“Nickelsville” campers ask for permission to use another site

According to letters posted on the official website for the West nickelsvillesunday.jpgMarginal/Highland Park Way encampment this morning – after a weekend spent on the state-owned site adjacent to the city land from which campers were rousted Friday afternoon – they’re promising to move “after midnight Wednesday,” but asking the governor for permission to set up at another state-owned site described as “500 yards southeast.” We just checked Parcel Viewer; the site most closely resembling that description is adjacent to Highway 99, parcel #5367202516. We don’t know for sure that this is the site they’re targeting, but whatever site they have in mind, if the governor’s office tells them not to use it, the letter says, they won’t, but they “will move together as a group … to another location,” though they aren’t saying where that might be: “It could be anywhere” (here’s their open letter to “property owners”). The letter goes on to thank the governor for treating the campers “like human beings” and invites her and her staff to visit, ending “… we will always have an open tent there for you.” We just called the governor’s office to ask if Gov. Gregoire has an official response to the request yet; they’re checking. 2 PM UPDATE: Talked with Ron Judd on the Gregoire staff a short time ago. He visited the site over the weekend but had not officially received today’s request yet. He also noted that the Wednesday deadline is not one set by the state, but by the city.

2 Replies to ""Nickelsville" campers ask for permission to use another site"

  • Val Vashon September 29, 2008 (7:01 pm)

    ??? How do you tell what is a road, water or a parcel of land on that Parcel Viewer map? Plus, I could not find that number on the map at all. I know that area (it’s the “back way” out of West Seattle) but I can barely recognize it from that map.

  • WSB September 29, 2008 (7:43 pm)

    You have to use the “identify” function and just start clicking on areas. Not all are claimed. And in fact – I didn’t have time to elaborate when I updated this earlier, but Judd says it’s a different parcel entirely that may not even be on maps, had something to do with various governmental agencies’ projects in the area and land changing hands. We’ll be checking in again tomorrow and we’ll see if we can get a closer bead on exactly where this is, if it looks like it might be the next site – TR

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