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West Seattle Gas Price Watch: On the up-and-up

November 4, 2007 9:40 pm
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gas11407.jpgAfter seeing this article warning this time we really might be on the way to $4, we thought it was high time to survey the West Seattle stations again. Current range: from $3.05/gallon for regular at Arco on Delridge (photo at left) to $3.26/gallon for regular at the 35th/Holden Chevron (which back in May had this year’s highest-posted price for regular, $3.49/gallon). Both of those stations are up 22 cents/gallon since our last check 2 1/2 weeks ago.

Another graffiti-vandalism problem, and a question

Just out of the WSB inbox, Betsy writes:

Someone sprayed graffiti on the end of the guard rail on the beach side of the road at the corner of Alki Ave. and Beach Drive recently, and today I discovered that they’d also tagged the slope of the retaining wall on the beach just down the sidewalk of the boat landing area. I really hate this stuff. It’s Seattle Parks property, but if I call them will they just come out with some gray paint and cover it? That’s just as ugly and attracts new taggers just as the original graffiti does. Do any of your readers know if paint remover will work on metal and concrete?

“The Road Not Taken” leads to a local library

November 4, 2007 6:03 pm
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Many cool West Seattle events in the week ahead – this one tomorrow packs poetic punch.

Torch rally on Alki

November 4, 2007 3:17 pm
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Pic from the torch rally on Alki this afternoon — featuring a symbolic Olympic Torch that’s making its way around the world to raise awareness about what activists want China, host of the next Olympics, to do to help end the genocide in Darfur (detailed explanation here about why it goes on; info here on how to take action):


9:30 PM UPDATE: Info about the man in our photo, thanks to Ruth from Save Darfur/Washington State:

His name is Marial Nhiel – he is from Yirol, Sudan, and is 27 years old. He arrived in Seattle as a refugee in August 2007. Marial’s leg was deliberately shot off by a Northern Sudanese soldier when he was a seven year old boy. He is married with twin children, age 5 years, one boy and one girl, who are currently living in Kenya. He was brought to us by Maury Clark, a local Sudanese advocate. Marial was here to carry the torch for his countrymen and women, to show his support for their safety.

Updates: Missing & found West Seattle pets


The keyboard kitty is Sacha, who escaped from his house in the 6700 block of 25th SW (map here; that’s near Home Depot) this past Thursday. He’s a 2-year-old neutered Russian Blue. If you’ve seen him, click here to e-mail his owners. We have a couple of potential pet sightings to pass along too:Read More

Reader Recommendation Request: Hair salon

No shortage of salons in West Seattle, so this could be a lively discussion: Jo is looking for a hair salon that’s affordable (less than $50 to cut short hair for women), has a staff with good communication skills, and “doesn’t send you out into the world with round, tightly-curled little-old-lady hair.” She’s willing to consider downtown suggestions too, as she’s there a lot. Leave a comment with your recommendation; find previous WSB Reader Recommendation Request discussions archived on this page (below this post).

The view from Jefferson Square

2 things noted on a pass through Jefferson Square‘s northwest corners: first, West Seattle’s sixth not-in-a-grocery-store Starbucks (first mentioned here in August) is progressing rapidly in the ex-Infinity Espresso spot:


Second, looks like some progress on the Junction Plaza Park site, with the green-gray of spray-on grass, just in time for the holidays: