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West Seattle holiday lights, 12/11/07

December 11, 2007 11:28 pm
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Two photos from the WSB inbox tonight (thank you!):



First photo, an electric menorah — sent by Lyn and Les — fully lit for the final night of Hanukkah. Second, just part of what looks like another truly spectacular Christmas-lights display, photographed at 10th & Barton by “a neighbor.” It’s now on our clickable, updated-nightly Christmas lights map, viewable any time on the WSB Holidays page.

West Seattle High School travelers journey toward $ goal

December 11, 2007 10:05 pm
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A few weeks after we first told you about the West Seattle High School Travel Club working to raise $ to make sure no one’s left behind when they journey to Italy & Greece next year (original report here) — there’s word of progress. First, the club reports last weekend’s rummage sale raised more than $2,000; second, your next chance to help is coming up on Saturday night, when three West Seattle restaurants will donate part of their proceeds to the Travel Club quest — Beato, Puerto Vallarta, and Kokoras Greek Grill.

West Seattle crime watch: Dognapping attempt

Out of the inbox, from Robyn, who wanted to share a warning for other dog owners:

I went to the Alki bonfire/Christmas ships event Saturday night, December 8. I’m a long-time Alki resident and have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels who are family members and function as service dogs. For 9 years my dogs have greeted visitors to Alki from all over the world, spreading peace and love and community. On Saturday night a woman greeted my dogs, and then came back under cover of the music and tried to steal my eldest dog. My dogs were leashed and standing quietly beside me. This woman, who smelled of alcohol, first grabbed my dog’s leash and demanded I give her my dog, then grabbed the leash with both hands and started yanking. I was with a friend, who helped me protect both my dogs and fend off the thief. A warning to West Seattleites—all small dogs need to be protected, even when they are right beside you. Do not leave small dogs and children unprotected for even a minute. Do not tie your small dogs up at coffee shops or grocery stores, particularly gregarious breeds like Cavaliers! Alki residents—be vigilant, wacko criminals are everywhere!

Robin’s note to WSB also expressed concern that she didn’t see any police at the event; she acknowledges that friends have since urged her to report what happened, and we would echo that for everyone who experiences a crime or attempted crime – be sure to call 911 — even if you don’t think something can be done about it, or if you are sure the culprit(s) are long gone, police need to have a record to track what’s happening in the community, to assign resources and follow trends.

KFC: Kentucky Fried Closure


Latest step in the remodeling of West Seattle’s one ‘n’ only KFC, er, Kentucky Fried Chicken (part of the new decor involves reviving the full name) — sign shown above says it’s shut down till Friday.

Another WSB milestone: Dropping the veil


That’s the sign that started it all.

One year ago this week, we were going about the business of WSB being a standard-issue little hobby blog, a little info here, a little opinion there. Only a few hundred people knew we were here.

Then: Windstorm ’06.

We lost power for four days. Many people in West Seattle went without it for even longer. Almost as bad as the power outage – the information outage. West Seattle-specific updates were virtually impossible to come by.

We happened to be off work that week. So we decided to start roaming WS and trying to gather and share some of that info. We received, and answered, e-mails from people stuck at work or out of town and wondering if their lights were back on yet.

From there, even after the power came back on, with the phenomenal help of reader e-mail, tips, photos, and other contributions, WSB started morphing into a community-news site. “Hyperlocal,” as the buzzword goes. The more news and information we put up, the more came in, and more people kept finding the site, by Googling for something specific that we happened to have reported, or by word-of-mouth.

For months, we’ve been doing this in our spare time, early morning, late night, lunch break. But now it’s time to make a real commitment. So your editor here just quit her day job.Read More

Parking lot behind Petco now officially closed

We mentioned last week this was coming (that post, with project background, is here) …


The parking lot behind Petco is now closed for construction of Mural, but note, however, that the alley is NOT blocked off (notice the car parked behind Curious Kidstuff in the background of the photo). Other free parking options besides the one on the big banner in the pic include one lot we suspect many people overlook – the one on 42nd south of Oregon, behind the businesses on the eastern side of California.

Design Review meeting set for 5020 California


We first told you in October (detailed report here) about Spring Hill, the development planned for the area shown above, in the 5000 block of California, just south of The Junction (map). The developer is BlueStar Management, same firm behind Fauntleroy Place, future home to Whole Foods, 170 apartments, etc. Now, a date is set for the Southwest Design Review Board to give “early design guidance” on the project — January 10. According to the city project page, the scope of Spring Hill (no known relation to the future restaurant) has grown a little since our original post – it’s now described as six stories, 90 apartments, 4,000 sf of retail, 100 parking spaces.

First the T-shirt, now the tune


On the eve of the Seattle Streetcar‘s debut (wah, we’re envious): We thought the singer’s name sounded familiar when we read this P-I Big Blog post about a “Ride the S.L.U.T.” song to go with the famous T-shirts. Indeed — the song’s creator, Ken Cofield, was in the WSB West Seattle Weekend Lineup just this past weekend, because he played C and P Coffee Company last Saturday night. If you were there, you can say you knew him when. (His trolley song is a one-song CD, with availability explained at his website.)

Paintbrush, anyone?

Just noticed this comment from a local elementary-school principal came in Monday afternoon on this week-old post, so in case you missed it:

Is anyone interested in painting halls in a school? Arbor Heights Elementary School desperately needs a few coats of paint in the hallways. We want to color-code each hall and brighten up the interior. Call me (the principal, Carol) at 252-9250. Thanks!