Fauntleroy fish-hatch follow-up

cohosalmon.jpgIf you’re a nature geek like us … you might appreciate the thrill. Just back from talking with Judy Pickens along Fauntleroy Creek, and we got to see four of the new baby salmon (mentioned here last weekend) up close and personal. They all line up and swim bravely, relentlessly, in place against the current (something most of us can identify with from time to time). Sorry we didn’t have any photographic equipment in tow that could do it justice, but it’s a great sight to see. Judy says the little fish are just a few weeks old at this point. As mentioned in this update on Fauntleroy.net, a fish biologist will be doing an official survey soon.

2 Replies to "Fauntleroy fish-hatch follow-up"

  • jeannie March 12, 2008 (6:10 pm)

    Thanks – I’ll try to see the little guys this weekend. A salmon’s life isn’t easy!

  • marty March 12, 2008 (7:20 pm)

    Great to see! I helped plant 20,000 fry per year back in the 70’s, but returning spawners were faced with the impossible task of entering the creek mouth south of the ferry dock. Sounds like that problem has been resolved and fish can make it back to spawn. This drainage is very clean and can support spawning salmon.

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