2 school notes: Sealth “groundbreaking”; closure amendments

GROUNDBREAKING: Work’s been under way for months now on the Chief Sealth High School upgrades that are going in prior to construction of a new Denny Middle School on the CSHS campus – and tonight there’s word of a “groundbreaking celebration” for the next phase of work, set for March 12th. More details later this week, according to the project-management team. The project website has some toplines about what’s been happening this month; see them here.

CLOSURE AMENDMENTS: As reported previously, if any Seattle School Board members plan to make amendments to the “final recommendations” for school closure/changes currently slated for a Thursday vote, they’ve been asked to turn in said amendments by noon tomorrow. We checked with the Seattle Public Schools communications office to ask if any such amendments would be then made available to the media before they’re published on the district website (which is supposed to happen Wednesday). Got the answer this afternoon: No.

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  • westello January 27, 2009 (4:02 pm)

    Just in case there’s any confusion. The amendments, introduced by any Board member, will come before the vote. Each amendment will be introduced, discussed and voted on. Then, if any are approved, they will be added to the final closure recommendations and the ENTIRE package voted on. I understand from Board members that they will not be voting school by school.

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