More West Seattle storm updates

(Please scroll down to the bottom of this post for the latest info; today we are updating in chronological order rather than reverse chronological) Can’t say this often enough: If you don’t HAVE TO drive, don’t. The water’s accumulating faster than even the best drains can handle it. Looks like bridge access from Delridge to the high bridge is back; the Fauntleroy/Graham trouble spot is open but the water is very tricky to navigate – here’s photographic proof:

Please e-mail us with info on any flooding trouble you are experiencing or seeing, so we can share it. Newest note is from Greg Daly, who says:

We had 4″ of water in our basement this morning due to a plugged up drain,
so I thought readers might be interested (as I was) in local weather stations. There are two between Lincoln Park and Alki, you can watch the rain totals update live if you’re so inclined.

Here are the weather station links Greg mentioned: first one here, second one here. 11:07 AM UPDATE: From Vickie:

I was driving to work about an hour ago trying to figure out which way to go through Delridge…the Allstar Fitness parking lot is completely flooded to the point where at least one car is totally submerged, you can just barely see its rooftop in the lower part of the lot. At the time I drove through the water in the lot was almost equal to the side street next to it and beginning to overflow into the street itself.

11:10 AM UPDATE: The WSB team member who’s currently roving with cameras verifies this, says the creek is definitely spilling over in spots, and also says the street is closed by Nucor/Allstar, and that someone at Nucor told him the plant is closed too (if anyone has info to the contrary, please e-mail us; we’ll try confirming by phone as well). 11:50 AM UPDATE: From Erin: “Just got back from dropping my husband off at the airport – we had read earlier that W Marginal was flooded so we took the high bridge to I-5. There are long back ups (all the way to I-5) trying to get IN to the airport due to flooding, so please inform your readers to take 509/518 if that route is now open, or to leave plenty early.”

3 Replies to "More West Seattle storm updates"

  • Suits are not boring December 3, 2007 (2:01 pm)

    To add to the question in the posting of the photos of the plant, does anyone know if Allstar is closed or open?

  • flowerpetal December 3, 2007 (2:13 pm)

    WSB, you’re the greatest. Thanks to you (and Greg Daly) for the cool weather station links. If I read it right, we are creeping up on 4″ of rain for today alone.

  • MsBette December 3, 2007 (2:29 pm)

    RE: 8:05 AM UPDATE: … “West Marginal Way is closed about half way between the bridge and 509 …” I was also turned away this morning and had to take I-5 to get to Tukwila. Does anyone know if this is opened? I’m leaving for home at 3:00!

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