California Ave upzoning: “Recommendation” now being written

Seven months after we first reported the proposal to “upzone” California SW upzonescreengrab.jpgbetween Hanford and Hinds (map at left) and a bit beyond on the west side — more than three months after our last update — and more than six months after the big public meeting about it — the city Department of Planning and Development‘s recommendation about the California Ave “upzoning” proposal is finally close to completion. We just talked with Malli Anderson, the city planner working on it, and she says she is “writing the recommendation this week.” She says it’s a complicated multi-page decision and can’t commit to exactly when it will be done – but everyone who is a “party of record” will get notification by mail (if you don’t hear about it sooner) — that includes everyone who has sent the city comments about the proposal, as well as everyone who put their names on the sign-up sheet at that official meeting last November (WSB coverage here). Here’s how the process will go, according to Anderson: DPD issues its recommendation to the city Hearing Examiner, who then schedules a hearing. That recommendation can also be appealed. About two weeks after the hearing, the HE makes a recommendation to a City Council committee, which then in turn makes a recommendation to the full Council (which has to approve any zoning change such as this). The recommendation will not be public the moment Anderson finishes drafting it – it first must go through various stages of internal review at the DPD before it’s released. We’ll keep watch and let you know as soon as we know. (To catch up on this proposal, you can check our coverage archive here; that includes our December interview with area property owners/rezone backers Mike Gain and Roger Cayce.

10 Replies to "California Ave upzoning: "Recommendation" now being written"

  • WEST SEATTE LIFER June 17, 2008 (4:32 pm)

    Hopefully the City has enough common sense to approve the upzoning, and allow some developement in this “up and coming” part of California Ave. We need some more retail in the area between the junctions.

  • bboy June 17, 2008 (5:27 pm)

    I second that! It’s time for that block to get a face lift.

  • BGH June 17, 2008 (7:07 pm)

    You both must be Cayce and Gain. I smell a plant.

  • Huindekmi June 18, 2008 (5:15 am)

    Hopefully the city has enough common sense to block this obvious and eggregious money grab. The current zoning allows that block to get a face lift and put in retail. There’s no need to grant a new zoning level that would negatively affect the adjacent residential neighborhoods.

  • grr June 18, 2008 (6:33 am)

    Yup..Time for a major facelift in that area. Went to Circa for dinner the other was great..but there was just no incentive to stick around that part of Admiral for anything else. Let’s get some nice new businesses in that area! The new 4 story work/loft bldgs going up just a little bit south of their look like they’re going to be really nice as well.

    and geee.who knows..if the zoning change gets approved, maybe TJ’s will move in.

  • WSB June 18, 2008 (8:20 am)

    For clarity, this is nowhere near Circa. On the west side of the block, the last property included is Spiro’s Pizza and Pasta (the rezone zone ends just before the two storefronts that are in the process of becoming The Bohemian and Prost West Seattle; immediately south of there is a large townhouse cluster that’s under construction right now).

  • BGH June 18, 2008 (11:18 am)

    Another Cayce and Gain plant.

  • BGH June 18, 2008 (11:19 am)

    Or should I say Cayce and Gain spindoctors

  • john June 18, 2008 (8:39 pm)

    hmm, having lived in West Seattle since birth, I have seen quite a few changes; some good and some not so good. West Seattle in my opinion has become a restaurant district. That’s not so bad, except that, for instance, my 75 year old Dad can’t find any parking if he needs to buy a big bag of kitty litter at Petco and has to park blocks away from the front door.

    Although it’s nice having a vibrant California Avenue, where does the expansion end? Will California Avenue end up looking like Queen Anne Ave. N. or perhaps Broadway?? Hmmm I hope not!

    The reason I like West Seattle is that it’s slightly rural, but still in the city! Let’s not import too much of urban Seattle into our small town oasis!

  • rda June 19, 2008 (5:47 pm)

    This is an egregious violation of the adjacent
    single family neighbors and the Admiral Neighbor-
    hood Plan. Several new buildings have been developed in the area in question recently, plus
    many new businesses are being opened every day
    under current zoning. This upzone is just a
    greedy Cayce and Gain money grab at the expense
    of the Admiral residents and neighborhood. It must be denied. Prepare to testify at the Hearing
    Examiner and City Council.

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