Update: 8 people escape house fire on 15th SW; candle blamed


Just back from the scene of a house fire in the 6700 block of 15th SW (here’s a map; that’s just a few blocks from South Seattle Community College). The Fire Department says all 8 people in the house got out safely even before firefighters arrived; the flames started in a back bedroom and spread a bit further into the house before it was “quickly extinguished.” Firefighters were already in mopup mode when we arrived; they’re not sure yet what started the fire, but they confirm nobody is hurt. This video shows some scorching on the front of the house and some smoke damage visible through the front door:

The Red Cross was reported to be on the way to help the family. We’ll add an update here later when the Fire Department has information on what started the fire. 10:05 AM UPDATE: According to Seattle Fire Department spokesperson Dana Vander Houwen, investigators say an “unattended candle” caused the fire. Damage to the house totals $150,000.

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  • Jaime Gummer September 16, 2008 (7:29 am)

    The Seattle Times is reporting that a coughing baby woke everyone up. They’re all really lucky. A two-pack of smoke alarms costs just about $10 at the hardware store. Get one!

  • WSB September 16, 2008 (7:49 am)

    The Fire Department by the way says the baby did NOT suffer smoke inhalation – that was a report that circulated early on but turned out to be not true.

  • Diane September 16, 2008 (12:50 pm)

    recent tv news coverage and interview of mom with 6 mo baby girl, reports the fire was started by a candle left burning, by the mom, to “calm the baby”
    as a child safety specialist, it frustrates me to no end, to hear of families with babies leaving candles burning, or smoking in house (which is also often cause of fires) or leaving upstairs windows open during warm weather, where young children can very easily fall out (hundreds every summer)
    anyway back to the fire and this mom/baby
    some of you may remember just about 6 yrs ago, a very young mom with a baby girl, they lived with her dad/grandpa in Seattle; mom left a candle burning to cover the smell of bug spray in baby’s room (can you imagine?) and that baby was severely burned over most of her body, barely survived, horrific scars all over her face and body; the mom was interviewed on tv (smoking a cigarette) and said she was pregnant again; this absolutely kills me; I haven’t heard anything further in the news about this baby in years, but I think of her often, breaks my heart
    today’s family is so very fortunate no one was hurt, especially the baby who could not have escaped on her own
    yes, working smoke alarms are so very important
    and NOT leaving anything burning; candles, cigarettes, stove, are common causes of overnight fires that are easily prevented; much harder to detect other causes like electrical defects
    I am so grateful to hear this family and baby escaped without any injury; just don’t think I could take hearing of another baby nearly burned to death or near death because the parents left a candle burning

  • Diane September 16, 2008 (2:43 pm)

    “Damage to the house totals $150,000”
    Saved lives, priceless!!!

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