Election ’08: Senators Murray and Cantwell rally Dem doorbellers

October 18, 2008 11:40 am
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Just back from The Hall at Fauntleroy, where U.S. Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell headlined a pep rally before hundreds of Democrats hit the streets of West Seattle, White Center, and beyond in a weekend blitz of Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) doorbelling. (That first clip shows the end of the rally, with Sen. Murray offering a few last words, then inviting two local D’s — State Sen. Joe McDermott and County Councilmember Dow Constantine – up to the stage; McDermott is on the ballot but, like the two other 34th District state legislators, running unopposed.) Local Republicans were fanning out from Westwood Village at about the same time, and supporters of Sound Transit Proposition 1 are also on the street (came home to find one of their doorhangers). This weekend is considered crucial because many people who vote by mail have just received their ballots and will be voting long before the official Election Day on Nov. 4. ADDED SATURDAY AFTERNOON: More from this morning’s rally — and why it wasn’t just about the presidential race:

The governor’s race, which by all indications is closer in our state than the presidential race, was clearly on Sen. Murray’s mind, as she put in a plug for Gov. Gregoire (whose campaign is advertising on WSB, we want to note for disclosure’s sake) as well as for what she says the top of the ticket would do about the economy:

Cantwell also got in a pitch for the governor, as she discussed energy policy:

In case you’re wondering, neither Murray nor Cantwell is on this year’s ballot; Cantwell was elected to a second 6-year term in 2006, so if she goes for a third term, she will be on the ballot again in 2012; Murray, who was first elected to the Senate in 1992, isn’t up again till 2010. Both senators will be at tomorrow’s Tacoma rally with Gov. Gregoire and Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden (RSVP link here). But today, it’s all about doorbelling, and both before and after the speeches, audience members crowded tables on both sides of the room, getting name/address lists – organizers spent time before the senators’ arrival explaining what they’d like volunteers to focus on (apparently including questions about who potential voters are supporting and how strong/weak their support is).


Remember you can find election information (including both sides of all the ballot measures) on the WSB Election page.

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