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West Seattle High School students featured @ Art Walk

February 14, 2008 11:41 pm
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Tonight’s West Seattle Second Thursday Art Walk made history – with 20 venues, including the first time out for the northernmost participant, Click! Design That Fits (WSB sponsor) in the Admiral District. In The Junction, we checked out West Seattle High School students’ self-portraits on display at Georgia Blu (next to KeyBank on California just south of Alaska) – and two of the artists happened to stop in while we were there. We asked Nichole Mustello how long hers took to create:

We also talked with CJ Abe about his self-portrait:

Nichole and CJ are both seniors @ WSHS. Next art walk: March 13.

West Seattle Valentine scenes: Puppy love


From WSB contributing photojournalist Matt Durham: A Jack Russell Terrier waits plaintively for its owner, outside Elliott Bay Brewery & Pub in The Junction. (Prints of Matt’s WSB photos and his other work are available through his site,

Almost time to show Ercolini Park a little love

February 14, 2008 7:14 pm
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(Still Valentine night, so we have to keep the “love” theme going …) To recap, Ercolini Park is now the official name for this under-construction park along Alaska west of The Junction, and work is well under way:


Months ago, we told you about the campaign to get money and commitments of volunteer time. Now it’s time to get ready to make good on the time commitment: Bill Barna, Ercolini volunteer (and WSB sponsor), says those who promised that time are asked to save the weekends of April 19-20 and 26-27, because that’s when the just-ordered play equipment is likely to be installed. Bill says they’ll need help with tasks including volunteer registration, bringing/distributing refreshments, distributing foundation materials, and of course, putting up the play structures. More details to come as April gets closer.

Keeping with the Valentine’s theme: News about a Darling

matthewandtracy.jpgWhen former Skylark manager Matthew Darling left that North Delridge hotspot, we asked him to let us know where he wound up next. This week, he and friend Tracy Dart (both pictured at left) are launching a new events/PR firm called The West Seattle Scene; they’ve got an event happening tonight, in fact, and it’s not too late to get in on it, Matthew says:

The Valentines Day Bitter Hearts Junction Bar Crawl

Thursday Feb 14th 2008

All are welcome…singles…couples…group scenes (eww)!

We’re gonna crawl up and down the Alaska junction hitting all the bars we can. There will be a set crawl map available at the first bar, and many of the bars will offer a drink special to help us celebrate.

The ultra cool west seattle tattoo logo t-shirt will be available!!!

Please rsvp to
You will be sent a confirmation email with all the details and disclaimers!

westseattletee.jpgThat’s also the address where you can find out more about Matthew and Tracy’s new company … as well as the “ultra-cool West Seattle tattoo logo T-shirt” he mentions – logo shown at right. (And of course, as we’ve already said a dozen times today, the West Seattle Art Walk is happening in The Junction tonight as well … should be a wild night.)

Another West Seattle Valentine scene: Salty’s gets sweet

February 14, 2008 3:01 pm
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Valentine hearts grace Salty’s on Alki. Got special plans for tonight you care to share?

Reader report: Car break-in alert

Just out of the WSB inbox, from Bree:

Last night someone broke into my neighbor’s car. The only thing they took was the $20 in her glove box and the change in her ashtray. They didn’t take anything else, not even CDs. I live (in the 3400 block of) California Ave SW, which is directly across from Swedish Physicians. Our cars are parked in a back alley, which is dimly lit. I would highly advise everyone to lock their cars and be on the lookout.

And we add, as always, be sure you report everything to the police as soon as possible – if it’s hours later, the non-emergency SPD number is 625-5011, always available on our Crime Watch page.

More proof that West Seattleites have big hearts

February 14, 2008 1:06 pm
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Finally got word of results from the bicycle-donation drive at PCC last Saturday (weekend coverage here) — 182 bikes donated (and a lot of bike parts), all going to help kids in Africa. WTG! One other weekend postscript — the cat-adoption event at Kitty Harbor (which was featured in this WSB report last fall) was a roaring success, according to KH’s Delyn Kosbab — new homes for all 60 of the cats and kittens that were available for adoption.

West Seattle Valentine scenes: Hotwire’s TV turn

If you drove through The Junction between about 6 and 9 this morning, you probably saw that TV truck outside Hotwire Coffee (WSB sponsor). As mentioned earlier this week, KING 5 decided to send its morning feature reporter Tim Robinson down to hang out and talk about the Meet Your Sweetheart matchmaking that’s been going on at Hotwire (with the big party coming up Saturday night). As you probably know, Hotwire is a cozy space, and it was fun squeezing in to get a little video of, well, the other video crew doing its thing, talking to proprietor Lora Lewis and then moving on to check out the decorated bags on the wall where people are leaving Valentines for “sweeties” whose photos catch their fancy (see some of them online here):

Hotwire is one of the 20 hot spots tonight for the Valentine’s night Art Walk – biggest Art Walk yet. For the first time in a while, looks like good weather – venues, a map, and a list of “specials” are all on the flyer.

Crash near Westwood Village turns deadly

Just got word that the woman hit by a car near Westwood Village last Friday night has died. (We reported briefly on the crash in this post, with updated info in the comments – police believe it was truly an accident, someone in dark clothes crossing outside a crosswalk on a dark, rainy night; the driver apparently never saw her.) We don’t have her name at this point, though. By our accounts, this is the first fatal pedestrian accident in West Seattle since 85-year-old Oswald Clement was hit and killed at 35th/Othello last October.

“Heart of High Point” campaign needs you


That’s an architect rendering of Neighborhood House, the new social-services center to be built in High Point starting this fall. 80% of the money for it already has been raised – now the “Heart of High Point” campaign wants to get the word out about this major West Seattle project, and invites you to a gathering next Monday night. Here’s what Cathy Cooper e-mailed WSB about it:

This “Heart of High Point” Neighborhood Center will be a Gold LEED certified
Green building, with solar panels, water filtration systems, a deep-well based heating/cooling system … all set in the environmentally sensitive and award winning High Point community. This building will be a real-life example of how to create sustainable spaces for delivering social services, combating poverty, and building a stronger community.

The HPNC will provide vital community services and support programs to more than 4,000 residents and their families annually. It will provide access to critical support services to 700 low-income families living in the redeveloped public housing in the High Point mixed income community.

The center will also demonstrate how cultures all over the world view environmental stewardship, and how immigrants from these cultures can teach us all lessons about caring for our shared planet.

To help spread the word about this exciting new development in our own backyard, a group of West Seattle-connected volunteers are meeting at Mission (2325 California Ave SW) at 5:45 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 18. We’re focused on how to raise awareness about the “Heart of High Point” campaignand let West Seattelites know what this new building is all about. We’d like to invite our neighbors to join us. For more information, contact me at

West Seattle Valentine scenes: Flower frenzy

Valentine’s night may belong to restaurants – but Valentine’s morning is crunch time for flower shops. Thanks to the folks at Linda’s Flowers and Gifts in the Admiral District for letting us drop in this morning while they worked frenetically to prepare hundreds of bouquets. Owner Linda Harader reveals how many – plus who prefers which color of roses:

Two more Denny-Sealth notes from last night

34TH DISTRICT DEMOCRATS’ RESOLUTION: A comment under our report from last night mentioned the 34th DDs voted last night to support the Westwood Neighborhood Council and Denny/Sealth school staff in pursuing an “authentic” public process. We received a copy of the resolution this morning; you can see it here.

SPEAKING OF PUBLIC PROCESS: West Seattle’s school-board rep Steve Sundquist asked district staffers last night about reported discrepancies and omissions in the information that’s posted on the district website as answers to the public questions from last week’s meeting. District staff acknowledged some “confusion.” One point of ongoing dispute/confusion that was not addressed clearly last night — board member Harium Martin-Morris wanted clarification about the oft-repeated complaint that the language on the ballot did not mention the shared campus. He didn’t get a complete answer to that during the public meeting we observed last night (and it’s not fully answered in the district Q/A, either; see Question 14 under Pink Room on this page); fellow members Sherry Carr and Peter Maier talked again about the pamphlet mailed to all 45,000-ish households with Seattle Public Schools students, which did talk about the shared campus, but what was left out was the indisputable fact – whether or not you think it matters – that the actual text seen in the official King County Voters’ Pamphlet by voters casting ballots in the February 2007 election (direct link here) explaining what the money would go for, was this:

Section 2. Authorization of Construction and Modernization Improvements. The District shall modernize and expand its school facilities through the following programs:
(1) Middle /K-8 school improvements including full renovation of Hamilton, and replacement of South Shore and Denny.
(2) High School improvements including renovation of Chief Sealth and Nathan Hale, addition at Ingraham and modernization of Rainier Beach Career and Technology facilities.
(3) Infrastructure improvements for water piping, indoor air quality and synthetic sports turf, including contributions to Hiawatha Playfield with Seattle Parks for conversion to synthetic turf.
(4) Technology equipment and training.

On the ballot itself, before checking approve or reject, voters saw this:

The Board of Directors of Seattle School District No. 1 adopted Resolution No. 2006/07-3 concerning this proposition for bonds. This proposition approves a program to renovate or replace four high schools, two middle schools and one K-8 school and make other capital improvements, to issue $490,000,000 in general obligation bonds with a maximum term of seven years; and to levy excess property taxes to repay the bonds and to replace the expiring capital levy, not to exceed $81,666,667 annually for six years.

Just for the record, since this keeps coming up. There certainly was coverage, on our site and elsewhere, before the election, talking about the shared campus — but the official voters’ pamphlet and the actual ballot did not include that point, as project critics frequently note.

How you get around: A few more WS transportation notes

As mentioned yesterday, some interesting nuggets emerged from the transportation presentations at the monthly West Seattle Chamber of Commerce lunch: On the RapidRide bus route that will replace the 54 in three years, a Metro rep acknowledged opposition to possible re-routing along California through The Junction, saying the agency’s heard “loud and clear” from the “strong fan base” for the current routing. (One more meeting about RapidRide is coming up – next Tuesday night, Southwest Library.) City transportation director Grace Crunican suggested we haven’t heard enough about the major improvements coming to the Spokane Street Viaduct section of the bridge – which she describes as the city’s #1 priority – particularly the eastbound exit to be added at 4th (no westbound onramp at 4th though, and the long-closed one will finally go away). And while recapping the latest developments with the Elliott Bay Water Taxi — particularly the creation of the county Ferry District — West Seattle’s King County Councilmember Dow Constantine noted this year’s schedule should be announced relatively soon.