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West Seattle scenes: Two more sunsets


Couldn’t get these in earlier, but any time’s the right time for gorgeous sunset shots. This one above was the Friday night view from Lincoln Park as a kayaker headed north, taken by WSB contributing photojournalist Matt Durham. Below, Robert Stever caught this view looking toward Blake Island and the Olympics earlier in the week:


Be a Master of Disaster – know where to go!

April 13, 2008 9:59 pm
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That’s the updated version of a map we first showed you earlier this weekend – the first six spots around West Seattle designated as neighborhood gathering places in case disaster strikes and normal lines of communication aren’t working; this is where you would go for information and help. As part of a neighborhood-group-led process for the next month or so, each spot (and a couple more yet to be firmed up) will have a date set when volunteers will set up a table for you to come visit and pick up information to help keep your family safe. Tonight, another of those dates has been set: April 27, 10 am-2 pm, at Ercolini Park, gathering spot for people in the Junction area; also the site for Olympic Heights and environs is now set as Hughes Playground, and the date to stop by there will be 1-4 pm May 3rd. Other dates/places set for you to stop by if it’s your nearest gathering place: 11 am-4 pm April 20 @ Thriftway for Morgan Junction, 7:30-11 am April 26 @ Delridge Community Center, 3-6 pm May 4 @ Hiawatha Park for the Admiral area. But don’t wait till then to make sure everyone in your family knows where to go if the unthinkable happens – print out this map (clicking on “View Larger Map” beneath it will take you to the full version) and tuck it away if you think that might help.

Got a musical instrument gathering dust? Put it to good use!

A citywide program with strong West Seattle ties is making progress in its recently launched quest to expand music education for kids in all Seattle Public Schools. musicinstrument.jpgIt’s called Rotary Music4Life, and its creative team includes two West Seattleites, former school-board member Irene Stewart, and SirenSong Productions‘ Bronwyn Edwards Cryer. Stewart tells WSB that many of the photos on the Rotary Music4Life site (see it here) feature Roxhill Elementary and Arbor Heights Elementary students, as well as Westside Symphonette musicians. At the heart of this program’s work is the search for donations of “gently used” — or new! — instruments needed so that kids who can’t afford to buy or rent instruments can still join in music programs. One of the city’s two drop-off spots for instrument donations is C and P Coffee in West Seattle. Rotary Music4Life intends to get 1,200 instruments for kids who need them; so far, their website shows 28 acquired (here’s the list of what’s needed; here’s how to donate).

Now there are 2: How to see Alki’s original Statue of Liberty

April 13, 2008 3:29 pm
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When the recast Alki Statue of Liberty was triumphantly unveiled at Alki last September 11th (WSB coverage, with video, here), we all knew the original statue would eventually take up residence in the nearby Log House Museum. We kept checking for a while and eventually lost track of when it would arrive — till a recent e-mail exchange with museum managers enlightened us to the fact it’s on display now in the Carriage House gift shop adjacent to the Log House Museum, where we took the photo today, as well as this pic of related tchotchkes you can buy in the Carriage House:


The gift shop has many other offerings too, including several copies of the quintessential West Seattle history book — published 20 years ago (but still endlessly fascinating) — West Side Story. You can check it out, and see the original Alki Lady Liberty, during Log House Museum hours, Thursdays-Sundays, noon-4 pm, southwest corner of 61st and Stevens (map and other info here) – and don’t miss the silent auction with baskets, gift certificates, and more, in the LHM’s main room, now through April 27. P.S. Our most recent update on the “new” statue’s plaza/pedestal project is here.

Follow-up on status of Myrtle Reservoir skateboard feature

April 13, 2008 3:01 pm
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Two things to report in the ongoing question of whether an area for skateboarders will be built into the Myrtle Reservoir park, an issue of great interest to both skateboarders and park neighbors: First, a postcard has arrived, promoting the next public meeting (May 1), and the postcard says: “An area on the site will be reserved for a future skate feature.” Second – after the April 3rd city Design Commission review of the latest Myrtle design proposal (an electronic copy is not yet available but you can see our photo of it in our report about that meeting), during which Parks Department reps made statements conflicting with what they had told us for this report we published in February, we asked Colleen Browne (who manages the department’s project managers) for further clarification of its status, and this is what she has e-mailed in respnse:

The [citywide] Skatepark plan calls for a skate feature at either this site or High Point. At the present time we have a ProParks project at Myrtle. Therefore, we propose putting a skate feature into the park. We are looking for ways to fund it because it would likely be cheaper to build the entire park at one time.

So what’s next? Come hear/ask for yourself at the May 1 meeting, billed as the third of four public meetings on the project; it’s at 7 pm, High Point Community Center.

West Seattle Crime Watch reader report: Same burglar?

This just came in as a comment following the “bra-scattering burglar” West Seattle Crime Watch report five days ago; since most people won’t check in on comments from older items, we’re reposting it here:

He hit us too, we came home Friday night and found our house had been broken into as well (13th and Trenton) and I would guess it’s the same guy based on how he operated. The underwear drawers were all ransacked (but no underwear turned up in the driveway) and smaller electronics and such were taken. The weirdest thing was that he looked through our fridge and ate some leftover pizza while he was here (we’ve started referring to him as the Pizza Bandit). He was clearly in no hurry. He also had a coke and the police took the can with them to look for fingerprints. We can only hope he gets caught soon as obviously he is quite brazen. We’ll be installing security cameras this week in the event he decides to come back in the future. All in all a bad weekend!


We’ll be checking on this one with the Southwest Precinct tomorrow. Speaking of which, we posted a note on the Crime Watch page, but in case you were wondering (as were about half a dozen people who e-mailed us), we don’t yet have official information on what was at the heart of last night’s helicopter-accompanied search in Pigeon Point and environs – will let you know when we do.

New burger place on the way to eastern West Seattle


Thanks to Karol I for e-mailing this tip, which we confirmed via business-license records as well as this spot on MySpace:

Just a few words on a new business is coming to a part of Seattle which has few food places. Blaine and Rahel Cook are in the process of changing that.

Zippy’s Giant Burgers is coming to 16th and Holden about May 1, 2008. They are busy cleaning, painting and arranging the new furniture which they have carefully selected for their new venture. I am sure that they will be doing well, in particular since I will be one of their first customers.

Here’s a map of that location (street address 1513 SW Holden).

Students reveal the realities of riding a bike cross-country

The half-dozen West Seattle students (profiled here with video last month) who are currently on “An Inconvenient Ride” now have “trip log” diary-style posts (read them here) on the environmental-awareness trip’s official website, and the few we grazed are rather honest, occasionally raw tales of the tough road trip they’ve taken on. Their photo gallery is even more up to date (find it here). The group is in Arizona this morning (the route is detailed here), and will then head up through California and Oregon en route to a slated arrival back in Seattle on Earth Day, April 22, for the “Global to Local” benefit at Benaroya Hall.