Accident update, anyone? Plus, Good Samaritan gratitude

We don’t have any new info on the Avalon/Genesee (map) pedestrian/vehicle accident mentioned during our snow coverage yesterday afternoon; Christine, who was on the scene shortly after it happened, is wondering if anyone else does, and also is sending out thanks to Good Samaritans:

Curious to hear if anyone knows how the young woman who was hit by a van yesterday is doing – another passenger and i riding the #22 downtown were first ones at the scene. Within moments, more folks driving stopped to assist – two nurses also pulled over and we got out of their way so that they could help until the paramedics arrived. The girl who was hit must have lived close by – we called the girl’s home, and the mom arrived just as the fire trucks were pulling up. Any news would be appreciated- and thanks to all who stopped to help!

MONDAY 3 PM UPDATE – Another reader e-mailed us with some info:

A West Seattle High School student was hit by a car on Saturday not far from school, so I assume we’re talking about the same accident. The girl is undergoing surgery to repair her pelvis (which was broken in 7 or 8 places) today and has some cuts and broken ribs, too. She’s got quite a bit of recovery ahead of her, but hopefully she’ll be OK. I’m not going to share her name because I want to respect her privacy, and I’d prefer to remain anonymous, but I wanted to give what little information I have so that those who saw the accident (and helped!) aren’t left wondering.

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  • Cheyenne December 6, 2007 (2:34 am)

    Hi. I am the mother of the girl that was hit. I was told about this blog from a friend just now and so I thought I reply. If you would like to contact me by email and can prove some how that you were in fact at the scene our family would be so happy to update you on how she is and thank you personally for your kindness on the day. I know she would will want to thank you as well. It means a lot to us.

    Please no bogus reply’s.

    (wsb has edited out the e-mail address and will forward it directly to the person who e-mailed us the original note about witnessing the accident and wondering how the victim was doing)

    Thank you,
    Her Mom

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