West Seattle Gateway Cleanup followup: Tree-work results

We reported Tuesday on tree work being done as a followup two months after the volunteer-laden West Seattle Gateway Cleanup organized by the Fairmount Community Association (that’s the neighborhood south/uphill from the Triangle). The photos above and at left show some of what the tree crew took away at the end of its workday. Organizer Nancy Driver reports: “On Tuesday, City Foresters pruned the understory on 15 Japanese red pines and 15 to 20 deciduous trees in the gateway area and cleaned out at least 70% of the invasive vines that were in the trees. They also removed two dead trees that had fallen long ago. All work was done under the supervision of an ISA-certified arborist and was permitted by SDOT. Everyone should be able to notice the improved profiles of the trees, and just as important, the work will contribute to the improved health of many of the trees. The work was funded by generous contributions from Harbor Properties, Excel Pacific, Ken & Donna Olsen, Jeffrey Bond DDS, Scott Lybeck/Courtesy Tires, Next Pages LLC, Menashe & Sons Jewelers, Mike Ng/Ng Westside Pharmacy, Yarmuth Wilsdon Calfo PLLC, Diane Kennedy/Curves, Jim Sansburn/John L. Scott Realty, Wiseman’s Appliance, Robin Mers M.D., Doris Jennings, Linda Walsh/Clementine, Deanne Sposari, Dixie Dokken, Joseph Webster, Margaret Miaullis, Wanda Pommer, and Joan Jeffrey. “

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  • Sharonn November 20, 2008 (10:16 am)

    Looks 200% better and hopefully the trees will get a chance to survive now!

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