West Seattle Crime Watch: Is this burglary loot yours?


One day after the Southwest Precinct announced arrests in the “BB Gun Burglaries” — in which BB-type guns were used to shoot out windows to enable burglars to enter — we have more information, and half a dozen photos police want you to see. Detective Ed Garcia, lead investigator in this burglary series (and others), shared six photos of recovered items that police hope to match with their rightful owners. Read on to see the other photos and the list of recovered property, and to get more information about who was arrested in the burglary spree, how, and who else is still being sought:

Those laptops are also part of the recovered loot. Before the link to the full list, and a few more pix, here’s more information from Detective Garcia, adding to what Lt. Steve Paulsen shared yesterday:

First, he wanted to give major credit to “very good work by patrol officers! They really assisted with the investigation by lifting prints; that helps us out a lot.”

In fact, Detective Garcia says, the two suspects in custody right now have been matched to some of the cases because of their fingerprints — both already had criminal records, he says, even though they are just 16 and 17 years old. And he says police are looking for a third suspect, 18 years old, who is also wanted on a felony warrant in another case. Between the three, police may be able to solve 11 burglary cases, over the past two months or so, and they expect other cases in other parts of the city (including Beacon Hill, as mentioned in yesterday’s report) might be linked too. One suspect, according to Detective Garcia, even confessed to more burglaries than the fingerprints had tied him to.

Now, to more of the loot – Here are the last two photos:

And here’s a document with the full list of all items that haven’t yet been matched with their owners. If you know anyone who’s been the victim of a burglary in the past two months or so, and didn’t get everything back, have them take a look at these photos (you can use the “Share This” link at the bottom of the post to e-mail it easily, as well as to share it via other services). If there’s a chance of a match, please contact Detective Garcia by calling 206/233-7832. He warns that he’s busy because of all the burglary busts lately, BUT he DEFINITELY wants to talk to anyone who might be able to claim the items, so if you get his voice mail, PLEASE leave a message including the best time you can be reached, and he promise to “do whatever I can to get a hold of you … We’ll hold onto the items and try to return them. I just don’t want to have to put them back into evidence.”

(Side note: A comment following our previous report inquired whether there’s a chance these “BB gun burglary” suspects might be linked to unsolved BB-gun-involved violence in the area, such as the shooting of a bicyclist. We asked Detective Garcia that question; his reply: “Based on our interviews [with the suspects], there’s no indication that they are using the BB guns for anything else other than to break into houses.” He adds that the homes were seemingly chosen “at random … no rhyme, or reason, or logic.”)

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  • Renee November 12, 2008 (12:17 pm)

    I wonder if these are the same thieves that burglarized us recently. We live in lower Belvedere and we were burglarized between the days of 9/26/08 to 9/28/08. We were out of town so we aren’t exactly sure which day/night it took place. The thief(s)definitely had particular things in mind, mostly electronics and jewelry. They broke a window on our bottom floor (daylight basement), reached around and opened it to climb in. Lesson learned; we now have installed a security system. Unfortunately none of the items shown are ours but it might be too late for us at this point. Everyone needs to be mindful and pay attention to what going on in your neighborhoods.

  • Mat & Dave Hemme November 18, 2008 (10:10 am)

    Our home in the Highland Park area was broken into while we were on vacation Oct 19-25. Items taken were about $450 in US and Canadian cash, silver dollars and half dollars, about $240 in QFC, Safeway and Walgreen gift cards; a gold ladies class ring with 1962 on the sides,a gold ring with a pearl in pronged setting, 3 4-H club medals.
    Please let us know if you have recoverd any of the above. We’re still working on our report.

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