s actually in the 1400 block of Palm, contrary to what the 911 log says. Firefighters tell WSB it appears to have started in or near a wall-mounted microwave oven in the kitchen, though nobody was home. There were some flames and lots of smoke, but it’s out now, and nobody’s hurt. ADDED 3:07 PM: The microwave:

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  • C.A. January 14, 2009 (2:38 pm)

    I drove past five cop cars, an ambulance and fire engine (around noon) parked on 36th & Dakota. Would’ve sent a message your way, but I didn’t have the info in my phone, and then became sidetracked. Hope whatever was going on, that everyone made it out safely.

  • Robert2715 January 14, 2009 (2:43 pm)

    From the 911 logs it looked like there were 14 vehicles on site – tis nice to live close the the Mayor! :-)

    A14 AIR9 B4 B7 DEP1 E29 E30 E32 E37 L11 L7 M32 SAFT2 STAF10

  • WSB January 14, 2009 (2:49 pm)

    Same huge callout is routinely sent to any single-family residence fire report. Most are usually pulled back as soon as the first unit arrives and says, not that big a deal. Example, small fire we covered late 1/3-early 1/4 in 5200 block of 18th SW:
    A14 AIR9 B5 B7 DEP1 E11 E13 E36 E37 L11 L7 M1 SAFT2 STAF10
    (archived log from that day:

  • glocson January 14, 2009 (2:59 pm)

    Ah, once again I can always depend on the WSB to tell me what happened. Robert2715, in this neighborhood you can always depend on quick response. Rich white people always are top priority……oh and the fire house is right down the street too.

  • rw January 14, 2009 (5:09 pm)

    “Rich white people always are top priority……oh and the fire house is right down the street too.”
    We have a fire house down the street on Hilltop too, but when our building had an apartment fire it took the 2 trucks 20 minutes to get here. Because what we don’t have is rich white people.

  • BarbG January 14, 2009 (5:55 pm)

    So RW & Robert are you saying that the fire department does a credit check before they send out fire trucks? Because I live in the Admiral area, but I am hardly a rich white person. So does that mean that a fire truck won’t come to me?

  • alki_2008 January 14, 2009 (11:25 pm)

    RW and glocson – then why did it take an inordinate amount of time for fire trucks to get to the fire at 56th/Alki (duplex w/water view) a few months ago. Plenty of “rich white people” there, right?

    Do you seriously believe that the emergency response teams base their response on neighborhood demographics? I’m hoping those were just sarcastic comments above.

  • MAS January 15, 2009 (10:24 am)

    Anyone that thinks emergency responders are checking the relative wealth of a neighborhood in Seattle before they head out doesn’t know any emergency responders in Seattle. Not only is it not the way they think, there wouldn’t be any REASON for it.

    As an interesting aside, emergency medical response in Seattle is among the fastest average times in the nation. You don’t get those numbers by picking and choosing who you race out to save.

    Oh, and BTW – most of them aren’t paid all that well, so they live in the non-rich neighborhoods themselves.

  • Glocson January 15, 2009 (1:33 pm)

    MAS they get paid well. Try getting a job with SFD! Second, alki_2008 because if they built a fire house down on Alki it would take 15 years for all the “community meetings” to finally approve it( it would need to be made out of recycled cork and pho noodles and have a PCC and a Suburu dealership on the back of it). Third, RW oooh wow you live on hilltop. That is the worst place in the world!!!! You are sooo brave, wow you have a computer, no one has broke in and stole it from you yet?!!! I would much rather live in Canarsie Project’s. RW hilltop was bad. Now it’s the next Atlanta. Also rw are you meaning that you own another place in “Hilltop”? Must be nice….

  • alki_2008 January 15, 2009 (2:27 pm)

    Glocson…what?! My comment was that, if fire trucks respond quickly to ‘rich, white’ areas quickly (as you purported)…then they wouldn’t have taken so long to get to the Alki fire. Neighbors were using their own garden hoses to put out the fire, because the fire trucks took waayyyy longer than necessary to get here. It has nothing to do with having a fire station nearby or not.

  • ABP January 15, 2009 (4:10 pm)

    FEI: (That’s “For Everyone’s Information”…)

    The fire on 7-24-08 on Alki/56th:

    911 call received at 20:44:15
    Dispatched at 20:44:41
    First unit arrived: 20:50:10

    That’s 5:29 from dispatch to arrival – pretty far away from “waayyyy longer than necessary” and an “inordinate” amount of time, Alki_2008. In fact, for the location and distance from the fire station, I’d say that was pretty darn good!
    The fire yesterday:

    911 call received at 13:54:40
    Dispatched at 13:55:57
    First unit arrived at 13:59:14

    That’s 3:17 from dispatch to arrival.
    If anyone actually thinks that the response time or level is intentionally adjusted for where the Mayor lives, or what the income level of the area is, you need to do a little more research. Well, actually, you need to go visit your local fire station and see for yourself.

  • glocson January 15, 2009 (8:38 pm)

    I’m being sarcastic with most my respones. I was in the U.S. Coast Guard and was a first responder in New York City on 9-11. I know what it is to be a first responder, etc. The SFD does a great job. In regards to that Alki fire it took five minutes for the trucks to get there. The onlookers did a great job of delaying the trucks getting to the fire.

  • MAS January 15, 2009 (9:27 pm)

    Regarging “the get paid well” get paid well in comparison to someone that sits at a desk all day with nothing more to fear than a paper cut (that’s me) or get paid well for someone that risks their lives every day to make the world safe for the rest of us?

    It’s a matter of perspective. I don’t think they get paid all that well, but that’s just because I’m considering what they do.

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